411 Locals Newsletter Dec 12 - 25 2015

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SEO Tips For 2016 By Google's John Mueller

In a Google+ hangout yesterday, John Mueller of Google was asked for his SEO tips for 2016.<p>The question came up at the 26:06 mark into the video. He …

An In-Depth Look At Image Optimization: Fact And Future

Columnist Clay Cazier separates known from unknown image optimization elements and looks to the future of the discipline.

MozCast's Year in Review (Infographic)

It's been 3 1/2 years since we launched the MozCast project, and one request I hear a lot is if we can make more than 30 days worth of data …

Google To Begin To Index HTTPS Pages First, Before HTTP Pages When Possible

Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji announced that going forward, Google will try to index HTTPS pages first, before the HTTP equivalent page. That means that …


Google Changes How It Logs Search Analytics Data As Of December 14, 2015

Google posted a line in the data anomalies support page about an “update to web search logs analysis” when showing the Search Analytics report in the …


Almost Real-Time Google Featured Snippets

Google's featured snippet feature, where it shows a large block of text scrapped from a third-party site, at the top of the search results - only …

Google: Capital Letters In URLs Doesn't Impact Rankings

We discussed the benefits of capital letters before and how sometimes searching in upper case vs lower case can return different results (although, …


Google Adds “Located in” for Local Businesses in Malls, Buildings & Hotels

Sometimes if you search for a business, and you know the address is by a shopping mall, it is hard to know if the location is actually inside the …

You Can Now Reopen Or Close Your Business On Google Maps

Elisabeth from Google announced in the Google My Business Help forums that you can now close or reopen your business on Google Maps if it was done in …

Google Tests Markup For Managing Local Business Data For Knowledge Panel

Google added a new structured markup page for providing local business data to Google. The document says that Google is currently piloting this …


Google My Business Releases V2.0 of the GMB API

Today Google is releasing of V2.0 of Google My Business API and has just updated their website with new information about the open API. The V1 was …


Facebook Launches Events Discovery To Help iOS Users Find Nearby Events

The new mobile feature, available for people in 10 major US cities, is the leading edge of Facebook's effort to improve the Events product.

Pinterest Brings Price Drop Notifications To Buyable Pins

Notifications will now come via app and email for price drops on Buyable Pins.<br>Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.


Buffer Expands Beyond Social Management Into Customer Service With Acquisition Of Respond.ly

The two brands and dashboards will remain separate but connected, as Buffer seeks to add social responsiveness to its publishing capabilities.<br>Please …

Customer Service

Facebook Opens Live Streaming Video To Brands With Verified Pages

The social network moves closer to being a full-fledged Periscope competitor.<br>Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.


Facebook Is Testing Ability To Search Within Page Posts

Pilot program is for a small group of US English desktop and mobile users.<br>Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.


Advantages to Using Multiple Sitemaps in Google Search Console

Depending on the size of your site, you have probably been presented with whether you should split up sitemaps into sections – such as by category or …

Google: Avoid Using Special Characters In URLs

Google's John Mueller said in a Google Webmaster Help thread that you should avoid using special characters in your URLs. Specifically avoid using …


Google Search Ranking Update Continue : December 10th Update

Remember the unconfirmed Google update from November 19th? Well, there is speculation that there are still fluctuations around that update that are …

Google Rich Snippets For Articles Now Requires Author Name

Cyrus Shepard posted on Twitter that Google recently changed the developer docs for rich snippet markup to add that it is required to put in the …

Potential Google Search Update On December 16th

I know we just reported yesterday about a potential Google update on December 10th but now I am seeing some early chatter, supported by some of the …

Is Google's Search Market Share Actually Dropping?

In a followup to his 2014 survey, contributor Eli Schwartz shares his data on search engine market share and looks at how it's changing over time.

Google Employees Who Actually Reply to Help Website Owners

Google has had a long history working with webmasters and while we don’t always agree with what they say (for various reasons), our community …


Get Ready for the Evolution of Long Tail Keywords, Coming Soon to Mobile Apps

Last month Google made a big announcement, potentially signaling a game changer for search. Google is quietly rolling out app-only content indexing, …

Yahoo Mobile Search Gets AMP Support, Twitter Integration, New Image Search & More

Roman Pyshchyk / Shutterstock.comYahoo has announced new mobile search features, including support for news sites that use AMP (accelerated mobile …


DuckDuckGo Grew by 70% Throughout the Year of 2015

DuckDuckGo, the search engine whose selling point is the fact that it doesn’t track users, has grown by a considerable amount year over year.<p>The …

Is "Facebook Professional Services” Facebook’s Stealth Project To Beat Yelp?

Unannounced desktop-only feature gives people the ability to find the highest-rated businesses in a given area.

Pinterest To Open Promoted Pins For All US Businesses

Self-service ads will be available in January; Pinterest now has more than 1 million active businesses accounts.<br>Please visit Marketing Land for the …