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Notatiste15 - Reflection and Thanks

The Hot New Education Trend That No One is Talking About

Definition from Oxford Dictionaries

This past week I have been spending a lot of time with some really smart educators from all over the country. …

ISTE 2015 – Saturday | You can only tell the shape of things by looking at the edges – Ken Price

AM: Hack Education

#hackeducation – unconference organised by Steve Hargadon

This event is now been running for several years and its structure is as …

ISTE 2015 Saturday am – Sessions 1 and 2 | You can only tell the shape of things by looking at the edges – Ken Price

I attended two sessions in the Hack Education session on Saturday. They were about 3D printing and Makerspaces, and there was some overlap between …

3D Printing

ISTE 2015 – Sunday | You can only tell the shape of things by looking at the edges – Ken Price

Sunday PM

Introducing Computer Science while Building Socially Useful Apps.

Pauline Lake, Ralph Morelli, Jennifer Rosato, Chery Takkunen, Chinma Uche, James

Computer Science

#NotatISTE 2015

(#Bloggermore2015 9/26)

This time last year I was in Atlanta, Georgia for ISTE 2014. I certainly found it an astonishing experience in so many ways; …

Soledad O'Brien

ISTE 2015 – Creative Computing curriculum for Scratch | You can only tell the shape of things by looking at the edges – Ken Price

Creative Computing and Scratch

Dylan Ryder, The School at Columbia University


Free guide – a Harvard publication about an MIT …

ISTE Reflections 2015 | The Crossroads

ISTE-The conference of “conferences” that allows innovators to meet the implementation leaders. This was my first time attending and I was not …

Rebels at #ISTE2015

Sitting in today’s Ignite sessions at #ISTE2015 I felt inspired. My friends talked about things that are not the norm and did a bit of pushing the …


Anne Mirtschin - The World is My Classroom


Maggie Bolado on Twitter

Teaching is not my job, it's my passion! Getting better at it - that's my job. @elynnlll

EDCamp Periscope

Find the Path to A Great School Year

On August 8, 2015, we will launch EdCamp Periscope! Periscope is the live streaming app from Twitter, and it


Top Ten Things I Learned While #notatISTE

Being from Letterman's hometown, it feels only appropriate that I put my ISTE2015 reflections in the form of a top ten list.

I attended ISTE/NECC from

Top 10

ISTE 2015: The Big Themes—On-site and in the Backchannel | ISTE 2015

ISTE 2015 brought together an enormous crowd, with lots of possibilities for conversation. Themes emerged as educators, librarians, and a variety of …

Professional Development

1:1 growth, PD Conferences, Differentiation for Students - My brain is a jumbled mess!

After my week of experiencing #notatiste15 I am blown away by all the ed tech information I have been presented with. The 1000's of #iste2015 and …

The Brain

Dr. Robert Dillon - Living Ferguson

Amanda Mauldin on Twitter

On stage at #ISTE2015 #fcsvanguard #besttripever

edutopia on Twitter

"Students care A LOT when a real-world audience is involved." #comments4kids #iste2015

#ISTE2015 attendees, principals need you

Inspired by the sessions I have attended, the teachers I have spoken with, and a post by my friend Pernille Ripp calling on me not to give up on …



Have we told you about our Aussie competitiveness? Give us a challenge and we take it on full force. ISTE 2015 is currently taking place in …

Social Media

40 Teacher-Reviewed EdTech Tools At ISTE 2015

Are you attending the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in Philadelphia this year? There are nearly 600 educational …

Education Technology

Reflections on Teaching, Learning, and Technology: ISTE 2015, I mean, #notatISTE2015

ISTE2015 is going on right now in Philadelphia and as much as I wish I could be there, I just couldn't swing it- financially or time-wise, so I am …

News (Australia)

Not At ISTE IGNITE - Mobile Learning - #ISTE2015 #notatiste15


Quick Scope - Periscope® Viewer

Notatiste15 - Learning from Afar / Create a Badge


Fun from #notatiste15 - Karaoke

#NOTATISTE15 And Still Learning

This year, due to family and other issues, I had to turn down the generous offer from my school system and not go to #ISTE2015 on the bus. From …


#NOTATISTE15: Organizing Info to Actually Use

One of the biggest problems at any conference is the running from room to room, listening to great speakers, gathering swag and business cards, …