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ISTE 2015

At the beginning…

At the first ISTE attended (four years ago), I filled in my day from start to end with sessions to attend. I closely perused the app …

Video Conferencing

Learning In Burlington: My ISTE 2015 Takeaways

My ISTE 2015 Takeaways

This post originally appeared on my EdWeek Blog

The annual International Society for Technology in Education Conference (ISTE) …

ISTE in Philly 2015 | It's About Learning

I attended the annual International Society for Technology and Education conference, held in Philadelphia this year and participated in some …

Design Thinking

What’s going on? : An ISTE 2015 Reflection – One more thing…

I attended my first ISTE last week in Philadelphia. It was large, constant, and rewarding. Essentially, it was a really great family reunion. ISTE is …


ISTE 2015: Global Education Day Resource Jam

The last weekend of June 2015 was fantastic. Among other things, it included a Sunday meetup at ISTE 2015 in Philadelphia, PA (by the way, one of my …


My Brief ISTE 2015 Reflection | Imagine and Teach

My ISTE 2015 experience left me with many questions and tons of energy to pursue them. The big question I have is how will my teaching be transformed …


Tech Coaches Unite at ISTE 2015

Five days have passed since I presented on "10 Best Practices for Instructional Technology Coaches" at ISTE2015, and I am still absorbing the …



Every year, tens of thousands of educators come together at the ISTE Conference & Expo to discover new ways to use educational technology to engage …


Scott McLeod - Transforming Schools


One word that every idea from #ISTE2015 depends on

I’ve spent the last 4 days at ISTE surrounded by 21,000 incredibly passionate educators. I’ve learned more about makerspaces, genius hour, flipped …


HackEd Unconference (ISTE 2015)

Today, I attended the HackEd Unconference, a precursor to the ISTE conference. As a #NOTATISTE14 follower last year, I had heard that this was a big …


#ISTE2015 Conference Day 1

Monday, June 30

I was so excited about my first day at ISTE and it proved to be an amazing day. I learned so much about what is going on in libraries …


#ISTE2015 Conference Day 2

Tuesday, June 30

After an amazing first day, I was excited to begin my second day at ISTE. I learned about leadership, collaborating on a global …

Ice Cream Sandwich

#ISTE2015 Conference Day 3

Wednesday, July 1

I knew my last day at ISTE would be amazing because of the ISTELib breakfast and the closing keynote, but I was inspired so much by …

Professional Development

#ISTE2015 Take-aways

My key take-aways from the #ISTE2015 conference were Student Voice, Connections and Effective Technology Leadership. I have been going through my …


Ms. Mayer's Message

As a teacher, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that this post is based on passion and not on research. Not yet. Consider this the opening …

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Tech 4 Ed: ISTE 2015 Reflections

Stop It Already

I didn’t attend the ISTE Conference this year. As I noted yesterday, it’s never held on a July 4 but it was on a July 1. I enjoyed time with family …


What I Learned from #notatiste15

Posted by kcaise on July 2, 2015 in blogging, conferences, online learning | ∞

This year I did not attend the ISTE (International Society of …

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Staying Home, But Being There | Thoughts By Jen

This past week (June 27th to July 1) was the ISTE conference in Philadelphia.

I very much enjoy going to the ISTE conference — but it is usually at …

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Notatiste15 - Reflection and Thanks

The Hot New Education Trend That No One is Talking About

Definition from Oxford Dictionaries

This past week I have been spending a lot of time with some really smart educators from all over the country. …

ISTE 2015 – Saturday | You can only tell the shape of things by looking at the edges – Ken Price

AM: Hack Education

#hackeducation – unconference organised by Steve Hargadon

This event is now been running for several years and its structure is as …

Microsoft PowerPoint

ISTE 2015 Saturday am – Sessions 1 and 2 | You can only tell the shape of things by looking at the edges – Ken Price

I attended two sessions in the Hack Education session on Saturday. They were about 3D printing and Makerspaces, and there was some overlap between …

3D Printing

ISTE 2015 – Sunday | You can only tell the shape of things by looking at the edges – Ken Price

Sunday PM

Introducing Computer Science while Building Socially Useful Apps.

Pauline Lake, Ralph Morelli, Jennifer Rosato, Chery Takkunen, Chinma Uche, James

Computer Science

#NotatISTE 2015

(#Bloggermore2015 9/26)

This time last year I was in Atlanta, Georgia for ISTE 2014. I certainly found it an astonishing experience in so many ways; …

Soledad O'Brien

ISTE 2015 – Creative Computing curriculum for Scratch | You can only tell the shape of things by looking at the edges – Ken Price

Creative Computing and Scratch

Dylan Ryder, The School at Columbia University


Free guide – a Harvard publication about an MIT …

ISTE Reflections 2015 | The Crossroads

ISTE-The conference of “conferences” that allows innovators to meet the implementation leaders. This was my first time attending and I was not …


Rebels at #ISTE2015

Sitting in today’s Ignite sessions at #ISTE2015 I felt inspired. My friends talked about things that are not the norm and did a bit of pushing the …