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Are rooftop solar tiles a fire hazard?

Yes, no, maybe so. One type of rooftop solar product has caused some havoc for residents in the community of Roseville, CA. Multiple reports of …

Solar Power

37 ways to go green this year

Is this the year for change? We all make New Year’s resolutions, set goals and strive for healthier lifestyle changes. But, have you made tangible …

Home Improvement

Smart Green Roofs to Replace the Dumb Ones

“Smart” isn’t just for phones and TVs anymore. A new type of green roofing is able to monitor and automatically adjust climate controls, storm water …

Clean Energy

Amazing Shadow Art Created with Junk

It’s incredible to think that a pile of trash can actually turn into an amazing work of art with a little creativity. Shadow art is an art form where …


25+ Awesome Examples of Artistic Repurposing of Junk

It’s no secret we love junk here at Trash Talk, and now we want to share the beautiful side of garbage with you. These are some of the best examples …