411 Locals Newsletter Oct 15 - 28 2016

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Bulk Edit Attributes for Google My Business Listings by @MattGSouthern

A new feature added to Google My Business allows Google users to edit attributes for businesses.The post Bulk Edit Attributes for Google My Business …


Google Tests Map Toggle Expansion Button In Local Pack

Here is a small but interesting change Google is testing for the local pack map in the search results. Sergey Alakov posted a screen shot of it on …


Google Maps Updates The Search User Interface

It looks like Google has updated the search results interface within Google Maps. The most noticeable change is that when you move the map around …


Google’s HTTPS algorithm still only looks at the URL to give ranking boost

In August 2014, Google launched their HTTPS ranking boost, where it would give sites that served up their pages on HTTPS a small ranking boost. But …


LinkedIn earnings up 23% YoY in Q3 2016 with revenue at $960M

en_US<p>article<p>LinkedIn's Talent Solutions were the largest driver of revenue for the site, generating $623 …

Facebook launches augmented reality selfie “masks” for Live video

Copying Snapchat and capitalizing on the acquisition of MSQRD, today Facebook finally integrated augmented reality selfie lenses it calls “Masks” into its main app. Starting with Halloween-themed skeleton, witch and pumpkin masks, some Facebook users can now start to use the special effects when …

Twitter will shut down its 6-second video service, Vine

Twitter's 6-second video service will close 'in the coming months,' according to a blog post published by Vine.<br>Please visit Marketing Land for the …


YouTube End Screens Feature Now Available to All

YouTube announced today that it has added a new feature that lets you add a thumbnail overlay to the end of your videos to keep viewers engaged.<p>The …

Search Engines

PayPal payments and notifications are coming to Facebook Messenger

PayPal has announced that it’s rolling out as an additional payment option within Facebook Messenger, which currently supports payments via debit cards.<p>PayPal has been pushing to expand its reach into the consumer realm, having struck partnerships with MasterCard, Visa, Vodafone, and Alibaba, among …


Facebook now re-ranks News Feed stories in real time on the client side

An architectural change puts an even bigger premium on speed, as content will be ranked while users scroll through their News Feed.

Facebook Page Call-to-Action Buttons Get Big Update by @DannyNMIGoodwin

Some big changes are coming to the way call-to-action buttons work on Facebook Pages. Facebook is also rolling out a new business recommendation …


Facebook’s Instant Articles now support 360 photos and videos

Facebook isn’t done adding more features to its Instant Articles product. Starting today, it’ll now display 360 photos and videos shared by publishers, which could be an interesting opening into experiencing news in virtual reality, like with what <i>The New York Times</i> has experimented with.<p>“We’ve been …

Digital Media

Foursquare automotive data shows value of location-based customer insights

Audience and competitive intelligence reflect actual real-world behavior, not just marketer perceptions or self-reporting from surveys.

Pinterest announces Pin Collective, connecting businesses with content creators

Pinterest's Pin Collective creates production shops for big brands, pairing them with power users of the service, saving time and driving real …

Fueled by the Audience Network, Facebook advertisers saw higher Q3 spends & returns

A new study from Nanigans shows that Facebook continues to bulk up ad offerings and advertisers continue to pay up and see results.

Best Times to Post on Social Media [+ 75 Industry Breakdowns]

Do you know what the best times to post on social media are for your business?<p>In our Best Times to Post on Social Media Cheat Sheet, we analyzed more …

Instagram highlights Stories on Explore tab to boost viewership

Stories appearing atop Instagram’s Explore tab will be curated from accounts you don’t already follow on Instagram.

Facebook adds new tools for local discovery and commerce

New call-to-action buttons, powered by a network of third parties, will make Pages much more actionable for both businesses and consumers.


Pinterest Adds Pin Engagement & Website Retargeting by @DannyNMIGoodwin

Pinterest has given advertisers new retargeting options. You can now create audiences based on actions users take with your pins and on your …

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Pinterest’s monthly user base hits 150 million people, up 50% from last year

Pinterest's audience base is growing and diversifying, but it still has a ways to go to catch up to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Please …


Amazon adds 66 new Dash buttons, cites "exponential growth" of Dash orders

en_US<p>article<p>New brands offering one-push ordering include Coca-Cola, Folgers, Pop-Tarts... and Amazon …

Survey: Almost 40% of US consumers will make a mobile purchase during holidays

Research from Fluent also reinforces the fact that most retail research happens digitally, but most purchases happen offline.

Research: location a primary buying consideration for 43 percent of consumers

en_US<p>article<p>Survey identifies "primary" and "secondary" consumer purchase …

Google AdWords Launches Affiliate Location Extensions

We saw signs of this coming a couple days ago and now it is official. Google announced on Google+ that they are launching affiliate location …


Google adds forecasting and trend data for existing keywords in Keyword Planner

Advertisers can now get forecasts for their existing keywords, in addition to campaigns, in Keyword Planner. If you haven’t checked out this feature …


Google Keyword Planner Adds Import Keywords From Existing AdWords Campaigns

The Google AdWords keyword planner tool added a feature to get forecasts for campaigns or keywords from your existing accounts. Google announced this …


Google AdWords Click-To-Message Ads To Roll Out In Weeks

In June, Google AdWords began testing click to text ads and then we saw it expanded to the UK - Google announced "in the coming weeks, we’re …

Google AdWords

Yahoo Q3 revenue beats estimates, though search and display revenues were down

Amid overall declines in search and display advertising, so-called MaVeNS revenue was up 24 percent to $524 million.

If you’re in the US, this marketing data company has a psychological profile on you

Cambridge Analytica is transitioning from defense and political clients into the commercial market, with named profiles on every US consumer.