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Inner Life of a Cell | Protein Packing


Ultrabright lasers help switch single photons

(Phys.org) —In the search for a single photon source, researchers in Australia and France have achieved a major step towards a turn-key source of …


Physicists at New Zealand's University of Otago have pushed the frontiers of quantum technology by developing a steerable 'optical tweezers' unit …

'Optical oracle' could quickly solve complex computing problems

(Phys.org) —The optical fiber network that spans the globe consists of millions of miles of fibers that bring us our Internet, cable TV, and …

Will Virus Particles Meet Their End In These Tiny Death Traps?

Whether or not the single biggest threat to humankind’s continued vitality on the planet is the virus, as Nobel Laureate Joshua Lederberg has said, …

Study uncovers secrets of a mollusk's unique bioceramic armor

MIT researchers uncover the secrets behind a marine creature's defensive armor—one that is exceptionally tough, yet optically clear.<p>The shells of a …

Ancient Virus DNA Gives Stem Cells the Power to Transform

Embryonic stem cells can become any type of cell, thanks to an ancient virus, scientists say.<p>A virus that invaded the genomes of humanity's ancestors millions of years ago now plays a critical role in the embryonic stem cells from which all cells in the human body derive, new research shows.<p>The …

Fungus may block Alzheimer's protein - Futurity

Some natural types of fungus appear to inhibit the build-up of tau—a protein linked to Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.


Oil and diamond mix transfers heat best - Futurity

A mixture of diamond nanoparticles and mineral oil easily outperforms other types of fluid created for heat-transfer applications, a new study …


Team says magnetic 'push' might help ignite fusion - Futurity

Researchers have found a new kind of magnetic behavior that could help make nuclear fusion reactions easier to start.


Melanoma in families linked to mutations in one gene - Futurity

The discovery that mutations in a specific gene are responsible for a hereditary form of melanoma could make it easier to detect and treat, experts …

How a growing brain knows which wires to cut - Futurity

The discovery of a protein that is essential for removing excess nerve connections settles a decade-long debate about how the brain develops.

The Brain

One Goat’s Million-Dollar Blood Is Fueling Cancer Research

In the quest to create a device to detect how cancer moves throughout the body, researchers discovered that one specific goat’s blood was key to success. Then that blood became very, very precious.<p>Once there was a goat living somewhere in North America. The goat, fed, kept warm, lived out its life …


Self-Healing Muscles Grown In Lab, Implanted In Mice

The muscles also fluoresce when they contract.<p>No this isn't a joke, etc.: Scientists have grown working muscle fibers in the lab that they were then able to successfully implant into mice. Even better, the muscles can repair themselves, which is a significant step in tissue engineering.<p>"It's the …

Genetic clock lets E. coli keep time in hot or cold - Futurity

Scientists have developed a robust synthetic genetic clock that allows Escherichia coli bacteria to accurately keep time in a wide temperature range.


Nanoparticles: The Next Big Thing in Medicine — NOVA Next

DNA. The very acronym calls to mind the molecule’s exquisite structure, a linear double helix. Our understanding of DNA and its orbiting strands has …

Berkshire: Largest stock holdings include Wells Fargo, AmEx, Apple, Phillips 66, Southwest, Coca-Cola

Feb 24, 2018<br>9:03 AM<p>Berkshire Hathaway Inc. said Saturday it posted a $29 billion gain in 2017 related to changes in U.S. tax law, a boost that inflated annual profits for the Omaha conglomerate.<p>Feb 24, 2018<br>8:51 AM<p>BERLIN — The billionaire chairman of Chinese car maker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group …


Imaging technique could lead to RSV vaccine - Futurity

An imaging technique for studying the childhood disease RSV could lead to new antiviral drugs and perhaps even a vaccine to prevent severe infections.


Brain training works, but there's a catch - Futurity

Brain training exercises, games, software, and apps do work, according to new research—but there's a catch.

The Brain

Added laser makes force microscope 3D - Futurity

A new, three-dimensional force microscope could lead to faster drug therapies and a better understanding of proteins on the microscopic level.


Genetic mutation leads to lupus in mice - Futurity

Researchers have identified a genetic mutation that leads to lupus in mice and say the discovery could pave the way for new therapies for people.

Mutation takes 'brakes' off neck and head cancers - Futurity

Better understanding of a key oncogene could lead to a new target for drugs to treat tumors of the head and neck, as well as other cancers.


'RAMBO' magnetic pulse generator fits on tabletop - Futurity

A smaller magnetic pulse generator can do the work of a room-sized machine with advantages that include handling experiments in quick succession.

This gene stops nerve fibers from decaying - Futurity

A gene that protects against spontaneous nerve degeneration could shed new light on how to treat conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s …

Variable speeds make cilia a multipurpose tool - Futurity

Paramecia's cilia speeds change for swimming and eating. The variable motor control of the tiny hair-like fibers may be why they are ubiquitous in …

A day later, caffeine stimulates memory - Futurity

Caffeine helps people remember fine distinctions between similar things at least up to 24 hours after it is consumed, new research shows.


Contact with protein dooms traveling cancer cells - Futurity

Attaching a cancer-killer protein to white blood cells, annihilates metastasizing cancer cells traveling throughout the bloodstream, new research …


'Superlens' adds range to wireless power transfer - Futurity

Engineers have accomplished the first relatively long-range wireless power transfer by "beaming" electromagnetic fields.


Red and green show which X chromosome is turned on - Futurity

Researchers have figured out how to color code the two X chromosomes in female mice to reveal which is working and which has been switched off.