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McIntosh’s Entry-Level Turntable Is All-Black and Glows Green

McIntosh is known for making majestic pieces of machinery, and the new MT2 Precision Turntable certainly follows that trend. It’s the company’s …


Use a Dry Swiffer Cloth to Dust Off Your Records

If you are an owner of vinyl records, you may have noticed that they tend to attract dust, little hairs, and dudes who love to talk about the finer …

Vinyl Records

IKEA is making a turntable with Teenage Engineering

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Vinyl Records

Rare David Bowie records released for Record Store Day this year

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David Bowie

Why vinyl LPs are better than CDs and MP3s

Science Youtuber Steve Mould explains why vinyl records are better than digital media. Not because they have better audio quality (I'm not getting …


9 items in your home that could be worth a fortune

<b>Winter is a hard time financially, with so many of us splurging out at Christmas and then again in the January sales.</b><p>And if, like me, you are saving …

Beatrix Potter

Lost Art Of Bending Over: How Other Cultures Spare Their Spines

To see if you're bending correctly, try a simple experiment.<p>"Stand up and put your hands on your waist," says Jean Couch, who has been helping people get out of back pain for 25 years at her studio in Palo Alto, Calif.<p>"Now imagine I've dropped a feather in front of your feet and asked to pick it …


Finding Pwned Passwords with 1Password

Yesterday, Troy Hunt launched Pwned Passwords, a new service that allows you to check if your passwords have been leaked on the Internet. His …

Information Systems

The Who Live at Fillmore East 1968 gets official release

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of their April 6th 1968 performance at the Fillmore East in New York, The Who are releasing a recording of the show …

Pete Townshend

Turntable sales fell in 2017 despite rising record sales

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Homecam app for HomeKit cameras gains powerful new controls, video switching on Apple TV

Homecam is a handy HomeKit app on iOS and tvOS that specializes in letting you view multiple video streams simultaneously. The latest version of Homecam builds on top of the app’s multi-feed view by adding new data layers, room control, and more to the Apple TV version.<p>Homecam is essential for …

Smart TV

So it turns out rim dynamos don't suck anymore

You had probably all but relegated rim dynamos — also known as bottle dynamos — to the history books, but this very neat dynamo from Velogical may …


The best turntables you can buy to play records

<i>The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.</i><p><i>Sony/Business Insider</i><p>The Insider Pick:<p>One unwritten rule of style is that what once was popular will come around again. Things like …


First Nations Man Goes Back to Traditional Native Diet, Avoids Western Food, Loses Weight and is Healthier [X-Post From /r/EasternSunRising][Article]

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Holistic Medicine

A record label is about to start shipping vinyl copies of NASA's famous golden records

After years of effort, a group of music aficionados is finally bringing the full auditory experience of NASA's famous Voyager golden records to turntables all over the world.<p>NASA debuted its golden records — an album of messages, images, and audio meant as a record of Earth for aliens — before the …

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How to Use Safari's Private Browsing Mode and Delete Your Browsing History in iOS 11

This article explains how to use Safari's Private Browsing mode, which prevents your browsing history from being logged on your Apple devices. It's a useful feature if you're buying gifts online for friends or family, for instance, and you don't want anyone with access to your devices to find out …


Top 10 Hidden Force Touch Features on Apple Watch

Force Touch is one of those Apple Watch features that's so discreet and unassuming it's easy for users to forget it even exists. That's a shame, because just like 3D Touch on iPhone, Apple has implemented the haptic feedback technology across the entire watchOS interface, putting additional hidden …


Stitch Screenshots the Easy Way : App Store Story

iCloud Messages Returns to iOS in First Beta of iOS 11.3

Apple in iOS 11 promised a new Messages in iCloud feature that will allow customers to save their iMessages in iCloud and sync them across devices. Messages in iCloud was pulled from iOS 11 during the beta testing period, with Apple promising to reintroduce it at a later date.<p>It was not clear if …

Tinder's Lack of Encryption Lets Strangers Spy on Your Swipes

In 2018, you'd be forgiven for assuming that any sensitive app encrypts its connection from your phone to the cloud, so that the stranger two tables …

Information Security

Isaac Asimov wrote almost 500 books in his lifetime—these are the six ways he did it

If there’s one word to describe Isaac Asimov, it’s “prolific.”<p>To match the number of novels, letters, essays, and other scribblings Asimov produced in his lifetime, you would have to write a full-length novel every two weeks for <i>25 years</i>.<p>Why was Asimov able to have so many good ideas when the rest …

Isaac Asimov

20 Vinyl Reissues to Keep Your Ears Peeled for in 2018

A few hot reissues coming down the pipeline.The post 20 Vinyl Reissues to Keep Your Ears Peeled for in 2018 appeared first on Metal Injection.

The Who

The first 512GB microSD card arrives in February

It didn't take long for someone to topple 2017's microSD storage record. The UK's Integral Memory has unveiled what it says it the first shipping 512GB microSD card. So long as your device can handle microSDXC (most Android phones and tablets, as well as PCs like the Surface Pro), you too can have …

No turntable required! Rokblok, tiny bluetooth-enabled vinyl needle on wheels, is a wonderful disaster

Somehow I missed the successful kickstarter for a tiny bluetooth vinyl needle-in-a-box that powers 'round and 'round in circles along the grooves of …


Everyone hates this scam of a Bluetooth record player

A Kickstarter and <i>Shark Tank</i> success story has found its way back into the spotlight, but this time, for all the wrong reasons.<p>Redditors are having a …

10 things that people don’t understand about introverts

Being an introvert can be a tough thing to accept at first.<p>Your parents might tell you that ‘you’ll grow out of it’ but here I am, 20 years later …


Why the vinyl resurgence is great for bands

Record Labels Association BPI says sales have hit the four million mark, and now account for nearly 1 in 10 physical purchases.<p>And it's not just new …


Becoming “friends” with someone in Plex allows you to interact with that user. For instance, you can:<p>share Libraries with them<br>• recommend certain …

Get Off Your Thyroid Medication And Start Consuming Coconut Oil

Traditional coconut oils are still made by hand. Photo by Brian Shilhavy – Philippines<p>There are many published studies on the relationship between …

Seven crucial Tom Waits albums set for vinyl reissue in new series

January 19, 2018 In News<p><b>Waits’ entire ’70s catalogue is returning, starting with stunning debut Closing Time.</b><p>All of Tom Waits’ Elektra Asylum …