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By Eduardo Arriagada | Noticias elegidas por Eduardo Arriagada (@earriagada) sobre redacciones periodísticas, redes sociales y lo que viene.

Our First Product

Comment sections on news sites are getting a lot of bad press these days. And why wouldn’t they? They can be uncivil, profane, impenetrably …


Civil Comments

Civility ismissingin online comments.

Communities are built on great conversation, and great conversation can be found in the comments sections of …

The Coral Project

The Coral Project is led by a team from Knight-Mozilla OpenNews, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. It’s funded by a two-year grant by the …

Creative Commons

The Coral Project is building its first product: A listening tool » Nieman Journalism Lab

Since it launched in earnest this spring, members of the Coral Project, a collaborative effort to rethink community engagement around news, have heard from all kinds of people. They’ve talked with everyone from trolls who plague comment sections to representatives from more than 125 different …


Why are we still calling them phones?

This chart from internet infrastructure firm Akamai’s latest State of the Internet Report caught our eye: While global cellphone voice traffic has grown steadily over the years, data traffic has simply exploded.

The data comes from Ericsson, the telecom equipment maker with presence in more than 180 …


Moments, the best of Twitter in an instant | Twitter Blogs

When you open Twitter today you’ll see something new: Moments, the best of what’s happening on Twitter in an instant.

Every day, people share hundreds …

Social Media

Twitter unveils its own news digests, and some news orgs are participating » Nieman Journalism Lab

Twitter has always been a place to find out what’s going on in the world, with a little help from the crowd. The catch is that you have to know the right people to follow if you want to track the path of a hurricane or question this year’s selection of Emmy winners.

Twitter hopes to make the …


Twitter’s first change under Jack Dorsey: Bigger emoji in DMs

Direct messages in Twitter just got a lot more fun.

Twitter updated the way emoji look in direct messages on its website and mobile apps on Monday, making emoji significantly larger in size. Now, they resemble stickers used in other popular messaging apps like Facebook and Snapchat.

You can try out …


España: Así se preparan las infografías para noticias de última hora en El País

¿Cómo puede El País de España tener gráficos e infografías en pocas horas sobre eventos trascendentales de último minuto? Un equipo de infografistas …

Rumor: iPad Pro, Apple Pencil & Smart Keyboard to go on sale first week of November

Rumors out of the Far East on Monday claim Apple is preparing to start sales of its massive 12.9-inch iPad Pro in the first week of November, a date …


As Advertising Crumbles, Paywalls Will Not Come to the Rescue of the News Business

For me, paywalls and micropayments are the moles that refuse to stay whacked.


No surprise as Jack Dorsey takes over (again) as Twitter's permanent CEO

Almost exactly seven years to the day after Jack Dorsey was pushed out of the top spot at Twitter, Jack is officially back for the longterm.

Twitter confirmed Monday that it has named Dorsey, the bearded, soft-spoken, Steve Jobs-lookalike cofounder who is often credited with coming up with the …


Your phone’s homescreen is dead

Ever since the release of iOS 9, I’ve been experimenting with a new kind of homescreen. Call it the unscreen.

The idea is that Apple’s operating system for iPhone and iPads has quietly moved beyond its original idea of mobile apps as a grid of boxes, each independent of the other. Now, the most …


Newsonomics: The Washington Post offers an Arc in the storm » Nieman Journalism Lab

Do you remember where you were when you heard that Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post?

Okay, that’s a bit too dramatic. But: Do you remember how surprised you were when you heard that Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post?

Bezos bought the Post from the Graham family a little more than two years …


The VW scandal proves that we need the car of the future a lot sooner than anyone thought

Volkswagen is in deep trouble. Two weeks ago, the German automaker admitted that it cheated on emissions tests in the US.

Then it admitted that the cheating software affects 11 million vehicles globally.

The VW Group set aside over $7 billion to cover the costs of correcting the fraud. CEO Martin …

Concept Cars

The woman who challenged Nixon: The Watergate story that transcends Woodward and Bernstein

No secret sources. No anonymous tips. Mary McGrory covered D.C. with real quotes, real experience, real observation

Watergate was changing journalism in ways too numerous to count. Not only had the Washington Post gotten the scoop of the century; it had established itself as the second most important …


The Financial Times and the Future of Journalism

In a generally depressing decade for newspapers, the Financial Times, a global business publication based in London, has provided something of a bright spot. In emphasizing digital distribution early on and setting up a metered paywall, which allowed readers to access a limited number of posts each …

Online Life

Negotiating for News

The Principles at Stake With Facebook, et al

Facebook did not set out to dominate the distribution of news. Neither did news organizations choose to …

Why Apple, Snapchat and Twitter are betting on human editors, but Facebook and Google aren't

Using human beings to do curation or aggregation works for some purposes, but not for others.

It’s gone from one or two examples to a bona fide trend—which, as any journalist knows, occurs whenever there is least three of something. The trend in this case is the hiring of human editors to filter …

‘That’s Called Journalism?!’: The Al Jazeera Headline on Jerusalem Terrorist Attack That’s Getting Lots of Criticism

Update Sunday 9:20 ET: Al Jazeera on Sunday apologized for its language choice.

Al Jazeera on Sunday said that its critics had a “valid” point that the original wording of the tweet advertising its story and the similarly worded headline “appears to minimize the killings of the Israeli victims and …


Twitter Makes ‘Buy’ Button Widely Available

After two years of testing, Twitter is finally making it easy for millions of merchants to sell products through a tweet.

The social network announced Wednesday that its “buy now” button will be available to any merchant in the United States that uses one of three major e-commerce platforms to run …


Inside the Facebook News Feed: A List of Algorithm Factors

July 2015: Greater user control over the News Feed

Update July 9, 2015: In an update that’s first arrived on iOS (and coming soon to all mobile and …


Marcos Weskamp: diseñando Flipboard entre lápices y tabletas: Latinos en tecnología

(Media) portada fantástica de Die Welt. http://t.co/mbCWsgqxI4

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4 datos clave sobre el uso profesional de redes sociales en el periodismo https://t.co/6uRxUOcsRJ

Este es el manual de la red social para los políticos

Twitter parece simple, pero no lo es tanto cuando tienes que pensar en 140 caracteres. Sí, puede ser difícil. Sobre todo cuando se trata de la …