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What Are the Limits of Manipulating Nature?

By reaching down into the quantum world, scientists are hoping to gain more control over matter and energy

Quantum Physics

Tiny Particles Could Help Fight Brain Cancer

<i>Summary: Researchers at MIT have developed a new drug delivering nanoparticle that is able to cross the blood-brain barrier. The nanoparticles carry</i> …


Burst of Brain Activity Linked to Memory Reactivation

Researchers shed light on how sleep spindles help secure memory storage and reactivation.


Questioning Truth, Reality and the Role of Science

In an era where untestable ideas such as the multiverse hold sway, Michela Massimi defends science from those who think it hopelessly unmoored from …


A Philip Roth Reader

The death of Philip Roth on Tuesday at the age of 85 from congestive heart failure has people around the world reflecting on his body of work. The Times’s obituary described him as a “towering novelist who explored lust, Jewish life and America.” With more than two dozen novels to his name — many …


Motor Synchronization in Patients With Schizophrenia: Preserved Time Representation With Abnormalities in Predictive Timing

Introduction<p>Many approaches, in phenomenology, neurobiology, and experimental psychology, have led to the idea that time disorders may play a role in …


Symbolic Math in Python

Yes, you can do symbolic math in Python! The library to take a look at is <i>SymPy</i>. Its official website is SymPy.org. This article is not a SymPy …

Python Programming

Superslow Brain Waves May Play a Critical Role in Consciousness

Signals long thought to be “noise” appear to represent a distinct form of brain activity


How Brain Waves Surf Sound Waves to Process Speech

By paying more attention to behaviors, and not just the activity of neurons, two researchers critical of most neuroscience learned how brains make …

The Brain

A Classical Math Problem Gets Pulled Into the Modern World

A century ago, the great mathematician David Hilbert posed a probing question in pure mathematics. A recent advance in optimization theory is …


Leg Exercise is Critical to Brain and Nervous System Health

<i>Summary: Weight bearing leg exercises send signals to the brain which are vital for the production of healthy neural cells, researchers …


Philip Roth, the Seminal American Novelist, Has Died at Eighty-Five

Philip Roth, the American literary icon whose novel “American Pastoral” won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, in 1998, has died, at the age of eighty-five, according to friends close to him. His great subjects, as Claudia Roth Pierpont wrote in this magazine, in 2006, included “the Jewish family, …


Mathematicians Disprove Conjecture Made to Save Black Holes

Mathematicians have disproved the strong cosmic censorship conjecture. Their work answers one of the most important questions in the study of general …


Red Sea Fungus Yields Leads for New Epilepsy Drug

<i>Summary: Two metabolites produced by fungus from the Red Sea appear to be effective at shortening seizures in mouse models of epilepsy, researcher</i> …


Universe's Coolest Lab Set to Open Quantum World

NASA’s Cold Atom Laboratory will allow physicists to play with quantum phenomena like never before


In Search of God’s Perfect Proofs

The mathematicians Günter Ziegler and Martin Aigner have spent the past 20 years collecting some of the most beautiful proofs in mathematics.

The coevolution of physics and math

Breakthroughs in physics sometimes require an assist from the field of mathematics—and vice versa. In 1912, Albert Einstein, then a 33-year-old …


Spectral Analysis of Nonstationary Dynamics

Fluid mixing is key to many man-made and natural processes, such as food and mineral processing, paint manufacture, blood flow, micro-electronic heat …


Carousel Tony Nominee Renée Fleming’s 6 Most Memorable Nights Onstage

The world-renowned soprano looks back on her award-winning career thus far.<p>World-renowned soprano Renée Fleming, who made her Broadway bow in Joe …

Buckingham Palace

Artificial Neural Nets Grow Brainlike Navigation Cells

Faced with a navigational challenge, neural networks spontaneously evolved units resembling the grid cells that help living animals find their …

Deep Learning

What Is Consciousness?

INNOVATIONS IN<p>Scientists are beginning to unravel a mystery that has long vexed philosophers.<p>Christof Koch<p>Christof Koch is chief scientist and …


Cerebral Cortex

There is a severe limitation in the number of items that can be held in working memory. However, the neurophysiological limits remain unknown. We …

Machine Learning’s ‘Amazing’ Ability to Predict Chaos

In new computer experiments, artificial-intelligence algorithms can tell the future of chaotic systems.<p>Half a century ago, the pioneers of chaos …

Machine Learning

Celebrating 125 years of the Physical Review #PhysRev125

1893<p><i>The Physical Review</i> begins publication at Cornell University’s Franklin Hall in Ithaca, New York<p>1899<p>The American Physical Society is …

Mathematicians Explore Mirror Link Between Two Geometric Worlds

Decades after physicists happened upon a stunning mathematical coincidence, researchers are getting close to understanding the link between two …

New Brain Maps With Unmatched Detail May Change Neuroscience

A technique based on genetic bar codes can easily map the connections of individual brain cells in unprecedented numbers. Unexpected complexity in …

Quantum Correlations Reverse Thermodynamic Arrow of Time

A recent experiment shows how quantum mechanics can make heat flow from a cold body to a hot one, an apparent (though not real) violation of the …

Review: Plácido Domingo Takes On a New Role at the Met Opera. (His 149th.)

Plácido Domingo is, depending on the source you consult, on one or the other side of 80. Let that sink in.<p>And now let this: On Thursday he sang, for the first time, the father of the title character in Verdi’s “Luisa Miller” at the Metropolitan Opera. He says that Miller is the 149th new role of …

The Arts

Quantum Questions Inspire New Math

In order to fully understand the quantum world, we may have to develop a new realm of mathematics.<p>Mathematics might be more of an environmental …

Uncovering a Neural Portrait of the Human Mind

People utilize nonverbal cues to communicate and interact with their environments all the time. One of the most nonverbal cues we recognize comes in …