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PLAs Drove 56 Percent Of Non-Brand Google AdWords Clicks In Q4 [RKG]

en_US<p>article<p>Click share also rose on Bing's product ads, doubling from …

Ad Tech Firm, Turn, Found Harnessing Verizon's Supercookie To Track Users

en_US<p>article<p>Tracking IDs regenerate even after a user opts out of advertising tracking and deletes …

Yahoo Reports $1.1 Billion In Revenue From Mobile, Video, Native & Social For 2014, With Mobile Generating $768 Million

CEO Marissa Mayer says company's mobile strategy and focus "Has transformed Yahoo." The post Yahoo Reports $1.1 Billion In Revenue From Mobile, …


How to Get 2,400 Percent More Customers by Email

Rewriting your email to better fit the way buyers think will astronomically increase the number of responses you get.<p>Last week, I provided the 7 secret rules for powerful sales emails. As I expected, that post has already proven useful. One reader tweeted she'd gotten a 24 percent response rate …


Study: 80% of Companies Will Increase Digital Marketing Budgets

As digital marketing becomes increasingly important to business strategies, 80% of companies plan to increase their digital marketing budgets over …

Digital Marketing

A Startup Directory (or 33) Worth Getting Listed On

If you subscribe to the notion “build it and they will come” then you can stop reading here.<p>If, however, you know that the deluge of apps and online …

A huge epic list of growth hacking tools for non-coders

This article shows you:<p>what growth hacking is<br>• a list of the most recommended growth hacking tools, with prices and deals attached<p>Growth hacking is the …

Majority Of Emails Opened On Apple Devices, Android Users Pay More Attention

According to the latest US Consumer Device Preference Report from MovableInk, mobile email opens surged to an all-time high in Q4. The report says …


Google Analytics Simplifies Remarketing Set Up With “Instant Activation”

To improve implementation success rates, Google auto-enables Advertiser Features, eliminates the need for retargeting tag updates in Universal …

Google Analytics

What Google’s New Inbox Means For Marketers

With the recently-introduced interface option, consumer behavior is likely to change. Contributor Kevin Gallant explains how marketers can shift …


Google Click-Through Rates (infographic)

Which position in Google search results receives how many clicks? How does it look for organic results and for ads? What are the differences between …


Google Answers Now Showing Blue Icons Linking To Publisher Sites Or More Google Answers

Google Answers now shows action links directing to publishers sites. This was done previous for easter eggs and Google's own content but now it works …

The Transparency of the Search Awards

There has been a lot of scrutiny over the credibility and honesty of some of the awards in the digital marketing industry over the years and in some …

Digital Marketing

Pinterest Continues Its Manhunt, Touts Growth Among U.S. Males

The number of U.S. men on the social bookmarking network increased 73% in 2014, Pinterest says. The company is working to adjust the site's gender …

Twitter Teams Up With Bing To Offer Translated Tweets by @mattsouthern

Twitter announced today it is bringing back project it terminated in 2013, which is the ability for users to view tweets in multiple languages. Now …

Search Engines

Facebook & Instagram Went Down For An Hour Overnight

The outage started at about 1:10 a.m. Eastern; users are unable to access the networks on the web and mobile devices.

Snapchat Launches "Discover," Presents Stories From Advertisers To View

The mobile messaging app's new product will serve multimedia content supported by ads with a revenue share for publishers.

Facebook Drives Nearly One-Fourth Of All Referral Traffic

Shareaholic report shows Facebook with a 10% increase in share of visits in Q4; Social media continues to drive more referrals than organic search.

Google +Post Ads Gain Polls & Related Posts, Still Aren't Worth It

Marketers that are really into promoting their Google+ content now have a few more tactics in their advertising arsenal.

Pinterest Is Now Pushing Promoted Pins Into Users' Home Feeds

The social bookmarking site is accelerating its advertising efforts in the U.S.; it previously only served paid ads in category and search results.

Facebook Introduces New Tool To Measure Sales Driven By Ads by @mattsouthern

It has always been easy to measure how well Facebook ads are performing when it comes to clicks and views, but what about sales? Measuring the amount …

Facebook Ads

Twitter Will Now Let You Shoot & Upload Video From Your Mobile Device

Twitter's native video product will accept clips up to 30 seconds long; the company also announces a private group chat feature.

The Definitive Guide To Pinterest For E-Commerce

How can retailers optimize their website and marketing strategy to get the most out of Pinterest? Columnist David Rekuc has the answers.

Facebook Reaches 1.39B Monthly Active Users, Half A Billion Are Mobile-Only by @mattsouthern

Facebook announced its Q4 2014 earnings today, revealing that 1.39 billion users now use the social network every month, which marks a 13% year over …

Monthly Active Users

Facebook Now Gets 3 Billion Video Views A Day

en_US<p>article<p>Video views on the network have tripled since …

Facebook Launches Opt-In Local Place Tips

Foursquare Tips meet Facebook Place Tips. Today Facebook introduced Place Tips, which offer a range of content, information and recommendations about …

Tumblr Goes Long Form With New 'Bloggy' Update

New post and editing features may toss Tumblr in the mix as a legitimate blogging platform for brands.

Facebook Is Using Humans To Improve News Feed Quality

In a sign that the algorithm is not enough, Facebook has put together a team of 600 people to interact with Facebook and then answer detailed …

Facebook To Show Location-Based Place Tips In Your News Feed by @mattsouthern

Facebook introduced a brand new feature for its iPhone app today which should help people learn more about the places and attractions they’re …