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Help! I think I married a narcissist.

<i>This story is part of a series called</i> <i>Craigslist Confessional</i><i>. Writer Helena Bala has been meeting people via Craigslist and documenting their stories for over two years. Each story is written as it was told to her. Bala says that by listening to their stories, she hopes to bear witness to her</i> …


Warren Buffett Once Told a 14-Year-Old Kid the Secret to Success in 1 Simple Sentence

At a Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting over a decade ago, Warren Buffett tells a 14-year-old kid a success lesson that was meant for all of us.<p>On May 1, 2004, Berkshire Hathaway held its annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, where nearly 20,000 people attended this annual ritual.<p>As reporter Jason …

Warren Buffett

This Is What Happens When Bitcoin Miners Take Over Your Town

Eastern Washington had cheap power and tons of space. Then the suitcases of cash started arriving.<p><b>EAST WENATCHEE, Washington—Hands on the</b> wheel, eyes squinting against the winter sun, Lauren Miehe eases his Land Rover down the main drag and tells me how he used to spot promising sites to build a …


The World Needs To Know About These Badass Feminists ASAP

Who run the world?


The Instant Pot Is the Most Successful Product on Amazon and It's Recipes Like This One That Explain Why

If you don't believe me, just ask the 3.5 million people who joined one of its Facebook groups.<p>The Instant Pot is an incredibly successful product. In fact, it's arguably the single most successful product in the history of Amazon.<p>It's not just that the you'll find the Instant Pot itself …

Instant Pot

Goldman Sachs has identified the stocks poised to crush the market thanks to tax cuts

Since the passage of Republicans' tax law, Goldman Sachs has been on a dogged quest to identify the areas of the stock market set to benefit most.<p>It's a more difficult task than it seems. After all, with the overall corporate tax rate lowered to such a degree, every company should theoretically be …


If You're Trying to Lose Belly Weight, These 9 Before-and-Afters Are Bound to Inspire You

There's nothing simple or easy about committing to a weight loss journey. For a lot of us, the chasm between our current selves and our fitness goals can be intimidating rather than inspiring. This is especially true when you're staring at your body in the mirror day after day and not seeing any …


21 Things Fiftysomethings Wish Twentysomethings Knew

"Inside every old person is a young person who’d like to get out." H/T Quora<p>"[...]By going through the motions you will eventually gain it." — L. Lee<p>— Tim Dees<p>"[...]Having kids can be a huge expense, milestone, and disappointment. Aaaaand there’s the other side too…" — Bill Dred<p>"[...]Often our …


This Is the Worst Roommate Story You’ll Ever Read

<b>Alex Miller’s spare room</b> had been on Craigslist for two weeks when, last March, she got the call she’d been waiting for. The man at the other end …


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, NEO, EOS: Price Analysis, February 21, 2018

Don’t miss the latest trading review on top 9 most popular cryptocurrencies.<i>The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and</i> …


Become A Deep Learning Coder From Scratch In Under A Year

Machine learning (AKA AI) seems bizarre and complicated. It's the tech behind image and speech recognition, recommendation systems, and all kinds of …

Machine Learning

Here's Why 'LB' Stands For 'Pound'

Most measurements in the English language have pretty straightforward abbreviations ― “tbsp” for tablespoon, “qt” for quart, “yd” for yard and so on. So why, then, do we use “lb” to refer to pound?<p>The answer goes back to ancient Rome. “Lb” is an abbreviation of the Latin word libra. Astrology buffs …


15 Award-Winning Birth Photos That'll Actually Take Your Breath Away

So raw, so real, and so beautiful.<p>A panel of 16 judges, including founders Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason, picked the best photos from the more than 950 images submitted. Here are some of the winners and runners-up:


16 Optical Illusions Your Brain Will Refuse To See Correctly

"Wait, what?!" –Your brain<p><i>This post was translated from Japanese.</i>


GOLDMAN SACHS: These 17 stocks offer the best bargains in the market right now

Big selloffs create big opportunities.<p>It's a tried and true tenet of the stock market, and one that's highly relevant to the situation currently unfolding in markets on the heels of recent turbulence. With all major US indexes fresh off 10% corrections, many single stocks are far more attractively …


