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Why everyone is a designer… but shouldn’t design

“Design is everywhere, inevitably everyone is a designer,” says Tim Brown of IDEO.

That’s something we’ve heard time and time again. Because if you’re a problem solver, you’re a designer. Even Don Norman, who coined the term “user experience,” says that everyone is a designer. As he writes:

“We are …

UX Design

The Secret Of DevOps: It's Always Been About People, Not Technology

Adam Jacob is a cofounder and CTO of Chef, an IT-automation company that helps enterprises use DevOps to build and deliver quality software quickly.

I have had the privilege of being either physically present or near many of the seminal moments in the evolution of DevOps. My friend and cofounder at …


Perspective Designs in Sketch

Introducing Magic Mirror for Sketch 3

Magic Mirror is a Sketch 3 Plugin that can create a perspective-transformed image from an artboard and apply it …

An easy way to document your Sass code

Read more about An easy way to document your Sass code at CreativeBloq.comCSS is getting more and more complex. Sass solves a lot of CSS issues, but …

Web Design

The 10 best alternatives to Photoshop

Read more about The 10 best alternatives to Photoshop at CreativeBloq.comPhotoshop has become so pervasive in the last few years that, like Google, …

Adobe Photoshop

Explaining graphic design to four-year-olds

I recently offered to talk at the local primary school, about my job (or at least part of my job). I expected to be speaking to the older kids, and …

Graphic Design

AnDevCon keynote highlights app discovery

The Android Developer Conference may have started yesterday, but the big crowds at this morning’s keynote from Google showed that today was when …


Material Design Lite – A Giant Library of Web Components

You're reading Material Design Lite – A Giant Library of Web Components, originally posted on Designmodo. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to …

Material Design

Wearables: enhancing or exploiting our personal data?

Professor Thad Starner believes wearables can be used for the betterment of mankind, to accent and improve memory, understanding, and enjoyment of …

Wearable Tech

How to conquer designer’s block

It happens to everyone from time to time. A creative block. An empty mind. Staring at a blank screen and wondering, “well, what do I do now?”

Photo credit: “Waitin.” Khalid Albaih. Creative Commons.

Some people prefer to just wait it out, but that’s not always an option with deadlines, anxious …


Constructing CSS Quantity Queries On The Fly

Often within a project, the presentation of our content changes based on certain needs. We see this when we use media queries to change our styles …

World Wide Web

Guest View: UX metrics: Bringing mobile app quality to the boardroom

Executives understand that mobile application quality matters. They realize that employees and consumers have a wide range of choices, and that they …

American Airlines

Good UX Isn’t Enough: Why Good CX Is Important, Too

There’s a question I often ask myself whenever I’m studying someone’s experience with a company: “Is it UX or CX?” Is there really any difference?The …

UX Design

How to move to DevOps to drive open networks

Many of the topics and discussions at the recent Open Networking User Group (ONUG) conference emphasized one very important shift in the networking …

Open Source

Tips for Building Conference & Event Websites

By Jake Rocheleau / Jul 29, 2015 / Business

It seems like every creative field has a slew of new conferences popping up every year. These are becoming …

Web Design

How to Game Friction for Better UX

July 29, 2015No one likes friction. Friction slows things down and makes us work harder. Sometimes it makes sparks fly. Bright minds have been busy …

UX Design

Let Clients in on the Magic Trick

UX project managers, designers and developers are not magicians, though some things we do seem like magical illusions. Throughout a project …


The Seven Deadly Sins of Project Management

Throughout my career, I have worked with, for, and hired a great number of project managers. Along the way, I have noticed that many of the …

Project Management

It's time for a Digital Customer Experience Bill of Rights

In this age of digital disruption, some companies — Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Uber and Airbnb, among them — are doing things right. A highly positive …

Bill of Rights

2015 Summer Reading Issue

Summer is halfway over. Have you hid out for a day of reading yet? Grab a shady spot and a picnic blanket (or just park it in front of the nearest AC …

Web Design

Touch-Free Interactions as an Innovative Approach to Audience Engagement

Human-computer interaction via human machine interface (HMI)—using touch-sensing devices, such as keyboards, buttons, sliders and touchpads—is …

UI Design

Designing Flexible, Maintainable Pie Charts With CSS and SVG

When it comes to CSS techniques, nobody is more stubborn and smart enough to find solutions to any problems than Lea Verou. Recently, Lea has

Why Mobile App Performance is So Unreliable

Nobody enjoys waiting for content to load.

At Twin Prime, we analyze millions of requests daily and study traffic patterns in order to eliminate the …


Developers explain how Facebook's React Native will change their approach to native apps

You can get a lot of great free stuff at a technology conference--T-shirts, food, USB sticks--but Facebook really upped the ante when it offered the …


Redesigning the Apple Watch UI

After wearing my Apple watch daily for the past two+ months, I've found myself wishing for a simpler interaction model for moving between content and …

Apple Watch

What makes wearables work for consumers

Regina Dugan, former director of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, paced the stage, about to unveil a dizzying array of …

Google Glass

Key Strategies for Minimizing Human Error in Digital Healthcare Software

on July 28, 2015 /

Healthcare is the next growth frontier for software solutions because of the benefits and cost-savings it brings to a traditionally …

Health Care

How Copywriting Can Benefit From User Research

I’ve often heard there are four stages along the road to competence: unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, and …


Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo And Others Push For Accessibility Development

For all their rhetoric and idealism about changing the world, consumer-facing technologies have largely failed at least one major set of users: people with disabilities, a segment that represents roughly 1 in 5 people in the U.S.

As the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) …