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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey denies timeline changes (sort of), talks #RIPTwitter

All the hashtag angst and insider commentary regarding Twitter's potential timeline changes finally came to a head on Saturday, forcing the company's CEO, Jack Dorsey to finally weigh in on the matter.

Directly addressing the #RIPTwitter hashtag that has been trending worldwide for the last 24 …


Facebook's new Sports Stadium feature gets big tryout for Super Bowl

For many sports fans, scanning Twitter while watching a game goes together like guacamole and chips.

But waning interest in Twitter and its struggle to add users and captivating features has Facebook jostling to become the go-to TV companion for sports viewers.

The two social media companies will go …

Social Media

Jack Dorsey Addresses Algorithmic Timeline Changes, Insists Twitter Is Real-Time

A Tweetstorm is brewing in San Francisco.

Say hello to a brand new Twitter. The company is planning to introduce an algorithmic timeline as soon as next week, BuzzFeed News has learned.

The timeline will reorder tweets based on what Twitter’s algorithm thinks people most want to see, a departure from …


Twitter will soon show tweets just like Facebook’s timeline: Report

A massive change might be coming to Twitter in about a week’s time.

According to BuzzFeed, Twitter will be rolling out a redesigned version of its …


Twitter may launch its new Facebook-like timeline next week, report says

Twitter's most controversial change yet may be a lot closer than we thought.

The company plans to formally roll out a redesigned version of its timeline in the near future, possibly next week, according to a new report in BuzzFeed.

The feature, which Twitter has been experimenting with for some time, …


Upworthy generated 200 million Facebook video views with a nine-person team

Upworthy says its decision to focus more resources toward video is working — but so far, it’s only working on Facebook.

In January, Upworthy topped …

Medium's Cofounder On How To Design Simple Solutions For Complex Problems

Biz Stone, cofounder of Twitter, Medium, and Jelly, on why designing something easy is so exceedingly difficult.

A couple years ago I went to Best Buy to get a television. I only wanted something flat like they are these days. The salesman convinced me to buy a really expensive "Smart TV." I don’t …


Washington Post's new newsroom leans into the future - World News Publishing Focus by WAN-IFRA

At a live-streamed ceremony to mark the opening, The Washington Post CEO and Publisher Fred Ryan said the new building was not designed for 2016 – but …


LinkedIn Plunges, Torpedoed by Fears of Slower Growth

You’d be forgiven for thinking the sky is falling at LinkedIn.

That’s because the company’s stock took a nose dive today. A serious nose dive, plunging more than 43 percent one day after reporting its Q4 earnings, a drop that cut its market value to $14 billion. Believe it or not, those earnings were …


Why the NYT Is Looking to Cut Costs, Even Though It Turned a Profit

Print advertising revenue continues to fall, and digital is barely filling the gap.

So the good news is that the New York Times turned a profit in its most recent quarter. Not a huge one, mind you, but in the current media environment simply being profitable is an achievement. The bad news? The …


New York Times Eyes Ambitious Overhaul In Quest For 'Journalistic Dominance'

The paper's top editors plan to rethink pretty much everything.

NEW YORK -- The New York Times, at age 164, has kept pace with today's media upstarts while remaining committed to high-quality journalism. The company admitted its innovation shortcomings a couple years back, but these days the …


This robot keyboard will catapult Microsoft into the artificial intelligence race

The humble keyboard hasn't changed much since it was first invented. Even the jump from physical keyboards to the digital ones you use on your smartphone still look virtually identical — save for the new emoji keys we've grown accustomed to punching into a text message or tweet.

But for years now, …


El huevo y el nido

Este jueves volví a Quartz. La primera vez que visité su redacción fue en junio de 2014 y hablar con su director y su editor fue una inspiración. EL …

Google ofrece curso sobre técnicas de búsqueda

El equipo de Google anunció el lanzamiento de la nueva edición del Power Searching with Google, un curso online y gratuito, que ofrecerá técnicas y …

Luci Gutiérrez’s illustrations in this week’s issue celebrate our ninety-first anniversary

Luci Gutiérrez’s illustrations in this week’s issue celebrate our ninety-first anniversary.

Oferta y demanda de noticias, un desafío renovado para los medios

La intuición periodística indica que la fuga de los hermanos Lanatta y de Víctor Schillaci era una saga de inmenso potencial noticioso que atraparía …

La agonía de Yahoo: cómo conquistó y perdió internet en solo una década

Yahoo no inventó internet, pero casi. Hubo una época no muy lejana, a finales de los 90, en la que la compañía nacida en el corazón de Silicon Valley …

The Mystery of Amazon’s Bookstores

Amazon is poised to expand its one Seattle bookstore into a chain of such stores. Or is it?

The rumor mill went into overdrive earlier this week when Sandeep Mathrani, chief executive of the mall properties company General Growth Properties, said on a conference call that Amazon was planning to open …


Politico implodes

In what can be described only as a cataclysm in Beltway media, CEO Jim VandeHei is leaving Politico, the eight-year-old politics website that shook up Washington journalism, according to sources and reports by Huffington Post and CNNMoney.

And in what can be described only as a mega-cataclysm, …


How the New York Daily News Became Twitter’s Tabloid

It was past 10 p.m. on January 14 when New York Daily News editor-in-chief Jim Rich received an email from editors at the paper at his home in Park …

News Industry

Six Degrees of Separation? Facebook Finds a Smaller Number

Facebook ran the numbers and concluded that we are all much closer than the traditional “six degrees of separation.”

The social media giant released a report on its blog Thursday announcing “each person in the world” is separated from every other by “an average of three and a half other people.”

The …


Apple iPad Pro review: Apple's huge iPad has your Laptop firmly in its sights

Apple iPad Pro review: Performance and battery life

Apple has included its most powerful processor to date in the iPad Pro. The A9 chip found in the …


Journalist with microcephaly slams abortion push in Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil, Feb 5, 2016 / 12:08 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In the wake of the Zika virus outbreak in the Americas, one woman born with microcephaly …


The iPad pro; what makes it different?

In the face of dwindling tablet sales, Apple decided to break all the rules and introduced the iPad Pro last year in November. This is a …


Why Millennials And Governments Must Prepare For The Industries Of The Future Today

The world’s economy may look drastically different in the next 20 years. Industries being built today–from robot caregivers to digital money–are creating new jobs and opportunities. In his book, The Industries of the Future, innovation expert and former advisor to past Sec. of State Hillary …

The Future

Canonical's new Ubuntu tablet can also be your PC

Canonical still believes in convergence. The company that makes the open-source OS Ubuntu and tried to raise $32 million for a smartphone that can power a PC has announced its first ever tablet, promising that the device is just a keyboard and mouse away from a full desktop experience. Plug in …


Buffett, Bezos and the Case for Investing in News Media

If you want to know who still believes in a future for news media, just turn to some of our most respected businessmen: Warren Buffett. Jeff Bezos. John Henry. Glen Taylor.

All of them have made significant investments in newspapers, despite the media pundits that have been claiming the death of the …