Why your home is a worse investment than you think

Owning a home is a pipe dream for many. And here is why it is on the decline. USA TODAY<p>If you haven't started investing yet, these tips will help get you on the right track for retirement. USA TODAY

Real Estate

17 Foods That Make You Poop (For Constipation Relief)

1) Berries<p>Pick a berry, any berry, and chances are it will help get things moving in no time. That’s because most berries are a good source of fiber. …

The 'starve and stack' method could help you save $50,000 in 2 years — here's how to implement it in your own life

If you want to change the trajectory of your financial future for the better, 'starve and stack' may be right for you.<p>I've written about what 'starve and stack' is, but in this article I will show you how to execute it.<p>What is 'starve and stack?'<p>'Starve and stack' is centered around the power of …


27 Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To In 2018

Tired of listening to the same old podcasts? Here's some fresh ones that deserve your time.<p>We asked the BuzzFeed Community and BuzzFeed staff to tell us about underrated podcasts they absolutely love. We received thousands and thousands of submissions this year. (Thank you if you sent one in.) Here …


We tried 12 of the most popular protein bars on the market — this is the only one worth buying

After sampling 12 different protein bars, the only place I don't feel like going is the gym.<p>Protein bars are designed to be high-energy snacks that contain a large concentration of protein, a macronutrient that helps to build muscle mass and repair wounds or damaged tissues. Some contain around 20 …


18 products people waste too much money on that you should stop buying immediately

Waste not, want not.<p>We make so many purchases that we don't always realize what we are buying. If we take a step back and think about all of our additional costs, we could cut a few out of our lives.<p>These 18 products can often be a huge waste of money.

Australian Open 2018: Roger Federer’s legend continues to grow, even as rivals crumble - Firstpost

“I would love to be in that position again, to be able to win my first Major for the very first time,” said a smiling Roger Federer on Friday, in …

26 games and tricks hidden within your Google search bar

Google has come a long, long way since its startup days, but it hasn't forgotten how to have fun.<p>The search giant loves to hide fun tricks, or "Easter eggs," into its services. From Google Hangouts to Google Maps, there are neat games or features hidden inside nearly every product and service …


Older Indians Drive Millennials Crazy On WhatsApp. This Is Why They're Obsessed.

Young Indians are hooked to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. But for older Indians, WhatsApp is the ultimate social network.<p><b>My mother became</b> addicted to WhatsApp when her mother passed away in the winter of 2013. She used it, she said, to “fill up a vacuum,” numbing her grief with the mindless …

These 33 Shark Tank Products You Can Now Get On Amazon Are Total Brilliance

There’s really only one word to describe Shark Tank viewers: <i>obsessed</i>. And why wouldn’t they be? Where else can you watch magical innovations like …


Let's be honest about Aziz Ansari

<b>(CNN) —</b> This week, an anonymous accuser's account of regretting what appears to be consensual oral sex with actor and comedian Aziz Ansari exploded into the media, with the words "sexual misconduct" splashed across television news, the internet and newspapers.<p>The account, published Saturday on …

Aziz Ansari

35 Insane Behind-The-Scenes Secrets About The Making Of "Shark Tank"

Every contestant has to meet with a psychologist after filming.<p><b>1) Every Shark Tank contestant is required to meet with an on-set psychologist after filming their segment. "They have to make sure we haven't scarred them for life," Mark Cuban says.</b><p>2) Not every deal that gets made on the show actually …

MORGAN STANLEY: Here are the 6 internet stocks to bet on in 2018

In 2017, making money investing in tech stocks was an easy proposition.<p>The S&P 500 Information Technology Index surged 37%, outpacing the next-closest sector by 15 percentage points and nearly doubling the return for the benchmark. Of the 68 companies in the group, a whopping 61 posted a positive …


Don't Be Fooled by These 5 Misleading Dairy Ads

By Rachel Krantz<p>For most of my life, I genuinely believed the false advertising used to sell dairy. When I learned the truth—that nearly all cows …

4 Ways to Avoid Getting Hurt by Capital Gains Taxes

Whenever you make money from an investment, the IRS wants a piece of your profits. Here's how to keep more of those proceeds for yourself.<p>You might …