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Geysers of sand explode as geologists probe for oil-bearing land in Saudi Arabia, January 1966.Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombie, National Geographic

2016 MTV VMAsPhoto credit: Mason PooleSee more on www.beyonce.com

2016 MTV VMAs<p>Photo credit: Mason Poole




Antonio Sola Townhouses in Mexico City

<i>The commission ask to design four living units on a site where a registered house with a historic facade was to be preserved. This condition inspired us to rethink life inside the old house and translate the schema into the new building.<br>The project’s intention was to create interior spaces mimicking the original patios while maintaining privacy of these spaces from the other apartments.</i><p><i>These patios allowed each apartment to be naturally lit and ventilated. Garden beds where also incorporated at</i> …




Been deepdiving under the sea, just found the surface again 🐠 (bij The Bahamas)


<b>Tom Hardy</b> by Greg Williams.

Marvel artists turned Black Influencers and Athletes into super versions of themselves.

Bloggers Reveal the Truth Behind ‘Perfect’ Photos on Instagram


Tokyo apartment by Minorpoet features kitchen hidden behind folding doors »

Apollo Architects completes earthquake-resistant house with a hat-like roof »

Gorgeous Pictures of the Dunbar Rock Villa in the Caribbean

In the heart of the Caribbean, off the shores of Honduras, can be found a superb villa built on a miniature island: Dunbar Rock. This dream house is …



“He remembers the Japanese passing through during WWII. He was spear fisherman then, and still today at around <b>80 years old</b> (he does not know how old he is), he remains a spear fisherman. He earns little from his catch maybe 2-3 dollars a day for spending hours in the water. This time in the water however,is keeping him young. A boxers physique of a young 20 something, and able to hold is breathe for at least 2 minutes while chasing fish with no fins. I could barely keep up with him and I had …




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BMW Cafe Ninety, concept bike…..production looming???




<i>Michael Fassbender 2</i>

Canadian studio Appareil Architecture has converted an ageing Montreal industrial facility into a modern restaurant featuring a fire pit …

Canadian studio Appareil Architecture has converted an ageing Montreal industrial facility into a modern restaurant featuring a fire pit and original details, such as exposed concrete columns and red brick »

Kasita unveils prefabricated tiny houses that slot into "racks"

An Austin-based startup has created a prototype of a prefabricated micro dwelling that can be slotted into a framework like a bottle into a wine rack …

Prefab Homes