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'Cloud tax' upsets Chicago tech community: 'Life just got 9 percent harder'

Chicago’s new 9 percent tax on streaming and cloud services appears to have the local technology community agitated and, more than anything, confused.

Reports on Wednesday of the “cloud tax” took many Chicagoans by surprise, leaving providers and consumers of streaming and cloud services scrambling …

Cloud Computing

How Apple Music Onboards New Users

Apple just threw its hat into the music streaming ring. Will its onboarding make or break its ability to oust the likes of Spotify, Rdio, and others?

Apple Music

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Trailer Is Great

After a brilliant VHS-tinged teaser, Netflix has released the first full trailer for the prequel series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. …


Only In Monroe --- July 2015

The Honor System

Stealing magic has become a commonplace crime. Teller, a man of infinite delicacy and deceit, decided to do something about it.

On or about March 15 of this year, Teller — the smaller, quieter half of the magicians Penn & Teller — says he received an e-mail from a friend in New York. In that e-mail, …

Penn & Teller

Joshua Norton, Emperor of the United States

Over the course of United States history, forty-four men have served the nation as President. Immortalized on granite mountains, textbook covers, and …

American History

Joe Biden Helped This Man Get Over His Stutter – Then Beau Biden Helped Him Realize His Dreams

Branden Brooks on Wednesday tweeted out a letter that Vice President Joe Biden sent him years ago when he was a senator. Brooks told BuzzFeed News about how the vice president’s advice helped change his life.

When Branden “Skip” Brooks was in eighth grade, he went on a class trip to the U.S. Capitol …


How One Man Poisoned a City’s Water Supply (and Saved Millions of Children’s Lives in the Process)

Steven Johnson's new series How We Got To Now starts on BBC2 at 7.35pm on Saturday 14th Feb . Here he tells us more about a story featured in the first

Water Supplies

11 things ultra-productive people do differently

This post originally appeared at LinkedIn. Follow the author here.

When it comes to productivity, we all face the same challenge—there are only 24 hours in a day.

Yet some people seem to have twice the time; they have an uncanny ability to get things done. Even when juggling multiple projects, they …


Welcome to Dinovember

A month-long imagination invasion.

Every year, my wife and I devote the month of November to convincing our children that, while they sleep, their …


Let Dad Be Dad

When Kathryn Kerns asked 30 teens and preteens to come to her laboratory and talk about their parents, many of their dads scored low on a standard yardstick her research team was using to evaluate the parent-child bond.

The children described rich, warm relationships with their fathers, however, …


Scientists describe the gross reason why your eyes sometimes sting, turn red in swimming pools - The Washington Post

Like many people who swim in the summer, you might have assumed it's the chlorine that makes your eyes so red in pools.

That's not exactly true, the Centers for Disease Control says in its annual healthy swimming report. It turns out the cause is actually urine binding with chlorine to turn into …

Water Sports

How Snobbery Helped Take The Spice Out Of European Cooking

My father usually starts off his curries by roasting a blend of cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, anise, cumin and bay leaves. Then he incorporates the onions, garlic and ginger — and then tomatoes and chilies and a touch of cream.

The North Indian cuisine I grew up eating is about melding together …

Food (India)

The Eight Biggest NBA Free-Agency Questions

When free agency opens at the stroke of midnight, the NBA will leap into its great unknown: an unprecedented three-year spending frenzy that will change the league forever and stand out in history as an outlier blip in which the NBA lost its mind.

The storm isn’t on the horizon anymore. It’s here. …


I used to lead tours at a plantation. You won’t believe the questions I got about slavery.

Up until a few weeks ago, I worked at a historic site in the South that included an old house and a nearby plantation. My job was to lead tours and …

London: the city that ate itself

London is without question the most popular city for investors,” says Gavin Sung of the international property agents Savills. “There is a trust factor. It has a strong government, a great legal system, the currency is relatively safe. It has a really nice lifestyle, there is the West End, …


How Human Beings Almost Vanished From Earth In 70,000 B.C.

Add all of us up, all 7 billion human beings on earth, and clumped together we weigh roughly 750 billion pounds. That, says Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson, is more than 100 times the biomass of any large animal that's ever walked the Earth. And we're still multiplying. Most demographers say we will …

Public Broadcasters

Byte is a wild new creative tool from the founder of Vine

Dom Hofmann grew up in an earlier era of software development, and spent his youth cobbling together creative projects using the tools of the day. There was Visual Basic for beginner-level programming, Dreamweaver for web publishing, and Mario Paint on the Super Nintendo for drawing and making …


Supreme Court Breakfast Table

Robert Oliver and Mark Heller, right, celebrate the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage on June 26, 2015, in West Hollywood, California.Photo …


News in Brief: Guy Sipping Energy Drink On Subway Probably Heading Off To Snowboard In X Games Or Something

NEW YORK—Speculating that his life must be one of constant thrills and unbridled adventure, subway sources confirmed Thursday that the guy currently …

X Games

The future is equality!

A dozen years ago, still closeted at work, I stood nervously next to the office printer as it spat out the Supreme Court’s decision in Lawrence vs. Texas. As my coworkers went on about their day, I devoured every page of the decision, which overturned laws that make gay sex illegal, and for the …


Innovating at Scale: The Companies That Don't Let Size Slow Them Down

Nothing lasts forever — not even unicorns. But some unicorns live long lives.

The life cycle of consumer products is depressingly predictable. A …

Business Model Innovation

People Who Are Going To Be Very Disappointed When They Get To Canada

Hey, guys… I need to tell you something.

So, today the Supreme Court ruled in favor of nationwide marriage equality, which has inevitably led to people tweeting about their plans to move to Canada. There’s just onnnnnne thing…

Like I said, there’s juuuuust one problem…

…and that’s that this happened…

A …

Same-sex Marriage

Is It Time for Germany’s Doorless Elevators to Move On? - WSJ

The paternoster is a doorless, conveyor-belt-style elevator that is largely extinct, except in Germany, where enthusiasts have kept the lifts running. Photo: Ellen Jervell/The Wall Street Journal

June 25, 2015 5:50 p.m. ET


BERLIN—To some, it can evoke a slow-motion guillotine. Even fans …


Is This New Swim Stroke the Fastest Yet? - Issue 25: Water

I tug my black swim cap over my hair, strap on my pink goggles, and keep a focused calm, like Michael Phelps before a race. It’s lap swim on a Monday …


Supreme Court Rules for Same-Sex Marriage

WASHINGTON — In a long-sought victory for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the Constitution guarantees a nationwide right to same-sex marriage.

The decision, the culmination of decades of litigation and activism, came against the backdrop of fast-moving changes in …


Seat 21A

A window seat reminder of humanity

It was late afternoon in Dallas, Texas, I was walking down the loading bridge to the plane… and frankly, I had a …


Here’s How to Break Open a Master Lock In Two Minutes

The Master Lock doesn’t live up to its name, according to Samy Kamkar, a well-known hacker who once developed a worm that brought MySpace down to its knees.

Now, he’s exploiting a vulnerability in the supposed mighty Master Lock that becomes unlocked in fewer than eight or so tries. He discovered …


You're Getting Different Girl Scout Cookies Than Other People

I consider myself an expert on Girl Scout Cookies, as I have been enjoying them for almost 30 years. But, yesterday the LA Times shattered my illusions of confectionary grandeur with the release of this interactive map and video. It turns out that for six of their cookie flavors, there are two …


8 IKEA Shopping Hacks Everyone Should Know

Before you take your next trip to the big blue-and-yellow store, keep these hacks in mind and save yourself some time and money!

1. Buy family-size: