Why Elections Are Essential for Equality, Curated by Imani M. Cheers

My mother Darline, who recently passed away, was preparing to vote. She grew up in the segregated Midwest and intimately understood the importance of participating in the political process. In 2022, we are still facing the same challenges that have plagued marginalized communities for decades. While my mother was not able to cast her final vote, her wish would be that every eligible voter has the opportunity to have their voice heard. In her honor, these stories show us what’s at stake.

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Why Elections Are Essential for Equality, Curated by Imani M. Cheers
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    Candidates in tight races are trying to win Black voters in the midterms.

    About the Curator

    Imani M. Cheers is an activist, academic, artist and author based in Washington, D.C. She is the founder of "It Takes A Village: Basics of Boyhood and Messages for Manhood" an interdisciplinary multimedia initiative that celebrates Black boyhood and manhood and an associate professor of digital storytelling at George Washington University. When Imani is not advocating for women's reproductive and voting rights, she works to combat climate change with the assistance of her son, Isaiah.

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