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No conocí a Massimo Gentile, si sus diarios, pero @DrMarioRGarcia nos muestra que nos dejo un grande http://t.co/tydggAQpYQ

IBM Launches Major Internet Of Things Offensive

IBM is wasting little time when it comes to the Internet of Things. The company outlined a major Internet of Things strategy tonight with a series of announcements that included a $3B investment to establish an Internet of Things unit inside of Big Blue along with a partnership with The Weather …


La política en tiempos de WhastApp [Versión Kindle]

Antoni Gutiérrez Rubí, autor de este libro, es asesor de comunicación y consultor político. Colabora en el diario El País, en cuya página web se …

Ben Bernanke's Blog

Reflections on economics, finance, and policy by the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, now Brookings Distinguished Fellow in Residence.

About …

Ben Bernanke

our craft loses a giant

Massimo Gentile: our craft loses a giant

The designer, illustrator, jazz lover and type connoisseur Massimo Gentile died suddenly Sunday in Genoa, …

A fatal wrong turn suspected at NSA

The overnight tryst began in Baltimore, with three men, two dressed as women. It continued at a motel on U.S. 1, and when one of the men woke up …

National Security Agency

NIMBYs in the twenty-first century

SINCE the publication of "Capital in the Twenty-First Century", Thomas Piketty has won many plaudits for his work on inequality. The book has so far …

World Economy

Seguimos sin monitoreo | Redacción

Publicado el 27/03/2015

Por Eduardo Arriagada

En otra catástrofe natural, el terremoto de febrero de 2010, la red del pajarito se hizo parte de nuestra …

Periscope and live video are changing the internet forever

Today, I saw the future and it is Periscope. The app, which only launched earlier today, had its first moment in the spotlight as an explosion rocked New York City.

Within seconds, feeds started popping up on Periscope with first-person views of the scene. I watched it unfold from afar. Then I …


MeerkatRoulette is our new favourite thing on the intertubes

There’s a fresh crop of video streaming apps hitting smartphones, and everybody seems to be talking about Twitter’s Periscope and another app called …


Periscope: Twitter app off to flying start as it captures New York explosion

An explosion rocked the East Village neighbourhood of New York on Thursday afternoon, and even before local news crews could arrive on the scene, …


Meerkat's CEO just revealed an Easter Egg inside the live-streaming app that solves one of its biggest problems

If you've been paying any attention to Twitter lately, you'll know that there are two new livestreaming apps that everyone's talking about and using (sometimes with exceedingly boring results). Twitter-owned Periscope has entered the scene a few weeks later than Meerkat, but it's already gaining a …


Periscope won’t change the world – but it appeals to journalists’ vanity

The more people start to get excited about an app, the more the instinct to push back starts kicking around in my guts. Last week, the arrival of Periscope kicked off a rash of ‘hot takes‘ on how live streaming is about to change news, change our lives, hell, change the whole goddamn world.

But it’s …


Meerkat and Periscope: will live-streaming apps transform news?

Until last month, a meerkat was just a small mammal associated with insurance and a periscope was something one would expect to find on a submarine.

But now “Periscoping” and “Meerkating” are the latest social media trends. Twitter feeds have filled up with the words “LIVE NOW” as the apps, which …



Dropbox Versus The World

The new tech war is a battle to own your digital data. Dropbox’s 32-year-old CEO thinks he can thwart the world’s most formidable titans.

"What’s preventing Google from disrupting your success?"

Drew Houston’s company may be valued at $10 billion, but here in GSB Faculty West 104 on the Stanford …


This is my next step: How The Verge wants to grow beyond tech blogging

What will it look like to hail an Uber from your wrist? How easy will it be to buy a ticket to see Avengers: Age of Ultron using your watch? And how might a smartwatch change the way we keep time?

The launch of the Apple Watch is the type of story that The Verge was built for — obsessive tunneling …

Geneva Auto Show

The Facebook Reckoning

Earlier this week the New York Times reported that Facebook was offering publishers a deal:

With 1.4 billion users, the social media site has become a …


Facebook May Host News Sites’ Content

Nothing attracts news organizations like Facebook. And nothing makes them more nervous.

With 1.4 billion users, the social media site has become a vital source of traffic for publishers looking to reach an increasingly fragmented audience glued to smartphones. In recent months, Facebook has been …


One Way to Phase Out Newspapers: Make Them a Luxury Good

The New York Times should make the print edition more expensive before switching to online only, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti says.

There will eventually come a day when The New York Times ceases to publish stories on newsprint. Exactly when that day will be is a matter of debate. "Sometime in the …

Print Media

Umberto Eco: “Internet puede tomar el puesto del periodismo malo”

El filólogo italiano apunta al periodismo en su nueva novela, ‘Número Cero’. En ella habla de cómo se trata hoy la política, a base de sospechas y …

A news app isn’t a new homepage. It’s a social media account.

With apps, it’s more important than ever for news editors to consider their audiences’ context. That’s why the values we apply to social media should be applied to apps.

When you’re a guest in someone’s home, you play by the host’s rules. For many years, news organizations did the hosting. Picking …

Social Media

What’s up?

MESSENGERS are arguably the most successful smartphone apps. The ten biggest collectively boast more than 3 billion accounts. WhatsApp, the leader, …