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You can’t understand Pope Francis without Juan Perón — and Evita

BUENOS AIRES — A few years ago, when he was not yet Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, visited the convent where he attended kindergarten in the city’s Flores neighborhood. The nuns gathered around.

“Sister Rosa,” he asked one of his first teachers, “what …

Pope Francis

Windows 10 is a step forward for desktop, and a step back for tablet

Earlier this week, Microsoft released the anticipated Windows 10 update to millions of users worldwide. But for tablet users who had become …

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Apps for Tablets First of Three Office Deliverables This Year

Overshadowed in Microsoft’s release of the Windows 10 operating system on July 29 was the official availability of Office Mobile apps on the upgraded …


Ephemeral Vs. Perpetual Messaging: Thinking Outside The Timeline

If you are following the battle of the short messaging systems, you might think it is a one-dimensional contest between the systems that maintain your chat history for all time – like Twitter and Facebook – and the so-called disappearing messengers – like Snapchat – where messages vanish after …


Nokia Sells HERE Mapping Business To Group Of European Car Makers For $3.07B

Nokia has announced that it has agreed to sell its HERE mapping business to a consortium of automobile makers for €2.8 billion ($3.07 billion), ending months of speculation over its future.

The Finnish company confirmed that it will hand the business over to AUDI AG, BMW Group and Daimler AG …


How Your Business Can Use Periscope for Social HR

Periscope is a great tool for live broadcasting a social campaign, but how should you go about it? We spoke to Lars Schmidt, founder of Amplify …

Human Resources

You can’t understand Pope Francis without Juan Perón — and Evita - The Washington Post

BUENOS AIRES — A few years ago, when he was not yet Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, visited the convent where he attended kindergarten in the city’s Flores neighborhood. The nuns gathered around.

“Sister Rosa,” he asked one of his first teachers, “what …


Hemingway as the Godfather of Long-Form

Ernest Hemingway was one of the great innovators in literary form. His apparent renunciation of stylistic flourishes—the absence of lyrical rhetoric, the spare sketching of context, the paring of narrative voice to short, stark strokes—was the style of no style, an aesthetic obsession so fanatical …


Facebook is dominating Google, Yahoo, and Amazon in this one niche area

Think about the last time you signed up for a digital product or service.

Did you make a new account or did you skip the hassle by registering with one of your existing online identities?

There's a good chance it was the latter: 88% of consumers have logged into a website or app using an existing …


Here are the three steps Facebook took to build a mobile advertising empire out of its News Feed

Facebook came out with its Q2 2015 earnings yesterday, and response was generally positive, beating estimates on revenue, though with slightly slower growth. (When your user base is more than one percent of all homo sapiens who have ever lived, in the long tale of human existence, growth naturally …


Los 33: Los secretos del rodaje y las historias de la película de los mineros

Conoce los secretos de la filmación, las anécdotas de los actores y todos los detalles de la cinta protagonizada, entre otros, por Antonio Banderas, …

Periódico The New Yorker (USA). Periódicos de USA. Toda la prensa de hoy. Kiosko.net

Kiosko.net es la puerta de entrada a los periódicos del mundo.

Navega por las portadas de los periódicos del mundo: los periódicos de tu ciudad, de tu …

Elecciones Generales 2015

En Ferraz se ha instalado el convencimiento de que Pedro Sánchez puede convertirse en el próximo presidente del Gobierno. Pero una gran inquietud …

150,000 Downloads Later: How Nathan Chan Built A Magazine For Entrepreneurs - Crowdfire

Journalism is a tricky career.
Consumers are pampered with thousands of high-quality content pieces every day and being overwhelmed with content is a …


Over 2,000 march in Berlin to support journalists accused of ‘treason’ for leak

The two bloggers, Markus Beckedahl and Andre Meister from the prominent Netzpolitik.org news website, had been under investigation for quoting an …


3 Times The ‘Find My iPhone’ App Turned Regular Phones Into SuperPhones

For these four people, "Find My iPhone" became way more than just an app.


Mexican photojournalist Ruben Espinosa among five found dead in capital

A photographer for an investigative magazine who fled his home state after being harassed has been found dead in Mexico City along with other people.

The body of Ruben Espinosa, who collaborated with Proceso magazine and other media, was identified by a family member at the morgue on Saturday …


Have Humans Evolved to Accommodate Walking and Texting?

According to a recent study, society has reached a point where mobile devices are so heavily integrated into people's lives that a behavioral progression has occurred among those who walk and text, answer emails and check social media simultaneously. "Texters adopt protective measures to minimize …

Text Messaging

Acerca de Windows 10

Hace un par de días apareció la versión final de Windows 10 y empezó su distribución.

Los expertos sugieren esperar al menos 30 dias para …

Why do we love Picasso? A ‘creativity algorithm’ explains.

It’s the expression of horror seen all around the world: A gaunt man with hollowed eyes stands on a path by the water, holding his head in his hands. His mouth is open in an oval scream as his body appears to be receding into a topsy-turvy world set against a blood-red sky.

Our reasons for being …


How The Washington Post built — and will be building on — its “Knowledge Map” feature

Say you’re reading a long story — one that picks up on a lot of other fast-moving threads in the news, some of which you haven’t been following. It makes repeated mention of people whose significance you’ve forgotten. You could open up another tab, throw their names into Google, and scan through …


Los cinco gráficos que Rajoy no quiere que veas - EL ESPAÑOL

Mariano Rajoy presentó este viernes ocho gráficos para demostrar hasta qué punto la economía había mejorado durante su mandato. La mayoría estaban …


Sebastián Edwards: "El problema de fondo no es que falte dinero, es que el programa es malo, las reformas son malas, el diagnóstico es malo"

Alaba que

Top Secret


Quinto aniversario

CNN Internacional prepara especial del rescate de los mineros con Piñera

Por tercera vez en las últimas dos semanas, el ex …

El cine será protagonista este mes en La Serena

Bajada: Trabajos audiovisuales de Iquique a Puerto Montt, junto a 3 de la zona, serán parte de la competencia programada para los próximos días en la …