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By David Deubelbeiss | New resources for teachers on the EFL Classroom 2.0 community

The Northern Lights

Northern Lights

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Things I learned ....


Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

4th of July

Teach Learn "Tech" book

Music and Movie Talk

ddeubel posted a discussion

ddeubel posted a discussion<br>Book ReviewsGetting students talking and writing about their reading is important. Here are some templates to help …


The Dating Game

Zen and the Act of Teaching

Stories to inspire and teach. Share yours.


Country Project and other Geography related lessons / materials.

EFL Teaching Recipes

A classic. Board Race is a fun game that is used for revising vocabulary, whether it be words from the lesson you’ve just taught or words from a …

Share your Song Lyric Sheets


Project Peace – Spreading Peace Through Music

Sick - Shel Silverstein

2. First. Then.

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The Present

Languages of the World

#115 Rap like Eminem! (Low Int.)


Mt. Everest

Zen and the Act of Teaching

May Day / Labor Day

Using Video In The Classroom - A Teacher's Handbook

I've been posting a lot lately about the best tips, advice, resources related to video in the classroom. Find these and more articles on my own …


Share your Song Lyric Sheets

Always On My Mind