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ISTE: Finally, the Ugly

You’ve had the Good, the Bad, and more Good again. I needed a break from the commotion inside my head before I could come up with the Ugly. This …

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Blog About #ISTE2014 – Well of Course as Everyone Else Did | Breaking Down The Walls Of The Classroom

So if you looked at this image and said… Jaime & Katie… wait, what…EduVue.. LadyGeeks… did they combine forces to take over the world… you would be …


Today I Cried #ISTE2014

It has happened again. ISTE came. ISTE went. A world apart from where I was a year ago, yet I still find myself.... sad. Crying even. Sad for the …


It's All About the Relationships - #ISTE2014

ISTE was something I never knew if or when I would be able to attend. There are many factors involved, but I was fortunate to attend this year and …

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Dr. Will : ISTE 2014: The After Post

ISTE 2014: The After Post

By Dr. Will

Pictured left to right: Elle Deyamport, Nancy Blair, Angela Watson,
Angela Maiers, Shelly Terrell, and Me.

Last …

Professional Development

Reflection: ISTE 2014

After returning home from ISTE 2014 I gave myself 1 day of running errands and two days of being a hermit, not leaving my house and not doing …


Top 5 Magic Making Moments from ISTE 2014

Duplicating an amazing event is often impossible; so I attended this year's ISTE convention with high hopes, but was totally prepared to be somewhat …


Beginning to process #ISTE2014

I arrived home yesterday after an incredible, action-packed few days at the ISTE Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. ISTE is over and I am slowly but …


My first time presenting at #ISTE2014. Thankful for friends who documented all my sessions too.

Just got back from #iste2014. Always supporting Education in any form for our youth. Was interviewed by #airwatch and got to make a book using #blockz Thanks to #iste2014 for a wonderful trip. #hydetechbk

ISTE 2014 Atlanta – A Techtastic Experience | Techucation

I have just returned from the ISTE 2014 conference. ISTE 2014 managed to upstage the capital of the South, Atlanta and its hot weather, since the …


Rodney Turner, M.Ed on Twitter

Blogger's Cafe. Misnomer if you want to blog here. Should be Cheers Cafe. Was my home when not in sessions. #iste2014

#iste2014 in full swing

ISTE is one of the biggest edtech teachers’ conferences in the world. This year it is downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA #iste2014. As it is my third …

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Digital Storytelling - The Tomorrow Toolkit

What is Digital Storytelling?

Simple description: Telling a personal story with multimedia

Seven Elements:

How Can I Use Digital Storytelling In My

All that Moves... #iste2014 Reflection

What is it that makes us move? What is it that pushes us to continue on our journey relentless in our quest to make learning matter? My experience at …


Let's Ignite: More Thoughts From #ISTE2014

As an ISTE newbie, I didn't really know what to expect from the conference. Sure, I read articles shared on Twitter by ISTE veterans, but nothing can …

Professional Development

How A PLN Got Us To #ISTE2014 - The Flats

Using Voxer as a tool for professional development really has been a game changer for me in communication, connections, and is helping me form …


The View On Atlanta - From The Hashtags

My Twitter feed this weekend has been blowing up with all the great learning going on at ISTE2014. Sadly, I was not at ISTE. But that has not …



Posted by Bill Ferriter on Friday, 07/04/2014

One of my favorite parts about attending a conference like #ISTE2014 is having the chance to think …


#ISTE2014 Reflection

This was my first ISTE conference so I was first completely impressed with the sheer number of attendees and organization of such a massive …


ISTE 2014: Information Overload

1. Time Management
The challenge is to take all the information that’s flying at you, filter it and leave with a plan for how you are going to use it …


ISTE is Over. Now what?

Hopefully you have made it back to your hometown safely and took a break from EdTech for at least 24 hours. But before you get too far away from it, …


Reflections from ISTE 2014

This is my 4th ISTE and funny enough each one I've attended has been as a different role. This year I was very much interested in getting as much …


ISTE Librarian’s Breakfast Keynote featuring Jennifer Lagarde

My last morning of ISTE may very well have been my favorite. I attended the ISTE Librarian Network Breakfast Keynote featuring Jennifer Lagarde, aka …


Bill Ferriter on Twitter

The only feature that I am looking for in an #edtech tool is whether or not it makes it possible for kids to change the world. #ISTE2014

My 10 Favorite Quotes from #ISTE2014

Here are 10 of my favorite quotes from ISTE 2014.

What was your favorite quote from ISTE? Be sure to share it in the comments below!


Here are 10 …

ISTE 2014: The Reflective Teacher's Tips and Tools for Guiding PBL

Presenter: Suzie Boss

Guests: Scot Hoffman, American School of Bombay, and Mike Reilly, CDAT program at Lanier High School, Gwinnett County, GA


Our Nightmare flight to ISTE 2014

The morning of June 27th was an exciting morning for us. Myself, my wife, and another teacher from her school district were flying down to Atlanta to …