Gentle Femdom Online Gentle femdom where we will go easy on you to start with, we introduce the more erotic side of erotic femdom and power play with domination and humiliation. If you wanted to dabble in BDSM but are scared to then read what we have to say below Someone who doesn't think as you do or believe as you do is not to make the grounds for judgment and you someone whos reading this video who obviously has some interest in kink some interest in BDSM some interest in sex some interest somewhere guess what you're a pervert okay and I'm not gonna judge you for it I'm a pervert I absolutely am I love everything that I do here I love getting to explore and delve deep into human sexuality and I can tell you from all of my experience in the last fourteen years that it's normal okay as long as you are not actively hurting someone as long as the things that you're engaging in are consensual all this stuff is normal it's okay for anyone tells you that the things you desire are bad you need to reject it, okay this is the place where you can come not just here in my dungeon but this space that I'm essentially keeping for you allows you to be okay in your sexual desires all right you're not fucked up you're not wrong you're not dirty you don't need to be ashamed everything inside the realm of the human sexuality with some exceptions but even those are beyond the scope of this I'm talking about all the stuff that we consider to be you know part of the kink world and not an all consensual and all healthy expressions all of these things you're okay I know that you're scared to listen I know that you're scared you know you're scared to be able to share this with others I know that maybe you hide it from a partner perhaps you have to hide it from your family it's okay they don't need to know but your partner someone who's closest to you you shouldn't be scared of that you shouldn't be scared of what other people are going to think of you because you have sexual fantasies and desires that are outside the prescribed norm it's okay I mean I would like you to look at me for a minute okay to the outside world I walked on the street everyone sees me as a fully you know self actualized productive member of society and guess what I am I pay my taxes and own a business and I do lots of educational work and guess what I love to be cruel to people who love me to be cruel back as part of my play I enjoy getting inside someone's head and wrenching all the knobs right and turning everything and pushing every button something wrong with me guess what I'm okay you're okay the things you enjoy are okay as long as they're consensual as long as you're doing them in a healthy way fuck everyone who tells you otherwise it's all right for you to be yourself if I the dominatrix who's supposed to hate all men right it's a stereotype supposed to be fucked up childhood and maybe you know all these things that society says what they say about sex workers and then we do it because we're damaged and we have low self-esteem and you know blah blah blah guess what and that's there either so if I can do this be front and centre to the rest of the world fully accept love and be proud of Who I guess what you can do I believe in you I'm gonna validate you for being able to be brave to fully come to the acceptance that you need and yourself your own desires are not that wrong right you're just human and there are lots of people out there who would agree with me there's lots of people out there who share your desires it's okay to find those people to communicate and connect with them and find your own Drive there are a whole lot of us kinky perverts out there it's a good tribe to be in so if you've been worried and hiding behind the screen trying to lead a double life see if you can start to take steps duality to disappear well be a lot happier if we did right