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More Older Adults Are Becoming Inventors

Like many inventors, Bob Nepper, 82, is a compulsive improver. Mr. Nepper, an electrical engineer who lives in North St. Paul, Minn., has pet projects that have included a self-guided lawn mower and an outside faucet that can run hot and cold. His basement is stocked with tools like a lathe and a …


Meet the 93-year-old Reading fan whose dislike of Arsenal dates to the 1920s

Ciss Platten takes it steady as she walks to the solitary Reading supporters’ coach, parked outside the Madejski Stadium and bound for Blackpool. At 93 years old, you tend to go at your own pace.

Yet despite the aid of a walking stick – “I hate it,” Platten says – she remains fiercely independent. …


Giants come back, fall behind, come back, lose seventh straight

Here, in the middle of the longest losing streak in five seasons, is where you lose perspective. Even in the bad seasons, there are good things. …

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Bhutan’s dark secret to happiness

On a visit to Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, I found myself sitting across from a man named Karma Ura, spilling my guts. Maybe it was the fact that he was named Karma, or the thin air, or the way travel melts my defences, but I decided to confess something very personal. Not that long before, …


Bring back Gareth Bale, the galáctico who can win you the Premier League

According to the kind of people who run po-faced professional writing courses, there are roughly seven types of film plot. These are called things like Voyage And Return and Tragedy And Rebirth, archetypes intended to reflect pretty much all forms of human endeavour, from trying to carry the vacuum …

Gareth Bale

The Cost of Sally Mann’s Exposure

In September 1992, I published my third book of photographs, “Immediate Family.” The book contained 60 photographs from a decade-­long series of more than 200 pictures of my children, Emmett, Jessie and Virginia, who were about 6, 4 and 1 when I started the project. The photographs show them going …


The impact of MLB's soaring payrolls

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Remember when $100 million used to be a lot of money?

As in: Steinbrenner money, Fenway money, Chavez Ravine money -- and that was about it?

Well, wave au revoir to those days. You know what they call a $100 …


1990s Orlando Magic Oral History

Chapter I

A Team Grows in Orlando

When former Philadelphia 76ers GM Pat Williams confided to Orlando businessman Jimmy Hewitt that the NBA planned on expanding to Florida, he asked what city could best host a team. Williams was surprised when Hewitt said Orlando, which was known as a football town.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2

Before playoffs, a salute to Warriors' season - Golden State Warriors Blog - ESPN

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OAKLAND, Calif. -- After the quasi game against the Denver Nuggets ended, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr said, "We should absolutely take a few moments to celebrate what has been just a …


How AeroPress Fans Are Hacking Their Way To A Better Cup Of Coffee

Perhaps it takes a hacker to lure a hacker.

And Alan Adler, 76, is the ultimate hacker. A serial inventor based in Silicon Valley, Adler has 40 patents to his name. But among coffee aficionados, it's an incredibly simple device that's earned him accolades: the AeroPress.

The AeroPress is essentially …


A Simple, Knicks-Proof Proposal To Improve The NBA’s Draft Lottery

The New York Knicks did something unusual Monday night: They won a basketball game — just their 17th this season. What wasn’t so unusual — from a …


The worst question you could ask women in a job interview

During a recent talk in Washington, Google's “people operations” chief Laszlo Bock said something notable about fixing the equal pay conundrum. While …

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This Magic Moment - The Sopranos

Spring 2015

This Magic Moment

Eight years after it aired, the finale of The Sopranos continues to be hotly debated. David Chase explains how he created …

David Chase


Twice a month, like a dutiful son, I visited my parents in Enugu, in their small overfurnished flat that grew dark in the afternoon. Retirement had …

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Keeping Your Car Safe From Electronic Thieves

Last week, I started keeping my car keys in the freezer, and I may be at the forefront of a new digital safety trend.

Let me explain: In recent months, there has been a slew of mysterious car break-ins in my Los Feliz neighborhood in Los Angeles. What’s odd is that there have been no signs of forced …

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Google, Microsoft, Stall Points, and Growth • Paul Kedrosky

There is an interesting, related discussion on Quora about this subject. It is about the risk aversion in hiring at Google, and how that has affected …


In Texas, There's No Business Like 'Going Out of Business' - WSJ

Updated June 24, 2009 11:59 p.m. ET

DALLAS -- When Cyrus Hassankola moved to Dallas a couple of years ago, after successfully going out of business in several locales, he decided to settle down and go out of business permanently.

"The response was good from day one," the carpet salesman …

South Carolina

TurboTax or I.R.S. as Tax Preparer? Intuit Has a Favorite

Around this time every year, Joseph Bankman, a professor of tax law at Stanford Law School and a longtime advocate of using technology to simplify tax filing, gets on the phone with reporters to explain what is wrong with how we do our taxes in the United States. Every year he says pretty much the …


Centuries of Italian History Are Unearthed in Quest to Fix Toilet

LECCE, Italy — All Luciano Faggiano wanted when he purchased the seemingly unremarkable building at 56 Via Ascanio Grandi was to open a trattoria. He could run the trattoria on the ground floor and live upstairs with his wife and youngest son.

The only problem was the toilet.

Sewage kept backing up. …


Why Energy Storage is About to Get Big – and Cheap

tl;dr: Storage of electricity in large quantities is reaching an inflection point, poised to give a big boost to renewables, to disrupt business …


Best Joke Ever: Seeking Gold, Slaves, and Peace: The Best Jack Handey Joke.

Though his name famously sounds made-up, Jack Handey is a real master joke writer.

His Deep Thoughts—which aired on Saturday Night Live in the …


The HBO ‘Static Intro’ Is The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

You know the HBO “Static Intro” as soon as you hear it. There’s the sound of a TV powering on. It’s followed by the appearance of a white line that …

The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can

Md. parents who let kids walk alone being investigated again

The Maryland parents who let their “free-range” kids walk home alone and were found responsible for unsubstantiated child neglect are under fire …


Kerr finds flaw in Thompson's 26-point quarter - Golden State Warriors Blog - ESPN

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OAKLAND, Calif. -- "There's so much electricity in the building," Klay Thompson said after scoring 42 points in three quarters against the hapless, injured Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night. …

Golden State Warriors

The 8 minutes of baseball you're (not) missing

Baseball games have been a little quicker over the first week of the season. Let's argue about what that means.

What can you do with an extra eight minutes? You can listen to "American Pie" or "When the Levee Breaks." You can make perfect hard-boiled eggs. You can toil for eight minutes on your abs …


8 IKEA Shopping Hacks Everyone Should Know

Before you take your next trip to the big blue-and-yellow store, keep these hacks in mind and save yourself some time and money!

1. Buy family-size:


Umpire Says He Was On LSD When He Called No-Hitter

NEW YORK—Saying that he only vaguely remembers the historic game, former MLB umpire Jim Quick admitted Monday to calling a no-hitter during a 1980 …