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Catholic organisations call for people to change lifestyles to help environment

More than a dozen Catholic organisations will on Wednesday launch a campaign calling on people to make radical changes to their lifestyle choices – including cutting energy use, eating less meat and buying locally produced food – after the release last week of Pope Francis’s sweeping environmental …


Curation and Algorithms

Jimmy Iovine spared no words when it came to his opinion of algorithms during the unveiling of Apple Music:The only song that matters as much as the …


FT battles uncertain future as competition turns digital

Talk of the newspaper being taken over refuses to go away

Have you been diagnosed and are you currently being treated for diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or hypertension? The Financial Times would like to know. This is a recent example of the type of data collection on behalf of market research …

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Más allá de usar Twitter | Redacción

Publicado el 26/06/2015

Por Eduardo Arriagada

Hace unas semanas The Washington Post destacaba en su portada el descubrimiento de un “paper” académico. …

Orgullosos de organizar seminario TOP en RRSS y gratis

Estoy de acuerdo que es una reverenda lata cuando uno hace publicidad de sí mismo. Es un poco molesto hablar de las cosas buenas que uno hace para …

Cost of Living

Numbeo is the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide. Numbeo provides current and timely information …

Papua New Guinea

"En Paraguay nos disparamos a nosotros mismos"


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Conflictos internos como los políticos impiden resaltar las bondades que tiene el país, como los bajos costos y precios de …

Por mi amigo @hectorschamis hoy conocí al candidato a intendente de Asunción por el Partido Liberal, @FernandoPfannl http://t.co/rVValCGeFq

The Media Deserts Project

Why Latin America’s Center is Holding

SANTIAGO – The Viennese writer Stefan Zweig allegedly said, “Brazil is the country of the future – and always will be.” Likewise, centrist politics …

Latin America

Re/code on TV: Taylor Swift, the Apple Slayer, and Marriage for One and All

The news don’t stop for the first week of summer and what a week of news it was.

Re/code Managing Editor Edmund Lee appeared on CNBC on Monday morning to discuss the remarkable power of Taylor Swift, who pretty much single-handedly pushed Apple into changing the terms of its Apple Music service to …

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Fears of newspaper doom ‘unfounded’: from the archive, 29 June 1970

Contrary to the popular belief of the public who read them, the publishers who print them, and the pundits who write for them, newspapers have lost little of their influence since the introduction of television to Britain.

Marshall McLuhan has got it all wrong, according to James Curran, a graduate …

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The Greeks for whom all the talk means nothing – because they have nothing

On a steep, gardenia-scented street in the north-eastern Athens suburb of Gerakas, in one corner of a patch of bare ground, stands a small caravan.

Plastic mesh fencing – orange, of the kind builders use – encloses a neat garden in which peppers, courgettes, lettuces and beans grow in well-tended …


Un Cartel caminero vivo de Bramha celebra el paso a semifinales de Paraguay.

From Obama, a more confident tone emerges

President Obama was sitting across from the first lady and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett on Marine One, headed to Andrews Air Force Base and then Charleston, S.C., when he shared a thought.

“I may sing,” he said, as the White House and the monuments of official Washington receded into the …

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Google News Lab, la nueva página de Google para periodistas

Google sigue desarrollando herramientas para que los periodistas usen sus sistemas en el día a día, y presentan hoy en su blog oficial la nueva …

Going Dutch: can the Netherlands predict the future of journalism?

The Dutch have been peering into their crystal ball, looking for a glimpse of the future of journalism. Not content with one version of the future, …


Copa América: ¿por qué Chile nunca ha sido tan bueno en fútbol como cree?

El país anfritrión abre los cuartos de final contra uno de los rivales que más ha expuesto las carencias de su fútbol, Uruguay. El objetivo es …

When Reporters Write Books, Does The Times Win, Too?

WRITING books must be in the DNA of Times journalists. Even the paper’s founding editor, Henry J. Raymond, cranked them out, including his “History of the Administration of President Lincoln” in 1864. The next year, he returned with another, which boasted an equally catchy title: “The Life and …


Ramón Díaz: "Jugamos frente a Argentina, Uruguay y Brasil, y ninguno nos pudo ganar"

"Estamos muy contentos por el partido que hicimos. Es una gran satisfacción", fue la primera reflexión de Ramón Díaz en la conferencia de prensa …

El altar del equilibrio periodístico

September 28, 2011

“Hace mucho, yo bromeaba con que si un partido (político) declarase que la Tierra era plana, los titulares dirían: «Divergencia de …

Borges, ese provocador hiriente que se adelantó a Twitter

Aunque miraba con sospecha las innovaciones tecnológicas, el ingenio impiadoso y lleno de malicia del autor de "El Aleph" habría brillado en 140 …

El día más feliz y triste de Derlis González


Derlis González, pese a su corta edad, se comportó como un líder. Agarró la responsabilidad en los momentos más calientes del compromiso y …

Apple Maps is getting a really useful feature that Google Maps doesn't have


If you've ever taken the subway in a major city or have gotten lost in a large travel terminal like Grand Central, you probably understand how frustrating it can be to find the exit that brings you closest to your destination.

Apple plans to make that a whole lot easier in iOS 9. In …

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