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Mortgage Operations Improve 3Cs: CX, Compliance and Capacity

With today’s housing market being significantly driven by government regulations, mortgage operations executives are consistently challenged with …

The Importance of a Good Customer Experience in Search

I’ve talked about how a great search campaign uses a combination of both nonbrand and brand keywords to support the journey of the customer across …


Five Steps to Hiring Employees for Customer Centricity and Cultural Fit

How does an organization find and hire the right people to help build the company? In our recent study of over 800 HR professionals globally, 37 …

Kwik Chek Enhances Customer Experience With Mobile Solution | NACS Online – News & Media Center – News Archive

​AUSTIN, Texas – Kwik Chek Food Stores, the Texas-based convenience store chain with 39 locations across Texas and Oklahoma, is pioneering new and …

CX 2015: Where Does The UK Stand In Relation To The USA?

Some folks at Nunwood (CX research and consulting company) have been kind enough to email over their latest report: Have A Nicer Day, Learning From …

United Kingdom

April is Customer Loyalty Month: What Are You Doing For Your Customers?

My financial advisor announced he was moving to a different firm. This is a guy I trust. He understands the financial markets and investments. More importantly, he understands me. When he left, I was faced with a decision on what to do. The answer was simple: I followed him to the new firm.

My wife …

Customer Loyalty

How Do You Deliver a Reliable Experience?

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Journey Mapping and the Digital Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Your Customer Experience Needs for 2015 and Beyond

Customer Experience

Is the Customer Experience for Global Insurance Consumers Up to Par?

The unfortunate answer to that question is a resounding no. Less than 30% of insurance customers globally are having positive customer experiences, …

10 Inspiring Quotes About Customer Experience Management

Business leaders are catching on to the importance of customer experience management (CXM); in fact, 91% of organizations surveyed said they aspire …

Customer Experience

Leadership Lessons From Walt Disney: Perfecting the Customer Experience


At Disney Institute, we were recently reflecting on the phrase, "simple is the new smart," and it reminded us of a leadership philosophy we share with our clients and training program attendees: Keep it simple so that everyone understands.

| Inc. Partner …

Walt Disney Company

Employees want a great customer experience too

SUMMARY: It’s not just your customers that want a good experience, your employees do as well and your HR systems need to reflect this.

Andy …

Human Resources

Data Analytics: Behind Successful Customer Experiences

As this TechRadar blog explains, harvesting feedback from retail customers has never been easier. Creating winning customer experiences from that …

Data Analysis

How are organisations optimising their customer experiences?

If optimising your customer experience isn’t important to you, you are doing something wrong.

That much has been obvious to many a marketer, with …

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Vs. The Customer's Experience: Is There A Difference?

Over the last few days I’ve been to a few customer experience events, which included chairing a couple of sessions at a leading conference in London as well as hosting an executive roundtable.

During that time, I’ve had the pleasure listening to a whole bunch of people speak about the service and …


Cloud and the Customer Experience - The New Digital Era

89% of companies surveyed by Gartner believe that customer experience will be their primary basis for competition by 2016 (Source: Gartner report, …

Customer Experience

Optimizing the Brick-and-Mortar Customer Experience

The retail industry has finally awakened to what customers always have known -- they don't distinguish too much between channels. Modern shoppers are …


Customer Experience Survival Guide

Sprinklr ebook coverFeeling like you need some guidance with your CX Journey? Not sure where to turn?
I'm excited to share details about a new ebook …

Customer Experience

Do Your People "Get" Your Customer Experience Strategy?

What do you think would happen if during an offsite meeting, 6 members of your 10-people strong management team came up with the most brilliant brand …

Customer Experience

(Really) Taking On Customer Experience

I'm not alone. Creating a superior and differentiated customer experience is a core strategy for most companies--a pillar of who you want to be. It's …

Using Six Sigma to Improve Customer Experience and Service

Imagine if you only had 3.4 bad customer experiences per million customer service interactions. The goal of Six Sigma in experience is to get you …


Tech Alone Can’t Solve Government’s Customer Experience Clunkers

Still, the biggest challenge to the government improving its customer experience still lies with people, not tech, experts say.

Customer Experience

5.1 Customer Service Trends That Are Poised To Blindside Your Business

The customer service expectations your customers have are different today from what they were just a few years ago. Below are six places that your customer experience has likely fallen out of sync with today’s customers, if your situation is anything like what I’m seeing at the companies for which …

Customer Service

Data Snapshot: Customer Experience Expectations and Plans for 2015

We just published a Temkin Group data snapshot, Customer Experience Expectations and Plans for 2015. This is our annual analysis of CX priorities and …


The Customer Journey – From Insight to Delight

A key question to ask your marketing team is: Do we truly know our Customer’s Journey? And even more important: why is knowing the Customer Journey …


Positive Customer Experience Is the New Lead Generation

Traditional lead generation is dead.

Okay, maybe I am overstating my case.

Traditional lead generation may not be dead, but, in a low-trust and …

Lead Generation

Planning Persuasive Momentum In Customer Experience Design

Buying a pricey pair of sunglasses at the mall was not on Marshall’s honey-do list, but a week after the purchase he couldn’t be more satisfied. They

Customer Experience