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After years of curating several magazines with thousands of subscribers the time has come to update my profile a bit. I am a teacher who, first, had to unlearn the old rules imposed on me by my teachers. Then, I had to learn new rules, which required questioning old assumptions, challenging old paradigms, and relearning what is relevant for my job, my career and my life. I have no special talents, but I try to be curious, as having a hungry mind is a good thing, which is often lost in the process of formal education. I try to retain student's inquisitive and open minds, sometimes with some success. I still have a dream, namely, I wish I had more time raising awareness about important issues at all levels of education. Your contributions to my PP account (igor.riznar@guest.arnes.si) could make this possible sooner rather than later. As a token of my gratitude every contributor will receive a free e-book entitled A Rough Road to Teaching with Brain in Mind by the end of 2022.