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Strange Brew: Beer Enters The Internet of Things

SteadyServ outfits kegs with sensors that monitor beer levels and let managers know when it’s time to tap a fresh keg.

Internet of Things

These adorable robots could someday put construction workers out of a job

Termites have a reputation for breaking buildings down, not constructing them. But that’s about to change. Harvard engineers have used the insects as inspiration for a new robot called the TERMES. One day, they say, it could complete simple construction tasks without any supervision.<p>Why termites? …



Politics The Huffington Post<p>A GOP congressman asked why men should have to pay for maternity care, and this woman’s response is now resonating across …

Building an open source Nest

Earlier this week, Google bought Nest, a connected devices company, for $3.2 billion. This might seem like an ungodly sum for a company that makes …

Ivee Sleek is a voice assistant that controls your connected home via WiFi

By this point, most of us are accustomed to being able to talk to our laptops and phones to get them to do what we want (some of the time, at least). Now, Ivee Sleek is here to give you the same control over all those WiFi-equipped lightbulbs, thermostats and door locks we've been seeing lately. …



In 2014, Every Business Will Be Disrupted By Open Technology

The most salient aspect of technology is its power to disrupt. The important innovations are the ones that change our world so profoundly that the previous order becomes not only untenable, but unthinkable.<p>Yet the true impact begins not with invention, but adoption. That’s when the second and …


What The Heck Will Google Do With These Scary Military Robots?

Let’s see, we have a company that already knows everything about us, has possibly the world’s largest computer network, has recently built one of the biggest artificial-intelligence teams in the world–a company so powerful that it feels the need to soften its dominance with the informal motto, …


Sphero | Connected Toys

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Analyze & Improve Your Serve & Stroke

Size & Weight: Sensor<p>Height: 0.4in / 11mm<br>• Length: 1.1in / 28mm<br>• Width: 1.1in / 28mm<br>• Weight: 0.27oz / 7.7g<p>Size & Weight: Pro Mount<p>Height: 0.6in/ …

iPad Mini

Adam Steltzner: Beyond Mars, Earth

Mighty daring on Mars<p>Engineer Steltzner took his rapt audience striding with him through the wrong solutions for landing a one-ton rover on Mars that …


Boil your smartphone down into a Bluetooth ring

Residential Land Auction Location: On-Site. This quality block in the Tanby Height Estate will ... AUCTION<p>Auction Location: On-Site. This quality …


Ubuntu Touch OS wins its first smartphone partner

Canonical has inked its first deal with partner who'll put the Linux-basd operating system on its phones, founder Mark Shuttleworth reveals.<p>PARIS -- Ubuntu Touch has its first customer, CNET has learned.<p>Canonical has just signed its first deal to supply a smartphone with its mobile operating …


The Copenhagen Wheel

The New Copenhagen Wheel<p>The ultimate riding companion<p>The New Copenhagen Wheel<p>The ultimate riding companion<p>Love getting there<p>Whether you ride a bike …

Google's humanoid robots take on Amazon's courier drones

Android developer Andy Rubin leads new robotics division that aims to complete online shopping with home delivery by droids<p>Online shopping is not the most glamorous aspect of the digital revolution, but it has just become the latest Silicon Valley battleground, with droids racing drones to become …


Linux chief: ‘Open source is safer, and Linux is more secure than any other OS’ (exclusive)

In an interview with Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin, VentureBeat got a bird’s-eye view of the future of the open-source operating system for 2014.<p>We also addressed the controversial issues of government spying and “backdoors” — those nefarious windows into our personal online lives …

Open Source Software

The Pace of Technology Adoption is Speeding Up

Many people suggest that rates of new product introduction and adoption are speeding up, but is it really, across the board? The answer seems to be yes. An automobile industry trade consultant, for instance, observes that “Today, a typical automotive design cycle is approximately 24 to 36 months, …

On Asm.js

Ending The Ice Age of JavaScriptThe demo is striking: Unreal Engine, running live in a browser, powered by Mozilla's <i>Asm.js</i>, offering near native …