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10 Confessions of an EFL teacher

by Paul Finnerty<p>Most things published by wannabe journalist-teachers like me focus on what we do well. Much of what we write is idealistic and makes …


Can English remain the 'world's favourite' language?

<b>English is spoken by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, but do the development of translation technology and "hybrid" languages threaten its status?</b><p>Which country boasts the most English speakers, or people learning to speak English?<p>The answer is China.<p>According to a study published by …


Reflective Teaching: an Element of Life-Long Learning | Solomon Au Yeung | TEDxEdUHK


A Cat on a Bike: How to Speed Up Vocabulary Learning

By Gabriel Clark<p>Problems with making vocabulary stick<p>It’s always the same, isn’t it? We do a lesson with all these fantastic words and phrases, which …


Linguist who changed the way languages are taught

Halliday returned to England for post-graduate work at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) where he was …

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What Does Research Tell Us About the Importance of Teacher-Student Relationships?

Every year at the end summer break, students no matter what the age are busy running around gathering up their school supplies, going to Open House …


Plenary: Do students really want fun in the ELT classroom? - InnovateELT 2018

<i>This is the transcript of my plenary ‘Do students really want fun in the ELT classroom?’, which I gave on Saturday 12 May 2018 at InnovateELT. It was</i> …


How We Teach English Learners: 3 Basic Approaches

In a small room in Philadelphia's school administration building, Rosario Maribel Mendoza Lemus, 16, sits in a corner, rubbing sweaty palms on her jeans.<p>In front of her is a binder with a test she has to take before she's assigned to a new school. A counselor hovers over her shoulder, pointing to a …

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Do you hear Laurel or Yanny? It's Christmas for audio nerds

In the great internet debate between did you hear Yanny or Laurel, there's only one clear answer.<p>It's Laurel.<p>Click on the blue play button and have a …

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A Linguist Explains Why 'Laurel' Sounds Like 'Yanny'

It’s the audio version of The Dress.<p>Listen to this recording. Before you go any further, just listen to it.<p>Late Monday night, this tweet was posted by a 20-year-old Instagram “influencer” named Cloe Feldman. It appears to be a screengrab of a poll that also appears on Feldman’s Instagram account …

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Culturally Responsive Teaching: 4 Misconceptions

<b>Listen to my interview with Zaretta Hammond (transcript):</b><p>Sponsored by Raymond Geddes and Kids Discover<p><b>The term “culturally responsive teaching” has</b> …


94% of teachers spend their own money on school supplies

<b>(CNN) —</b> Almost all public school teachers -- 94% -- have spent some of their own money on school supplies without reimbursement, according to a survey done by the National Center for Education Statistics. The data was published on Monday and collected from 2014 to 2016.<p>On average, public school …


Teaching '101': The Boomerang Approach


“Primary English Language Teaching does more harm than good”

In this year’s <i>ELT Journal</i> debate, held at the IATEFL Conference οn 3rd April, the motion was put forward that <i>“Primary ELT does more harm than good”</i>. …

‘Buying in’ to communicative language teaching: the impact of ‘initial’ certification courses on the classroom practices of experienced teachers of English

In this paper, published this month in the journal ‘Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching’, I report on my study into the impact of a CELTA …


Want to know what schools will look like under Gonski 2.0? Look at these ones

Past projects have asked: "Why do things become obsolete?" "How black was the plague?" and "Governments: who needs them?" An initial hour of …


The Effectiveness of Online Learning Depends on Design

As students of all ages spend more time learning online, it’s worth asking, “How effective is online learning?” The answer varies dramatically and …


Assessment for Learning: Key Principles and Strategies

@apichart_p<p>ASSESSMENT<p>12 May 2018/ By Zineb DJOUB<p>Share<p>Tweet<p>Pin<p>Testing, correcting students’ work, giving grades and reporting results are among …


Why It’s So Hard for Teachers to Take Care of Themselves (and 4 Ways to Start)

Listen to my interview with Angela Watson (transcript):<p><b>As a whole, teachers aren’t great about taking care of themselves.</b> You work too many hours, …

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Never Trust a Pyramid

If something is explained in pyramid (or triangle) form, treat it as suspect. I have seen enough articles recently to realize a pattern: many grand …

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5. Guinness World Records

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Making the library the true heart of the school - SCIS

In order to keep Heart going, I am constantly advocating on the School Librarians Network, a supportive Yahoo group that was set up by Elizabeth …


Asking the questions that unlock innovation

Most of us can agree on some of the qualities that define great business leaders. The best leaders are decisive, inspirational, and insightful. …


Writing Intensive Pedagogy and Multilingual Writers

International students face a number of challenges when studying at a western university. However, instructors face challenges when teaching …


Looking beyond the fads: the use of tech in your classroom | Paulo Dantas

Looking beyond the fads: the use of tech in your classroom.<p>I will begin this post with a confession: although I have been involved in EFL and digital …

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Learning by teaching others is extremely effective – a new study tested a key reason why

<i>By</i> Christian JarrettThe learning-by-teaching effect has been demonstrated in many studies. Students who spend time teaching what they’ve learned go …


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Teacher Pay Is So Low in Some U.S. School Districts That They’re Recruiting Overseas

GLENDALE, Ariz. — The latest wave of foreign workers sweeping into American jobs brought Donato Soberano from the Philippines to Arizona two years ago. He had to pay thousands of dollars to a job broker and lived for a time in an apartment with five other Filipino workers. The lure is the pay — 10 …


Your Students Learn by Doing, Not by Listening

Yet another example of why we should all be lecturing less and using active-learning strategies more in the college classroom.

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