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Apple's giant iPad may come with a feature some Android and Windows tablets have had for a while

Business Insider

Apple is reportedly delaying production of its long-rumored 12.9-inch iPad because it's considering adding more productivity-focused features, The Wall Street Journal reports.

This could include a USB 3.0 port and the option to connect a keyboard and mouse to the device. Currently, …

Microsoft Windows

Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Sounds Like It Could Stretch The Definition Of ‘iPad’

Apple is working on a new, larger iPad as rumored, according to the Wall Street Journal, with suppliers told to gear up for production in the second half of this year. That’s a revised timeline from an earlier plan that targeted the first half of this year, but since the product’s existence hasn’t …


Gmail for iOS just got easier to use with this software update

Apple iPhone and iPad owners opting to use the official Gmail application have a compelling upgrade waiting for them notes The Verge. The newest version of Gmail for iOS takes advantage of Apple’s willingness to let third-party apps share information and have actionable notifications. Gmail for iOS …


House of Cards season 3 debut causes traffic and Twitter spikes

Netflix still isn’t releasing any ratings for season 3 of House of Cards, which premiered on the service last Friday, but there are some indicators suggesting that the show is doing pretty well: Traffic management specialist Sandvine reported this week that the Netflix traffic of one unnamed U.S. …


RT @gpeltzer: Tabaré a punto de descubrir la pólvora. http://t.co/kJTQVWhv8M

One Herald Plaza

She's gone. By the time the last girder was down on Tuesday, there was nothing but blue sky where the Miami Herald’s hulking headquarters stood for …

Fiscal Gajardo por Caso Penta: "Es una máquina para defraudar al fisco"

En la primera jornada de formalización del Caso Penta, se pidió como medida cautelar la prisión preventiva de los controladores del holding.

Extensa …

Davor Gjuranovic on Twitter

Reunión Dávalos - Luksic. Caso #Caval ilustrado en especial de @TVN #dineroypoliticaTVN pic.twitter.com/ipaHKmoKZ8

Nicholas Carr’s ‘Glass Cage': Automation Will Hurt Society in Long Run | Mediashift

Writer Nicholas Carr has earned his reputation as one of the premier contemporary critics of technological utopianism through articles such as “Is …


Publishers: 'WhatsApp alerts are easier said than done'

Publishers have a love-hate relationship with WhatsApp. While many are seeing big numbers from the platform, they’re also wrangling with a handful of …


What network neutrality is, and why it matters

“THE promotion of network neutrality”, wrote Tim Wu of Columbia Law School in a widely read paper a decade ago, is about “preserving a Darwinian …

Net Neutrality

Compartiendo lo que se de la telefonía móvil

“Sácale partido a tu teléfono. 25 aplicaciones probadas para hacerte más fácil la vida”

Al seguir considerándolo solo como un teléfono desaprovechamos …

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Vision is a quarterly magazine published by Touchline Publishing on behalf of Dubai-based strategic advisory firm Falcon and Associates.

In the launch …

Kevin Spacey

Furia tuitera: Troleos en redes sociales por la cobertura en TV


1 T. Toro (@tctoro)

Los periodistas entrevistan a las autoridades encargadas como si fueran los responsables de la erupción del volcán, y …

What Was Your First Smartphone?

Smartphones were once a boutique item, but now they're essential. Still, we all remember a time before smartphones — at least, the time before we got …

Sony Ericsson

New Google Contacts aims to merge Gmail and Google+

Google is previewing a new version of Google Contacts that aims to simplify the service — by combining users' Gmail and Google+ connections in one place.

The new Google Contacts, a service usually accessed on desktop browsers, will make it easier for people to find connections and keep contact …


Peter Thiel: Google's lucrative search monopoly may be about to end

Peter Thiel thinks that Google's search monopoly may be nearing its end.

Speaking at the Launch Festival in San Francisco, he mainly spoke about monopolies in the tech world, saying that "on some level these monopolies are a reward for innovation...software is very monopoly prone."

He went on to talk …


Amazon Prime's most-streamed shows aren't what you'd expect

On the surface, Downton Abbey, The Wire, and Dora the Explorer don't have a lot in common, but they do share one quality: being among the most-streamed programs on Amazon Instant Video.

The full list of the service's most popular programs, provided by Amazon exclusively to Mashable, comes on the heels …


Is Netflix's commitment to net neutrality a lie?

Netflix announced yesterday that it would be coming to Australia and New Zealand on March 24th, and within the first 200 words, the company abandoned its principled stand on net neutrality. As GigaOm first reported, Netflix announced a special deal with Australian ISP iiNet to exempt its traffic …

Net Neutrality

Re/actions: Sony’s $840 Smart Glasses Are Too Dorky to Be Believed

Oh, Sony.

Hard as it might be to swallow, this is a real promotional video for a real product made by a real company with a $30 billion market cap. It’s the developer edition of Sony’s smart glasses, which are called SmartEyeglass (great name!) and will be available to the eager buying public in the …


Five questions about Hillary Clinton's secret email

Hillary Clinton's use of personal email while serving as secretary of state raises serious questions about transparency and accountability.Last …

Hillary Clinton

Why BuzzFeed is the Most Important News Organization in the World

Like a great many such things, some of journalism’s most precious ideals were the happy result of geography and economics. That is, in any given …