411 Locals Newsletter Apr 18 - May 1 2015

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Google Says Its Google Preferred Viewers 29% More Likely To Visit Brand Sites After Watching YouTube

According to a study conducted by Google this year, nearly one in ten of its Google Preferred desktop viewers do not watch traditional TV.


Has Google Gone Too Far with the Bias Toward Its Own Content?

Since the beginning of SEO time, practitioners have been trying to crack the Google algorithm. Every once in a while, the industry gets a glimpse …


Moz's 2014 Annual Report

Moz has a tradition of sharing its financials (check out 2012 and 2013 for funzies). It's an important part of TAGFEE.<p>Why do we do it? Moz gets its …


IAB: Search Was 50% Of US Digital Ad Spend In 2014, Desktop Still Bigger Than Mobile

The figures are in, and once again, search marketing is a powerhouse. According to the IAB, search made up 50% of all digital ad spend last year in …


Google: Lower CPCs Are Because Of YouTube, Not Mobile Search

For several quarters of declining Google CPCs, financial analysts have speculated and assumed that the migration of usage to mobile and lower bids …


Google: Online Video a “Must” For Mobile Marketing

According to Google, online video is a must-have component for your mobile marketing strategy, stating: <i>“Mobile viewers are in fact more likely to</i> …

Shocking! Clickbait Headlines May Be Ruining Your Email Marketing

Study finds that consumers are less likely to open emails with words like "shocking" and "secret of" in the Subject line. The post Shocking! …

Email Marketing

How Microsoft Plans For Windows 10 To Rule The World By Leveraging iOS & Android

“All your code bases are belong us.” Let me modify that internet meme to sum up the big news from Microsoft’s Build developer conference today. …


Facebook Says It's Winning The Battle Against Fake Likes

Improvements in pattern recognition technology have enabled the social network to triple the number of fraudulent likes it blocks before they even …


Foursquare Turns To Location Data For Revenue, Joining Crowded Field

Foursquare boldly announced at one point that it wanted to be the "location layer for the internet." Now the company is trying to make good on that …

Four Square

Facebook to kill page Like Box Plugin for websites, encourages usage of new Page Plugin

<b>9</b> Flares <b>9</b> Flares ×<p>Facebook is all set to shut down its Like Box for pages plugin on June 23rd, 2015 in a bid to make website owners use the new, …

Web Design

What Signals From Twitter Does Google Care About?

Earlier this year, Google and Twitter struck a deal which once again gave Google access to Twitter's data stream. Columnist Miriam Hirschman explores …


Facebook's Latest Tweaks Favor Friends, Could Hurt Page Reach

Three updates to the News Feed algorithm prioritize posts from friends; company warns that reach might decline for some Pages.


Twitter Moves To Strengthen Its Abuse Blocking Policies & Enforcement

Company gives itself more leeway to crack down on violent threats and other abuse and creates a penalty box to lock out abusive accounts for specific …


Facebook’s Hello App Another Incremental Step Toward Local Search

Facebook continues to take baby steps toward offering a local search product. Yesterday the company announced Hello, a new dialer/caller ID app that …

Local Search

Facebook Introduces "Anthology" To Cash In On Video


Twitter Is Rolling Out Trends With Descriptions On The Web

Expanding on the mobile launch earlier this month, context about trending topics is appearing on Twitter.com. The feature is also being made …

United Kingdom

Pinterest Launches "Marketing Developer Partners" Program

Pinterest gives content publishing API access to 10 companies that offer social media management tools and services.


Twitter's Full Google Search Integration Is Coming In May

Twitter CEO doesn't offer a specific date or details. He also says that Twitter is working with Apple to add Twitter content to Spotlight search on …


Twitter Partners With DoubleClick, Acquires Martech Firm TellApart

Advertisers will be able to buy Promoted Tweets via DoubleClick later this year. Both moves are aimed at wooing more direct response advertisers with …


Twitter Q1 Revs Miss At $436 Million, Leaked Early By Company That Did Same To Microsoft

Twitter was compelled to release its Q1 earnings early because financial data aggregator Selerity captured and released the company’s earnings …


Instagram Gets Three New Filters, Brand New Emoji Hashtags

When Instagram introduced five new filters this past December, they were said to be met with “overwhelming excitement” from the community (and who …

Facebook Now Has 40M Active Small Business Pages

en_US<p>article<p>Facebook announces "Boost Your Business" tour and live chat support for …

Small Business

In 2 Years, Google Search Tools & Filters Have Shrunk From 9 To 2

Will Google drop the search tools filters in the near future? We are down to 2 filters from 9 filters two years ago.


Google Tests: New Mobile Search Design & People Also Ask Box

Here are two new Google user interface tests, one is a redesign of the mobile results and the second is a query refinement box.


Mobilegeddon Checklist: How To Prepare For This Week's Google Mobile Friendly Update

Are you ready for Mobilegeddon? Google is releasing the mobile friendly update on April 21st. Here is what you need to know.


With Chrome Notifications, Google Lets Anyone Turn Web Sites More Into Apps

One of the advantages for both publishers and their readers with apps is the ability to send notifications, alerts about important stories or events. …


Site-Wide Footer Links: Google is Saying "No" But My Ranking is Saying "Let's Go."

As an SEO professional, life can be tough. Due to Google’s policy of not publishing their search algorithms, a large part of what we do is based on …

Mobilegeddon Day: 3 Ways To Take Mobile Friendliness To The Next Level

Google's mobile friendly update rolls out today. Are you ready? If so, columnist Jim Yu provides some advice for how to take your mobile experience …