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CX Journey™: The Future of Customer Experience

The Future of Customer Experience

I'm blogging again today (note: I wrote this yesterday but didn't get a chance to publish it) from the Customer …

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Genesys Customer Experience Platform Goes Far Beyond CRMs

Genesys CMO Reed Henry told Loyalty360 that CRMs have their place in the customer experience/customer loyalty arena. But after the company recently …

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Best Buy Canada Wants to Optimize Customer Experience

Best Buy Canada officials believe less is more.

This week Best Buy Canada announced the consolidation of Future Shop and Best Buy stores and websites …

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Metro China upgrades e-commerce platform to provide seamless customer experience

Metro China has upgrade its e-commerce platform metromall.cn – which integrates online, offline and mobile channels for a seamless customer …


Journey Maps: Not the End of the Story

“Many in our field, including me, strongly believe in the potential of journey mapping for helping companies to achieve human-centric business …


The Humility Of Ryanair's CEO Is Driving The Improvement Of Their Customer Experience

Nunwood, a customer experience research and consultancy firm, recently published their U.S. Customer Experience Excellence Report 2015 and I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk to David Conway, their Chief Strategy Officer, about the report and their findings.

In our interview, he suggested …

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Why Improving The Customer Experience Matters: A Customer Loyalty Tale

Have you noticed how many ridiculously bad experiences we put up with as consumers? This article is about how some companies are turning that awfulness into opportunities to grow their profits, brands and customer loyalty while leaving their competitors behind.

But before we get there, let’s review …

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A Three-Step Guide to the Ultimate Customer Experience

Retailers have a lot on their plate these days. How to keep up with mobile consumers, connect with Millennials, and tap into social media are just a few of the challenges they are currently tackling. But are they pulling it all together to deliver the best customer experience possible?

Not really. …

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Should every business have a customer experience manager?

Successfully managing the customer experience is the Holy Grail for many companies, and they'll throw all kinds of money at the issue in order to do …

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Five Simple Rules of Customer Experience

You want your customer to have a great experience.

That’s a given. So, how do you make that happen? And, what the heck is customer experience …

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Your Customer Experience Never Sleeps: Creating a 24/7 Partnership [STORIFY]

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To LinkIn or Not to LinkIn: Getting Ahead of Your Competitors with Innovative Strategies

June 16, 2015

In the past two years, LinkedIn …


Obsess with Customer Experience (CX) Benchmarks for the Right Reasons

Today, businesses of all types have an obsession with benchmarking. Whether the focus is NPS score rankings, JD Power awards, or another competitive …

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Social Care, Analytics and the Retail Customer Experience | EGS

“Know your customer” has been a retailing mantra for the past several decades. As businesses start evaluating and segmenting data to better …

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Is your promotional process a positive customer experience?

May 20, 2015

By Theresa Wabler, Blackhawk Engagement Solutions

A robust promotional strategy has become an integral element of nearly every …

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Why Customer Experience Matters Now More Than Ever

On May 19, 2001, Apple Inc. officially opened its first two retail stores in Tysons Corner, Virginia, and Glendale, California.

The initial public …

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Customers crave the little things that make their experience special - ease and convenience. #BainChartThursday http://t.co/MfngOgqNa2

Amazing Customer Engagement Ideas: A Special Report from the IBM Amplify Conference

Customer Focused I recently attended the IBM Amplify (#IBMAmplify, #NewWayToEngage) conference in San Diego, CA where the focus was on customer …

Comcast Moves Ahead With Plans to Transform Customer Experience

Comcast plans to move ahead with plans to transform its customer experience, a part of its business which hasn’t always received glowing …

Digital Gifting Customer Experience On the Rise at Sephora

Sephora always wants to differentiate its digital gifting customer experience and, with a big assist from CashStar Commerce, that goal has become a …

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CX Journey™: Making Sense of Customer Words

Making Sense of Customer Words

Image courtesy of Pierre Metivier

I originally wrote today's post for Confirmit in May 2013. I've made some

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Banking Needs To Put Emotion Into Customer Experience

More important that user experience (UX), emotional experience (EX) in banking can better address consumer needs and goals.


Audi of America Redefines Its Customer Experience

Audi of America wants to be known as the No. 1 luxury automaker in the U.S. and announced last month that it’s investing $5 billion in the next three …

Customer Experience And The 'With Pleasure' Principle

We’ve heard of the pleasure principle, the theory created by Freud, which means seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. What about the “with pleasure” principle?

The “with pleasure” principle is when customer-facing employees literally serve customers with pleasure. As simple as this sounds, it’s …

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CX Journey™: Customer Experience Survival Guide

Customer Experience Survival Guide

Sprinklr ebook cover

Feeling like you need some guidance with your CX Journey? Not sure where to turn?

I'm excited to …

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Why Customer Experience Is A Marketing Priority

It’s not necessarily a new concept, but the driving theme behind Forrester’s 2015 Predictions Webinar was that great customer experience is what


Optimizing a Digital Customer Experience Requires the Capacity to Continually Evolve

It is often said that life is a journey, but that saying applies to businesses as well. To succeed, brands need to continually grow and evolve by …

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Omnichannel, Proactive Customer Service – The True Differentiator

The deeper your legacy roots, the stronger your association will be between customer service and how well your contact center agents handle incoming …

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Omni-Channel, eCommerce, and the Customer Experience

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In this infographic made by Mu Sigma, we can check how offline and online retailers can benefit from Omni-Channel strategies in …


Six Critical Checkpoints for a CCO