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Grapes 'Big Hit' At Area Picnic

PORTLAND, OR—Speaking at an impromptu press conference on her back patio, seventh-grade language-arts teacher Wendy Polonski, 31, announced that the …

Radamel Falcao: a fallen superhero who deserves sympathy, not scorn

Just over a year ago Radamel Falcao walked into a room in Madrid to greet a cluster of schoolboys flown over from Colombia to meet their hero. One of them, a 12-year-old boy who had built his own museum dedicated to the player back at home in Bogotá, was so overcome to see his icon with his own …


Saving coffee from extinction

Two billion cups of coffee are drunk around the world every day and 25 million families rely on growing coffee for a living. Over the past 15 years, consumption of the drink has risen by 43% - but researchers are warning that the world's most popular coffee, Arabica, is under threat.

Although there …

Food (UK)

Pity the children

Once among the biggest sources of infants for international adoption, South Korea is stemming the flow. But at a cost

AT JUSARANG Community Church, in …


How Shrek went from the world's biggest animated franchise to the internet's creepiest meme


If you think the highest-grossing animated movie in U.S. history is The Lion King, or Toy Story, or Frozen, or some other beloved Disney …


Airplane Rains Down Human Waste On Teen’s Sweet 16 Party

“Well, what are Sweet 16 parties for if not learning the hideous and random injustice of the cosmos?”

Dorothy Chun
Artificial Dye Mixer

Fantasy Sports


ATLANTA—Explaining it was merely something to occupy his attention throughout the evening, Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt revealed …


For One Irish Couple, Backing Gay Marriage Is a Matter of Family Values

Thirteen years ago Padraic Whyte did one of the hardest things he has ever had to do: He told his Roman Catholic parents living in rural Ireland that he was gay.

He had waited until he was completely comfortable with himself and his decision. “I knew deep down that they would love me no matter …

Gay Rights

Inside Founder Field Day: Like a Scene Lifted From HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

Can tech companies be in on the joke if they are the joke?

That question hung in the air on Monday at AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. Startup investing firm Rothenberg Ventures rented out the stadium for its annual Founder Field Day. It kicked off the event — a high-end picnic for its …

Silicon Valley

Patagonia’s Anti-Growth Strategy - The New Yorker

Earlier this month, a peculiar vehicle appeared on the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn: a biodiesel-fuelled, reclaimed-wood camper that could have …


The $30 Hot Dog Man Is a New York City Hero

Metropolitan hot dog vendor Ahmed Mohammed is in hot water—he’s been fired after he was found to be charging tourists $30 for a hot dog. So... when …

New York

It’s a Trap: Warriors win Game 2 on last possession with their best defensive play of the year

After the Warriors jumped out to a 16-point lead in the second quarter, it didn’t seem feasible that they’d be forced to make one final stop at the …

Stephen Curry

Medium Is Shifting Focus

The publisher/publishing platform is rejiggering itself as a social network for readers and writers — and reconsidering some of its publications and ideals in the process.

Late last night, Medium CEO Ev Williams published a blog post about the company’s future. As is often the case when discussing …


I Bleed Aqua.

Disclaimers: 1) I own a lot of Twitter stock personally and in my funds. 2) I definitely do not speak on behalf of Twitter. 3) I do not have any

Jim Cramer

Damian Lillard's new shoe is the pattern of the Portland airport carpet

Residents of and travelers to Portland! Fans of the Trailblazers basketball team! Design nerds!

Your big day has finally arrived.

The Portland Airport …


The Top 7 Commencement Speeches Of All Time

Powerful, challenging, and teeming with wisdom, these commencement addresses will inspire anyone who reads them—not just graduating seniors.

Steve …

David Foster Wallace

The Disappearing Colorado River - The New Yorker

Our pilot, David Kunkel, asked me to retrieve his oxygen bottle from under my seat, and when I handed it to him he gripped the plastic breathing tube …


30 for 30 Shorts: The Anti-Mascot


1984 was a grim year for the San Francisco Giants. The team finished dead last, losing 96 games. But no one had as nightmarish a time as Wayne Doba. That season, the 33-year-old actor was selected to play the club's first mascot, the "Crazy Crab".

Jeff Gross/Getty Images for Texas Motor …

30 for 30

What the web does best

At the heart of the competition between native apps and the web is a question: When can you tolerate the wait?

With native apps, you need to wait five …

Small Business

Brad Bellflower Presents Apartments.com: Demo

The Dad Bod, Quantified

The Internet has burned this month with commentary about women’s alleged new interest in the soft, doughy “dad bod.”

If you’re like us, you’ve said: “Are we even sure exactly what kind of bods dads have? Seth Rogen keeps being cited as a ‘dad bod’ archetype, and he doesn’t even have children. I’m …

Seth Rogen


Poster Child

Cavaliers center Timofey Mozgov never let early NBA notoriety define him, and the steady work ethic he’s displayed since arriving from Russia has LeBron James on the verge of another trip to the Finals

Timofey Mozgov somehow crammed all 7 feet and 1 inch of himself into a booth tucked away in the …

Cleveland Cavaliers

Chocolate Dipped Homemade Peanut Butter Samoa Oreo Cookies

Astroquizzical: What happens to light when it hits the Sun? — Starts With A Bang! — Medium

What happens to light when it hits the Sun?

The Sun absorbs all the light that hits it. How long is it trapped?

If a photon of light …


Eephus Influence: Tracing the Lineage of the Blooping Curve From the Late 19th Century to Today

If you ever want to watch 45 seconds of baseball magic, I direct you to this 1981 This Week in Baseball feature on Yankees relief pitcher Dave LaRoche. In the clip, LaRoche describes an at-bat against Brewers slugger Gorman Thomas: “Bob Lemon had just become the manager,” the veteran left-hander …


How Does Hair Know When to Stop Growing?

A Former Informant Describes the Violent and Sartorially Complicated World of Biker Gangs

A bloody shootout involving rival motorcycle gangs at a bar in Waco, Texas, left nine people dead on Sunday. Some 170 others were arrested after the …


How the DEA Harasses Amtrak Passengers

A mathematician describes how his rights were apparently violated during a trip to Washington, D.C.

Earlier this year, Aaron Heuser of Eugene, Oregon, had to travel to Washington, D.C. The trip had two purposes: The 37-year-old mathematician was officially leaving his job at National Institutes of …