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At Success Academy School, a Stumble in Math and a Teacher’s Anger on Video

In the video, a first-grade class sits cross-legged in a circle on a brightly colored rug. One of the girls has been asked to explain to the class how she solved a math problem, but she has gotten confused.

She begins to count: “One… two…” Then she pauses and looks at the teacher.

The teacher takes …


Owen Wilson & Luke Wilson Are The Same.

Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein’s Theory

A team of scientists announced on Thursday that they had heard and recorded the sound of two black holes colliding a billion light-years away, a fleeting chirp that fulfilled the last prediction of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

That faint rising tone, physicists say, is the first direct …


TrueHoop Presents: How Stephen Curry got the best worst ankles in sports

This story appears in ESPN The Magazine's Feb. 29 NBA Body Analytics Issue. Subscribe today!

STEPHEN CURRY DIDN'T know if he'd wake up owning a dead …

Girl Scout sells cookies outside pot dispensary: 117 boxes in 2 hours

It's that time of year again. Time when your local market entrances are flooded with Girl Scouts selling boxes of Samoas, Tagalongs and Thin Mints. But one 13-year-old Girl Scout in San Francisco and her mother made a rather business-savvy decision to sell cookies outside of a medical marijuana …


Why the NBA Loves—and Fears—Stephen Curry

The Warriors star is the embodiment of basketball’s analytics revolution.

The Golden State Warriors are now some 15 months in to their turn as one of the best teams in basketball history. Last season, they won 67 games, the most in the NBA in eight years, and secured a championship in June against …

Stephen Curry

Outta Left Field: The Season`s Craziest Second-Half Split by Dustin Palmateer

How Derek Norris suddenly got good at defense.


Japan Baseball Sketchbook

The cartoonist Edward Steed spent the summer in Japan and, with nothing better to do, ended up going to a lot of baseball games. He brought his sketchbook along, too.

Left-handed pitcher Minako Uemura.

Mika Miyahara, Hyogo Dione.

Minako Uemura, Kyoto Flora.

Victory dance.

Ball one.

Makoto Moriyama, …


Why our brains love music with bass

I’m All Caught Up!

Guys, I did it. I did it! I’m caught up! I experienced every show, movie, webisode, album, book, webcomic, podcast, video game, Twitter feed, Tumblr, …

Lena Dunham

Now Roosh V and his band of sad men in dark rooms know how it feels to be bombarded with bile

Four years ago, out of morbid curiosity, I clicked on the homepage of a stranger who had been saying aggressive, repulsive things to me on Twitter, and found my way to his personal YouTube channel. I was relatively new to blogging on a national platform, and struggling to get my bearings in the …


Dead Men Write No Code

I am a hypochondriac. In the back of my head I rationalize this as an evolutionary advantage. And in fact, it may have just saved my life.

I work long …

Standing Desks

history of japan

Punch Brothers: Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box (Live)

A Prairie Home Replacement

Can Chris Thile—or anyone else—ever take Garrison Keillor's place?

Like Guy Noir, private eye, Garrison Keillor is preparing to turn out the light on the twelfth floor of the Acme Building and slip into the dark night of a city that knows how to keep its secrets. The longtime host announced Monday …

Garrison Keillor

Marquette King Is the N.F.L.’s Only Black Punter. How Come?

Marquette King remembers being astonished the first time he stepped onto an N.F.L. field. Even though it was only preseason, there seemed to be about a million more people in the stands than he had ever seen at his tiny alma mater, Fort Valley State University, in Georgia. Trying to remain calm, he …

Cutting Off Those Recurring Charges You Forgot About

If you want newly invented ice cream flavors to show up at your home each month, you can get a subscription for that.

Ditto for toilet paper, clothing and, in some parts of California, marijuana. Charities, music services and, yes, newspapers, are also happy to regularly bill your credit card.

So it …


If Movies Ended When Someone Said the Title

Kurosawa’s Japan Revisited

Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru (1952) was the first film I saw after I moved to Japan in 1987. I recall how, whenever I’m asked why I left my secure-seeming …

Akira Kurosawa

On some days, Demaryius Thomas' mom wants the simplicity of prison life

DEMARYIUS THOMAS HAS just sent his mother a picture of the most unlikely Super Bowl ticket of all, the one intended for her, and now Katina Smith has …


Response to Grieving Stranger Might Be the Most Beautiful Internet Comment of All Time

Upvoted, an online publication from Reddit featuring the most compelling content from their site, recently republished this “classic” piece …


A style of entrepreneurship that Silicon Valley overlooks — but you shouldn't

When you read about entrepreneurship, you can get the sense that there is only one type of company. Invent some new technology, get hundred million …

Towards an understanding of technical debt

I’ve spent the last few years rather flippantly stating, “Technical debt doesn’t exist.”

What I was trying to say was, “I’m deeply uncomfortable with …

You're Either Venture-Backed or a Lifestyle Business: The Big Lie

Approaching Homebrew’s one year anniversary at the end of April so expect some ‘reflective’ posts on my first 12 months in venture capital.

Venture …


Lists are the new search

I've become rather fascinated by all the people trying to unbundle Yelp for restaurants. People trying to unbundle Craigslist do so with modern UX, …

Park Slope Parents’ Fight Club: A Friendly Reminder of the Rules

TO: Park Slope Parents Listserv
FROM: JennFletcher14@rocketmail.com
SUBJECT: Re: Rules of Park Slope Parents’ Fight Club

Just sending a friendly reminder to all parents after SOMEONE left a roll of medical gauze in the rec center last Thursday!

FIRST RULE OF FIGHT CLUB: You MUST be a resident of Park


Free Throw Follies: Andre Drummond Doesn't Need to Get Better from the Line

"How can you be a professional basketball player and miss over half your free throws?"

As the "hack-a" strategy becomes more widely adopted in the NBA, that question gets asked more and more often. The answer is surprisingly simple: because they can be.

The scene is as familiar as it is numbing. An …


The Way Forward for Hipster Food

About five years ago, I heard a Brooklyn butcher with an M.F.A. describe the look in his neighborhood as “country gentleman.” He meant: elaborately antiquated facial hair, tweed, monocle or pocket watch, top hat or hunting cap, somewhere on the spectrum between Willy Wonka and D. H. Lawrence’s …


‘This.’ Has People Clamoring for an Invite

“This” is now more than a pronoun. In the online realm of social media, “this” is a statement, a proclamation, a call to action. Written often in caps, or as a hashtag (#THIS), “this” means “I second this sentiment,” “This is great” or “Read this.”

Now, “this” is a social network, This.cm, which …

Silicon Valley

How Measurement Fails Doctors and Teachers

TWO of our most vital industries, health care and education, have become increasingly subjected to metrics and measurements. Of course, we need to hold professionals accountable. But the focus on numbers has gone too far. We’re hitting the targets, but missing the point.

Through the 20th century, we …

Health Care