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North American FJ-3 Fury

"Shave chest Never"

"Shave chest Never"

The Specs

The Swiss Army Knife (SAK) is one of the most iconic multi-tools in the world, and for good reason. Found in toolboxes, pockets, and glove compartments everywhere, the SAK is available in dozens of configurations with different tools, shapes, sizes, and designs. We reached out to the leading SAK manufacturer, Victorinox, to try something new from their lineup that we thought you guys would enjoy. They graciously sent us a sample of their EvoWood 17 to consider. It stands apart from the usual …


You know that majestic time of day when the cool blue lake outside your window blends with the cool blue horizon off in the distance, and you feel a pleasant sense of calm and self-actualization? No, me neither. But these photographs might help you get there.
Photographer Fox Grom recently captured a group of Siberian Huskies playing on a frozen lake in Kirovsk, a town in northern Russia. Because the lake has just begun to thaw, it looks like the dogs are walking on water. They’re not, of …

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Glue - PDF, Markdown, Plain Text, and Image Joiner

• By: Marco Tabini & Associates, Inc.

Quickly and easily stitch together all your files: Join text and PDF documents together, create slide handouts, …

done !

done !

the60sbazaar:Malcolm X by Richard Avedon

Malcolm X by Richard Avedon

“Wozu nutze ich die Paper App auf meinem iPad überhaupt? Ich hab mal eine Übersicht erstellt - am liebsten und meisten erstelle ich…”

Philip Büchler

Weekend Reader Woche 13

In einer Online-Partnerbörse hielt ein Herr diverse Damen zum Narren. Dies äusserst geschickt.

Lügner entwickeln angeblich …


pretty cool these are out there right now….

by (Michael Muller)


fabforgottennobility:Phare de la Jument by Brestitude on Flickr


Gita a Parigi, 31.10.09: Gérard Grandval, “Les Choux”, Créteil, Paris. 2 by federico novaro on Flickr.

Ein kreatives MacBook-Case aus LEGO.

Ich mag Apple-Produkte und auch LEGO. Und da geht es nicht nur mir so. Bei Kickstarter ist nun ein Projekt aufgetaucht, was die beiden Vorlieben …

airows:http://ift.tt/1FdneZY mressentialist

Sérgio Merêces