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By Eldon Phukuile | Eldon Phukuile's Customer Experience Magazine

Data Favors Digital Customer Engagement, but Companies Are Failing to Deliver

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Arby’s Focuses on Measuring Right Data Points for Better Customer Engagement

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Toshiba Medical Systems Europe Transforms the Customer Experience with Oracle Service Cloud

How does a world leader in medical diagnostic equipment, which provides the most cutting-edge imaging solutions in the industry, raise the bar even


GCC banks lag in smartphone banking and digital customer experience

Dubai: The banking industry in the GCC is facing huge challenges in meeting the customer expectations in digital experience and delivering banking …

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How Retailers Can Nail the Customer Experience

By Riyad Twahir

“If retailers can automate the collection of information throughout the store, they get a full picture of what’s working and what’s …

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Build a Customer Room and Engage the Company

Using the Customer Room to drive monthly, quarterly and annual accountability is one of the most robust actions that we have been using to align …

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3 Really Difficult Ways to Create Great Customer Experience

Image via BigStockPhoto.comHow do you make purchase decisions today? Cost? Availability? Reputation?Before long, it will be Customer Experience. …

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Experience Engineering: How Do You Engineer Authentic Humanity Into The Customer Experience?

I have been working in Cheltenham for a few weeks now. I like, really like, the folks (at the client) that I find myself working with. It has …

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Channel IoT Data to Build Exceptional Customer Experiences

In 1986 AC/DC asked, “Who made who?”, anticipating the day when our machines would overrun us.

Today we call that the Internet of Things (IoT), a …

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Oracle: 'We're Always Working on Better Solutions' [Video]

Mike Strutton oversees product innovation and integration for the Oracle Social Cloud, where he's tasked with driving social business and delivering …


LinkNet Introduces Customer Experience Upgrade Program

"To provide a preventive and proactive solution, our crew will come to you and fix everything," Kusnuryono said.

"We will have to spot some areas that …

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Three steps to improve digital customer experience (CX) [APAC Case Studies]

The digital viewWell, there are many excellent resources which answer this question, but most of the info out there covers very broad topics and …

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First steps taken on 'omni-channel' customer experience

The future customer experience might be personalised, but there is a long road ahead yet

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How to Elevate Your Customer Experience for the New Year

Investing in your customers is one of the best business decisions you can make.

You might hear people say that customer experience is the future of marketing--and they're not wrong. If your company makes any kind of impact on a customer, good or bad, it's highly probable they're going to share about …

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A Non-Exhaustive Customer Experience Bibliography — Medium

Quality Customer Experience content that’s worth reading.

Make some tea, clear your schedule and binge-read these, or savour one a day during your

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Customer Experience Consistency: What Your Employees Don’t Know Can Hurt You

“Every employee can affect your company’s brand, not just the front-line employees that are paid to talk to your customers.” ~ Tony Hsieh
A Gartner …

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What customer experience excellence looks like

Customer experience is 10% technology and 90% culture.
During the summer I had the pleasure of hearing Matt Haughey speak at An Event Apart. Matt is …

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Customer Experience Hacks: Thanks for the Call, Kyle…

This is a short tale of two recent service experiences with wildly differing results. So you know, my goal isn’t to bash Comcast – it’s just that …

Breaking Down Silos for Customer Experience Management

• Customer experience includes not only touch-points with your company, but also the product/service that is purchased, and all the behind-the-scenes …


Millennials Make Banking Decisions Based on Overall Customer Experience

Millennials comprise the most targeted demographic for loyalty marketers these days, and banks have taken interest. Customer experience, according to …

How to Include Customers in Your Content Marketing

Customers are at the heart of your business. Of course, they provide your business with the revenue it needs to keep going. But did you also think …

Content Marketing

In 2016, the Customer Experience Will Separate the Winners from the Losers

We recently published a post with our predictions for marketing trends in 2016. One of the key trends gaining in momentum is the importance of the …


Customer Engagement Booming at Comcast

Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast Corp., the largest broadcasting and cable company in the world based on revenue, is prideful of his company’s rising …

Tweak Your Company Survey to Find Out What the Customer Actually Experiences

I have a fat wallet.

Yet, I’ve never been one to carry much currency. I’m also not a roaming financial fortress of credit and debit cards. But I’ve become a character straight out of a Seinfeld episode -- I’m “fat wallet guy.”

I wish I could say my wallet housed thousands in cash. Truth is, I’m not …

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Customer Experience Design - A look at how customer experience is the new branding

Customer experience design is evolving. A few years ago, its main focus was on cost and convenience, with customer experiences being shaped around …


The Five Keys to Seeing How You’re Performing in the Eyes of the Customer

Your customers know you better than you know yourself.

It can be tough to hear this — but as customers have been empowered by information, it’s …

Customer Experience Improvement on a Tight Budget


Great strides in customer experience improvement are attainable with …

Customer Experience

4 Ways To Win Over Customers That Are Just Good Business Practices

In business, the customer is everything. Gaining their trust is vital if you want to see strong profits. In truth, achieving this should be very …


5 strategies for managing customer expectations

A company’s ability to provide excellent business-to-business customer support can only go as far as its ability to manage – and ultimately exceed – …

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