411 Locals Newsletter Dec 26 2015 - Jan 8 2016

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For years Yelpers have been taking the time to share local insight knowing their reviews and photos help others find the best businesses out there. …

Wedding Dresses

Forget Your Testimonials Page, 2016 Is The Year Of Reviews

Let's face it: Customers aren't reading your testimonials page. So what can you put in its place? Columnist Greg Gifford shares his ideas.


10 Yelp Reviews You Can Dispute

Did someone write a review on your Yelp page that you feel is not fair? Here are a couple types of reviews that you can dispute on Yelp.<br>1) A review …

Your Business

Google: Don't Worry About Duplicate Content When Merging Multiple Sites Into One

Google's John Mueller replied to a webmaster who is tasked with merging and migrating three different web sites into a single web site. John gave him …


Was There A Google Update Yesterday: I'm Not Too Sure.

There is some buzz around the community that there may have been a Google update, specifically a Penguin update, yesterday. It really seems to all …


Google: Decimal Points In URLs Are A Bad Idea

Google's John Mueller answered a question on Twitter asking if it is okay to use a decimal point in your URLs, such as mysite.com/page.goes.here/. …


Google: Self-Signed SSL Certificate Won't Work For HTTPS Ranking Boost

We know Google has an HTTPS Ranking Boost. Initially when it launched, all it checked was to see if HTTPS was in the URL, but it didn't check if it …


How to Build the Right Traffic Metrics Dashboard for 2016 - Whiteboard Friday

What you measure is what you're able to improve. While there's no one magic solution that works for everyone, setting yourself up for success …


Google: You Can Expedite Processing Of Your New Robots.txt File

John Mueller from Google said you can expedite the indexing and processing of your new robots.txt file by going to the Google Search Console, …


Study Looks At How Well Backlink Tools Work

Stone Temple Consulting has been releasing a lot of great research in the SEO space throughout 2015. They've provided thoughtful analysis of Google's …

Google: You Can Cloak Your XML Sitemap Files

Google's John Mueller in a long Google Hangout yesterday said that it is not problematic to cloak your XML sitemap file to search engines. The reason …


Google: Links Activated By On Hover Action Are Invisible To GoogleBot

Google's John Mueller said in a Google Hangout yesterday that if you deploy an on-hover event that will turn text on your web page into links, …


Small Google Update Yesterday? Webmasters Reporting Positive Traffic Signals.

I highly doubt Google did any quality update yesterday, as they said updates like Penguin aren't happening until next year but with core search …


Instagram Ups Its Curation Game, Makes Spotlight Videos Permanent

You first saw Instagram's Spotlight Compilations on Halloween. Now you'll see them every day at the top of the Explore tab.<br>Please visit Marketing …

Content Curation

As Facebook Audience Network Becomes $1 Billion Biz, LiveRail Refocuses On Private Marketplaces

LiveRail ad serving will shut down to put the focus squarely on building the private marketplace and mediation business.


Twitter Co-Founder Refocuses Efforts On Q&A Network “Jelly,” Allows For Reservation Of Usernames

Social Q&A network Jelly is being reworked in the rare Silicon Valley "Unpivot." Biz Stone is relaunching the network, and you can reserve your …

Biz Stone

Instagram Advertising: What’s Working?

Chukcha / Shutterstock.comMy work involves looking into larger trends we (at Nanigans) observe across our base of hundreds of large advertisers, …


Snapchat Is Reportedly Developing An API For Advertising

An API would allow the media sharing platform to grow a larger ad ecosystem, possibly similar to Instagram’s.<br>Please visit Marketing Land for the full …


Twitter Launches Conversational Ads To Get People Tweeting About Brands

The ads are designed to prompt responses to questions and drive shares.<br>Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.


Twitter May Be Upping Character Limit From 140 to 10,000

According to a report in Recode, multiple sources who know of Twitter’s plans have provided information saying that longer tweets are coming to …

Search Engines

Facebook’s Human News Feed Raters Are Now Working Worldwide

What began as a small group in Tennessee is now an international panel of Facebook users who increasingly influence what shows in the News …


Google Search Adds "View on Twitter" To Tweets

Google has made a small but significant change to the way they show tweets from Twitter in their search results. They added a blue clickable link to …


Yahoo is prepping to lay off 10% or more of its workforce

Major layoffs will be coming to Yahoo as part of its planned reorganization to get its business back on track.<p>The company is working on a plan to cut at least 10% of its workforce, said sources familiar with the situation. The cuts would reduce Yahoo's headcount by more than a thousand employees …

Marissa Mayer

Miss Piggy Leads The Way To A New Kind Of Marketing Channel

Today, the legendary puppet-hostess will again converse with fans on Facebook, using intelligent chat-bot technology from Israeli firm Imperson.

The Muppets

“Illegitimate” SEO Sentenced To 37 Months In Federal Prison For Extortion

US Attorney John Parker of the Northern District of Texas announced an SEO named William Stanley has been sentenced to 37 months in federal prison …


Emoji Marketing: How to Use Emoticons to Significantly Increase Your Conversions

They’re everywhere. Our obsession with them started with mobile phones while sending/receiving text messages.<p>They gravitated towards social media and …


Flurry: Phablets Will Become Dominant Media Consumption Devices

According to a year in review report from Flurry, “Phablets” (horrible term) are set to become dominant by the end of this year. What that means is …


Don't Just Manage Your Reputation—Improve it

In ranking businesses in the local search results, Google's goal has always been to <i>model the real world</i>. It aims to reward the companies that are the …


Bing Results & Ads Now Live On AOL Search

It was announced last year, but now it’s official: “Bing powers AOL’s web, mobile, and tablet search, providing paid search ads and algorithmic …