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Journey Maps: "Binding Agent" for Mergers and Acquisitions

Image courtesy of Caston CorporateToday's post is a modified version of a post I originally published on Touchpoint Dashboard's blog on February 19,


What is the #CX End Game?

Image courtesy of picturetakingoneI originally wrote today's post for DuSentio; it appeared on their blog on March 23, 2015.
I won't take the sports …


Growing Customers, Growing the Customer Experience Team

Since starting with Betterment four years ago overseeing our Customer Experience, I’ve witnessed the company grow from 4,200 customers to more than …


The Future of Customer Experience in Commerce

The future of commerce isn’t B2B or B2C, it’s C2B: customer-to-business. Your customers are talking to you, telling you who they are, how they feel and what they need. With the right approach, you can make it a conversation, but it takes an integrated business to build lasting relationships and …

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In Customer Experience, Consistency is the New Delight - Jake Sorofman

We’ve all heard the stories about brands that go to extraordinary lengths to delight a customer. The home visit bearing gifts. The call from the CEO. …

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The Omni-Channel Customer Experience: Tailored to Behaviour

This blog post was co-authored by Kathrine Lorde, Director, Mobility Ecosystem.

We all know what it’s like to have a customer experience. We want …

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New e-commerce store YouPoundit.com puts the customer first

There is a new e-commerce player in the country, and its got its sight on being number one. YouPoundit.com is focusing on customer experience to make …

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Obama Says Customer Experience is a Big Deal. Is it?

In recent years, the White House has prioritized customer experience as a pillar for government success.

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Customer Experience: Opportunities for the Mid-Size Organization

Predictions about new technologies often seem naïve in hindsight. Alan Turing and John Von Neumann, brilliant computer pioneers, thought the world …

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Omnichannel Customer Service In Action [Infographic]

From mobile to social – customer care that meets the demands of the digital consumer covers all the bases. Enjoy Zendesk’s infographic Convert With …

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Product Management Lessons: Focus on Your Customer in Every Meeting

Over the last few days, I have attended two meetings of more than two hours each. One was a road map planning with other Product Managers, and the other was meeting a customer/partner -- more of a distributor of our product.

In the road map meeting, it was almost 1 hour 50 minutes into the meeting …

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AHT vs Customer Experience – Is It Really One or the Other?

Carolyn Blunt explains how to implement an Average Handling Time (AHT) reduction strategy while still maintaining an excellent customer …

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Customer experience economy requires corporate culture rethink

The transformation needed to meet modern customer experience expectations requires organisations to break down operational silos separating …


Customer Experience Innovation Leads Marketing Reinvention

Technology has changed the game for marketing - we all know it. It's expected that companies will engage their audiences and cater to their needs, while also implementing this in real time. Nowadays, marketers must be nimble, flexible and innovative. We must consistently come up with ideas quickly …


Five Innovation Tips to Improve the Customer Experience

Executives love talking about innovation, but few enterprises are consistently good at it. The same could be said of the customer experience. In …


Which Is Sexier, Data or Customer Experience?

Both can make a brand hot stuff if marketers use data to steer CX, says one data scientist.

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5 Signs You Have A Customer Experience Problem

This summer, Influitive brought some of the brightest minds in customer engagement on the road to Atlanta and New York for our B2B Customer

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More Cities, More Towns: Verizon Expands XLTE to Six Additional Markets to Provide a Superior Customer Experience

XLTE gives more to Verizon Wireless customers by taking advantage of AWS spectrum to add capacity to its award-winning 4G LTE network.

Today, July 28, Verizon announced XLTE is now available in six additional markets, bringing double the 4G LTE bandwidth and greater peak speeds in more than 400 …


5 Things That Are Killing Your Customer Experience

Companies have a bad habit of treating customers like a flakey guy would treat a girl he didn’t care about. Once they have the customer, they don’t want to deal with what it takes to manage that relationship. Don’t mis-read me; you are in a relationship with your customers. Are you being the flakey …

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Five Customer Experience Lessons British Airways Taught Me

Customer experience is about two very simple concepts:

Deeply understand at actionable levels your customers’ target outcomes, actions, emotions and values
• Align your culture, competencies, processes and technologies outward to enable customers to achieve their outcomes

My British Airways experience …

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The UK Inner Circle Guide To Customer Contact Analytics

Customer contact analytics can deliver benefits including customer journey optimisation, contact centre performance improvements and regulatory …

Keeping the customer experience simple in the digital age

As big data, cloud-based platforms and wearables infiltrate the ecommerce space, the pressure is on retailers to focus on what really makes the …

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First Niagara Banks on Customer Experience

Leaders at First Niagara Financial Group wanted to make it easier for customers to open an account online. CIO Inder Koul led the delivery of a new


Customer experience: a Voice Of the Customer wake-up call

The business impact of customer experience failure – source SDL slideshare – see below

SDL, touting itself as the leader in global customer experience

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Tipping Towards Greatness: CEO Customer Experience Perspective


There is something interesting happening in companies across the globe. Let me draw upon Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point: How Little

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Understanding Customer Experience - Elcom - Elcom

According to the Harvard Business Review, “organisations (sic) able to skilfully managed the entire [customer] experience reap enormous rewards: …

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Research : Understanding The Impact Of Emotion On Customer Experience

Why Read This Report

Companies work hard to improve customer experience (CX) but often emphasize its utilitarian aspects of effectiveness and ease …


First Customer Journey’ Webinar

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On July 8, I was delighted to facilitate the latest session …