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Snapchat's US audience profile from ComScore explains why media is obsessed with the company: 45% 18-24-year-olds, 26% 25-34-year-olds

New York City explosion shows the potential for mobile live streaming via Periscope to change news, offering mass access to live video seconds after

Facebook, New York Times deal could change news business

The Old Grey Lady of newspapers is reportedly partnering with a brash newcomer in the publishing game — Facebook.

In a scoop about itself this week, …


The 'Teflon Uber' paradox: Why controversies don't drive away customers

For nearly a year, Amy Resnick was the Uber poster child. She used the car service two or three times a week, taking it to and from work, the airport, you name it. Then news broke in November that a top Uber executive had made an idle threat against reporters who opposed the company.

Resnick, a …

David Plouffe

Instagram has a problem with women: Bloody accident photos are fine, but periods are “inappropriate?”

How a bloodstain went viral

Instagram loves women. It loves women showing their bodies. Women in bikinis, women in lingerie. It loves cleavage and sexy girls on the beach. What it has less of a fondness for — as it has amply demonstrated again and again – is the depiction of women in a way that …


Periscope v. Meerkat: Our Initial Re/action

Are you a Periscope or a Meerkat?

A month ago, that question didn’t make any sense, but boy what a difference a month can make.

On Thursday, Twitter launched Periscope, its standalone livestreaming app, to rival the incumbent industry leader, four-week-old Meerkat, a similar app that took off at the …


Twitter releases Periscope to put Meerkat back in its hole

Twitter has released Periscope, the live-streaming iPhone app it acquired before Meerkat captured the attention of a million tech bloggers.

There’s a …

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Las marcas crecen más rápido en Twitter de lo que lo hacen en Facebook

Es importante saber que en las redes sociales en realidad las marcas no pueden decidir estar en A o en B solo porque si. En algunos casos es …

Famous Fan Of "The Wire" President Obama Interviews Show Creator David Simon About Omar And The Drug War

If you were president, you’d probably find a reason to do stuff like this sometimes, too.

From time to time, President Obama has used his office simply to host some of the people he admires. In 2011, the longtime Chicagoan invited the Super Bowl-winning 1985 Chicago Bears to finally make the …

David Simon

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Facebook's 10-Year Plan To Become The Matrix

Facebook doesn't want to live in your analog world. It wants you to move farther into its digital one.

In 10 years, Facebook would like anyone, anywhere, to be able to strap on a virtual reality headset and share moments with friends and family across the world. It’s the vision of a digital utopia …


Here's why Apple's iPad business is sinking

More Charts

Apple's on top of the world right now, with strong sales across all its product lines — save for the iPad. Sales of the iPad have hit a wall, and while lots of people have different theories as to why that's the case, Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Garcha believes there's a simple …


Cutting Trees From Newspapers Is The Height Of Irony

Print Media

Fronteras de la comunicación: El rol de las redes sociales en emergencias

Facebook Turns Messenger Into a Platform

Read Now

At yesterday's F8 conference in San Francisco, Facebook launched a developer platform for Messenger so people can build services into the app. The company also unveiled new mobile ad technology that will help it compete with Google and Twitter on apps that aren't Facebook.
[Kurt Wagner | …


Twitter Launches Livestreaming App Periscope — Its Own Version of Meerkat

Twitter is officially pulling back the curtain on Periscope, a livestreaming video app that’s been in beta since the company acquired it back in January, reportedly for $100 million.

Periscope streams live audio and video from a user’s smartphone that other people can watch and comment on within the …


Video capta minuto exacto en que aluvión arrasa con Chañaral

Jueves 26 marzo 2015 | 12:45 · Actualizado: 12:46


Christian Fernandez | YouTube

Publicado por Daniela Bravo

Las intensas lluvias han provocado

RT @josemanuelrodos: Otra métrica combinada interesante. Menciones / seguidores de medios en Twitter http://t.co/wfZTBAZVzl

RT @antonigr: Feliz por llevar la camiseta de nuestro proyecto colectivo @apps4citizens @ricardespelt @cris_martinezs http://t.co/vtdkIKnq2f

Andreas Lubitz, un copiloto formado en la escuela de vuelo de Lufthansa

Germanwings le contrató en septiembre de 2013

Tenía 28 años y era originario de la localidad alemana de Montabaur

El fiscal del caso: “El copiloto tuvo …

Apple wants to rewrite history: The demented scheme to make Steve Jobs a saint

Apple's war on Walter Isaacson turns ugly -- and their puffery of a new Jobs biography is slick corporate spin

I hate to break it to you, Apple executives, but you do not own the story of Steve Jobs. Even Steve Jobs didn’t own it, because there is no singular, definitive story of Steve Jobs, or …

Steve Jobs

Streaming music companies have had uneven success shifting ad-supported listeners to paid accounts

Streaming music companies have had uneven success shifting ad-supported listeners to more valuable paid monthly subscriptions, and this has created a drag on the entire digital music industry.

Paid-music streaming services account for a smaller share of revenue — and audience pool — than …

Entertainment Industry

10 of the most brilliant customer service exchanges ever seen on Twitter

A look at the funniest exchanges between customers and companies seen on Twitter

As a Twitter exchange between a disgruntled customer and Tesco is widely shared online, we take a look at some other social media masterclasses.

10. Tesco

9. Argos Helpers

8. Greggs after a fake company logo appeared on


As Twitter Introduces Periscope, Tech Titans Bet on Live Streaming

Tyra Banks smiled a toothy grin and chatted idly with a captive audience earlier this week, showing off her new pixie haircut. She later flipped a blond-streaked auburn lock at the crowd, asking in a half-mocking tone, “How do you like me now?”

Ms. Banks was not on the set of her daytime television …


Messaging Apps Offer Do-It-All Services in Bid for Higher Profits

Messaging apps do a lot more these days than send messages.

Facebook’s Messenger app is the perfect example. Last week, the company added the ability to let Messengers users send and receive money. And on Wednesday, the company announced that users of its stand-alone Messenger app would be able to …


Apple could release 3 new iPhones this year

Apple could be preparing to release three different iPhones in 2015, Apple Insider reports.

The story comes from Taiwanese industry site DigiTimes, which says that three phones are coming in the second half of this year: the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S Plus, and a smaller device currently known as the …


Aseguran que el comandante de avión siniestrado en los Alpes dejó fuera de la cabina al copiloto

El comandante del avión de Germanwings siniestrado en los Alpes franceses con 150 personas a bordo dejó fuera al copiloto, según publica hoy el …