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Zuckerberg in DC exposes how little our governments understand where humanity is heading

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Don't waste the Cambridge Analytica scandal: it's a chance to take control of our data

Cambridge Analytica

Russia didn’t abuse Facebook—it simply used Facebook. Bad Actors Are Using Social Media Exactly As Designed.

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Social Media

Fancy charging up your electric car in 10 minutes?

<b>Imagine being able to charge your electric car in minutes rather than hours, or your smartphone in seconds.</b><p>That's the enticing prospect being touted by researchers who reckon they've discovered a new material that could boost the performance of a carbon-based supercapacitor - sometimes called an …


The 2017 Business & Finance Tech 100 Index revealed | Business & Finance

The Business & Finance annual listing of the top tech movers and shakers launched for 2017<p>The <i>Business & Finance</i> Tech 100 recognises the top 100 …

Why is machine learning in finance so hard?

11 Feb 2018<p>Financial markets have been one of the earliest adopters of machine learning (ML). People have been using ML to spot patterns in the …

Unlocking the Potential of Chatbots [INFOGRAPHIC] | Netimperative - latest digital marketing news

How can chatbots improve the user experience in ecommerce? This infographic looks at how AI can help customer service agents focus on more …

[P] DeepPavlov: Open source library for training dialog systems (chatbots)


Stanford Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies course with Lecture Videos and Textbook (This was an amazing resource for me while learning about Bitcoin. Sad it doesn't show up higher on Google searches)

/u/sweddit on Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice - 90 of 90 mice cured of cancers with lymphoma, similar results observed in colon, breast, and melanoma cancers.


Toyota Surpasses 3,000 Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Sales

Move over polluters, the Toyota Mirai, one of the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, has surpassed 3,000 sales in …

Alternative Fuel

Build a Chatbot using Amazon Lex and AWS Lambda

A chatbot is a service, powered by rules that are based on Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning algorithms, that you interact with a chat …

Cloud Computing


Tarjimly is a first-class communication service. We use data-driven decision making and community feedback to improve the product, find the best …

The Echo Dot was the best-selling product on all of Amazon this holiday season

The holiday shopping season is finally over, and that means Amazon has some shopping data for us. This holiday season, Amazon’s Echo Dot was the top-selling Amazon device, as well as the top-selling product available from any manufacturer across all categories on, with millions …


Google’s voice-generating AI is now indistinguishable from humans

Humans have officially given their voice to machines.<p>A research paper published by Google this month—which has not been peer reviewed—details a text-to-speech system called Tacotron 2, which claims near-human accuracy at imitating audio of a person speaking from text.<p>The system is Google’s second …

A General Approach to Preprocessing Text Data

Recently we had a look at a framework for textual data science tasks in their totality. Now we focus on putting together a generalized approach to …

Natural Language Processing The Solution to Fake News: The AI Social Aggregation Platform The Internet Needs

The Internet is dying from fake news and propaganda, who will save it?<p>A few months ago I was browsing the propaganda cesspool that is now Reddit and …


Alexa vs. Siri vs. Google Assistant: Which Smart Assistant Wins?

As if managing our interpersonal relationships weren't already challenging enough in this digital day and age, now we have to worry about talking to …

A Visual Guide to Evolution Strategies | 大トロ

<i>Survival of the fittest.</i><p>In this post I explain how evolution strategies (ES) work with the aid of a few visual examples. I try to keep the equations …


Best-Ever Algorithm Found for Huge Streams of Data

It’s hard to measure water from a fire hose while it’s hitting you in the face. In a sense, that’s the challenge of analyzing streaming data, which …


Analyse any Twitter Account. When they tweet, which interfaces the use and more.

<b>Daily Rhythm</b><p><b>Tweetvolume by Date</b><p><b>Day of Week</b><p><b>Languages of Tweets</b><p><b>Used Interfaces</b><p><b>Types of Tweets</b><p><b>Most replied</b><p><b>Most retweeted</b><p><b>Hashtags</b><p><b>Hostnames of URLs</b>

Five New Machine Learning Tools To Make Your Software Intelligent

Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and other tech giants standing on the bleeding edge of AI/ML innovation are actively investing in the democratization of artificial intelligence. In the recent years, these companies have open-sourced many AI/ML libraries, tools or started offering these solutions …

Machine Learning

Basic Income - Utopia, now? A radical rethinking of work, wealth and freedom

Basic Income

/u/pyrrhicvictorylap on If data is the new oil, are tech companies robbing us blind? Lanier suggests that users should receive a micropayment every time their data is used to earn a company money.

Payment Systems

Polite chatbots lead to better engagement

About a year ago, we published our first data insights report at Dashbot after having processed 30 million messages. A year later, we’ve processed over 10.5 billion messages and have more insights to share.<p>We like to show what the most common messages into chatbots are, and we also wanted to share …

Electric mining truck generates more electricity than it uses, due to more load going downhill.

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HubSpot acquires chatbot builder Motion AI

HubSpot announced this morning that it has acquired chatbot startup Motion AI.<p>Motion AI launched in 2015 and offers an editor for building chatbots that work on websites, Facebook Messenger, SMS and Slack, no coding required. Even before the acquisition, the tool was already integrated into HubSpot …

Artificial Intelligence

Manchester police still relies on Windows XP

<b>England's second biggest police force has revealed that more than one in five of its computers were still running Windows XP as of July.</b><p>Greater Manchester Police told the BBC that 1,518 of its PCs ran the ageing operating system, representing 20.3% of all the office computers it used.<p>Microsoft …


51 Corporate Chatbots Across Industries Including Travel, Media, Retail, And Insurance

Chatbots are the latest innovation that startups and corporations alike are using to serve customers. Here's our roundup of corporate bots.<p>Chatbots — …

4 Uses for Chatbots in the Enterprise

If you visit a Singapore government website in the near future, chances are you’ll be using a chatbot to access the services you need, as part of the …