Hey, I Remember That!

By Evan Doll | Childhood memories from the '80s and '90s.

The Unexpectedly High-Stakes World of Neo Geo Collecting

Seven years ago, Shawn McCleskey, a dealer of rare video games, trading cards, and vintage machine guns in Memphis, Tennessee, made one of the biggest sales of his career. It unfolded like a Robert Ludlum novel. A man calling himself Wolf wired McCleskey fifty-five thousand dollars, then showed up …


VHS Tapes - Were they as bad as we remember?

Nintendo just introduced a mini $60 version of its first major game console, NES

Remember the 1980s? Everyone had big hair and cassette players and a bunch of stuff I can't properly reference because I wasn't born yet. Anyway, …


The Sound of dial-up Internet

The ER: Surgical Shells 2.0 CLEARED (Insane Level!)

CRT Simulation in Super Win the Game

<b>The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.<br>The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of</b> …


SM64 - Watch for Rolling Rocks - 0.5x A Presses (Commentated)

Circles Back

Awl Pal Christian Brown reports from the ground: There you have it. Pogs are back now.Photo by Burkazoid

Doing an HD Remake the Right Way

Even at 1080p, we don't have a clean 2x scale we can round down to. If I could go back in time I definitely would have picked something easier to …

Orthodox Christianity

The Invisible Hand of Super Metroid

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Game Design

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy II for the Super NES is one of my all-time favorite games. I remember often wondering what the Japanese version of the game was like – …

Final Fantasy

How Video Games Changed Popular Music

There was a time when video games, much like the tiny computers that powered them, seemed like a passing fad. In the late seventies, millions of young people flocked to arcades for all the flashing colors and fantastical worlds, for unprecedented feelings of authorship and control. To skeptics, …

Game Development

Vadu Amka's Stunning Custom 'Zelda: Ocarina Of Time' Nintendo 64 Console

Ever felt that the limited edition consoles out there are a bit dull? Over the last few years console modder <b>Vadu Amka</b> has been giving the likes of …


NEW RETRO ARCADE Shows What True Game Immersion Can Be

Select Your Hero 2.0: Gaming Heroes

<b>Select Your Hero 2.0: Gaming Heroes</b><p>3.5” X 4.5” individually signed mini prints, plus the first 50 gaming related orders will also receive a free mystery hero print.

It's 2015, and You're in the Future

Time flies. Years that seem recent can quickly become buried in the past, and if you tune out for a second, you can quickly find yourself standing in …

Back to the Future

Back to the Future Day: what Part II got right and wrong about 2015 – an A-Z

The first 30 minutes of Robert Zemeckis’s 1989 movie takes place in the distant future – 21 October 2015. Self-confessed Back to the Future nut Catherine Shoard takes a look at its accuracy<p>Welcome to Back to the Future day. On 21 October 2015 we will finally be at the point in time to which Marty …

Back to the Future

Does No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom stillmatter?

<i>Welcome to the</i><i>Music Roundtable, a blatant rip-off of TV Club’s</i> <i>TV Roundtable feature</i><i>. Here, music writers and fans discuss recent reissues, hot new releases, or just records we like. This time, we’re talking about the newly remastered reissue of Dave Matthews Band’s 1994 breakthrough,</i> Under The …



Somehow this fascist take on Werewolf was created before Trump won

<i>Special Topics In Gameology is an in-depth look at a specific corner of the gaming world in miniseries form. For this edition of the feature—Empty Spaces—we’re examining games’ most fascinating realms of desolation.</i><p>“Sabishii” is how Hironobu Sakaguchi described the type of game he wanted to make …

Final Fantasy

NC Comicon commissions

R.I.P. R.A. Montgomery, writer and publisher of Choose Your Own Adventure

R.A. Montgomery, author and publisher of the <i>Choose Your Own Adventure</i> children’s book series, has died at age 78 at his home in Vermont.<p>Raymond Almiran Montgomery graduated from Williams College and attended Yale Divinity School. After being dismissed from Yale for truancy, he began working on …

Choose Your Own Adventure

15 1990s Toys You Might Not Remember


Playtimes NEVER over (30th TMNT tribute show)

Artboard 6

A great way to take a trip back in time.<p>The introduction of the Game Boy Advance marked a new generation of gaming handhelds for Nintendo. The first …

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