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New Samsung patent shows off a phone that unfolds into a tablet (with bonus Apple cameo)

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has just published an application from Samsung (via 9to5Mac) that attempts to patent a foldable electronic device. It’s likely that one of the examples depicted in the application represents the company’s upcoming foldable smartphone, dubbed Project Valley.

First …


Pope Francis picked up a microphone. The Internet gave him lyrics.

On Monday, Pope Francis toured parts of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, a country wracked in recent years by civil strife that to an extent played along sectarian lines. During his visit, as my colleague Kevin Sieff reported, the pontiff urged unity and …

Pope Francis

Pope Francis: The world is near ‘suicide’ on climate change; ‘it’s now or never’

Environmental negotiators meeting in Paris should strike a climate change deal to save a world "at the limits of suicide," Pope Francis said on Monday.

"I am not sure, but I can say to you 'now or never'," he told a group of reporters aboard the papal plane, en route home from Africa, according to …

Climate Change

Nikkei boss: Financial Times purchase is perfect fit for global, digital expansion

Nikkei will use its $1.3bn purchase of the Financial Times to build a digital media powerhouse by harnessing the English-language newspaper’s brand and skill in getting subscribers to pay for premium business news, its chairman said.

As the biggest international acquisition by a Japanese media …

News Industry

Goodbye apps, hello smart agents: Are you ready for the post-app world?

Anyone who has a smartphone bursting with downloaded apps is a rare breed – and getting rarer. Apps are on the wane. According to analysts at …


Mobile Messaging and Social Media 2015

In today’s world, people — particularly young people — are continually finding and adapting new ways of communicating electronically to fit their …

Social Media

Lenguaje y redes sociales, ¿enemigos íntimos?

Trolls se toman la campaña de @fcomuc, por suerte no se refieren a mi candidatura (disponibilidad)... https://t.co/aIGutqvUi8

Este martes repito #EmpresasConectadas2015 Ahora viajamos a Antofagasta gracias a los capos de @entel_empresas https://t.co/JB5BGS3hlO

De nuevo en el NH, Mesa AtelmoUC 2015 todos los sectores soñando un país mejor conectado cc @huichalaf @GPICKERINGD https://t.co/XbvCOvrXSb

Lujosa edicion d la mesa #AtelmoUC con presentación del subsecretario @huichalaf sobre la institucionalidad chilena https://t.co/J4Y4hDDQUY

La foto del papa Francisco que conmueve al mundo

En el último día de su gira por África, el sumo pontífice visitó un hospital pediátrico en Bangui y saludó a todos los pacientes

The New York Times Read of the Day: Life in the Libyan coastal city of Surt, an actively managed colony of ISIS

Send a one-time download link to your phone via text message:

A download link has been sent to your phone number at

Message and data rates may …

Islamic State (ISIS)

Receipts data: 7-inch Amazon Fire tablet, not iPad, won Black Friday

The 7-inch Amazon Fire tablet was a Black Friday hit, according to receipts data collected by Info Scout.

Info Scout makes a series of apps that allow users to photograph and manage sales receipts.

The 8GB version of the Fire tablet, Info Scout says, was the top seller both by units and by sales …


US millennials willing to pay for entertainment, but not digital news

Contrary to common discourse, US millennials (ages 18-34) personally pay for various content services. But when it comes to what types of content millennials are willing to shell out money for, video entertainment and music trumps all types of digital news, according to a recent survey from the …

News Industry

How news organisations can create effective online campaigns

Tom Bage, communications director at Change.org, explains how news outlets can engage with their readers through online campaigning


Email Is the New Generation Gap

Two weeks ago, we surveyed 3,670 people online about how they communicate. We discovered a remarkable difference between people over 41, who say they …

Generation Gap

App-only bank Atom is now worth £150 million — and it hasn't even launched yet

British challenger bank Atom on Tuesday sold a 29.5% stake in the business to Spanish banking group BBVA for £45 million ($68 million).

It means the bank, which has yet to launch and will operate through just an app, has raised over £135 million ($203 million) to date. BBVA's stake makes it Atom's …


Jeff Bezos says The Washington Post’s goal is to become the “new paper of record”

Jeff Bezos did something with a rocket Tuesday morning, tweeted for the first time ever, and, more importantly for our purposes, spoke briefly on CBS This Morning about his vision for The Washington Post, which he bought in 2013.

The Washington Post part starts at around 4:30, but here’s a …

Jeff Bezos

5 Reasons To Buy The Microsoft Surface Pro 4

I said in my recent review of the Surface Pro 4 that Microsoft’s latest tablet/laptop concoction was ‘confusingly excellent’. It’s a device that, despite its popularity, is still yet to find its feet. The hybrid design means that it compromises in both categories: in width and weight as a tablet, …


Windows tablets slated to catch up with iPads within five years

Windows tablets are finally coming good in 2015, whereas Apple’s new iPad Pro isn’t having the impact the company hoped for – and this could lead to …


Google tiene prisa y anuncia novedades sobre su alternativa abierta a Facebook Instant Articles

Internet está evolucionando, y cada vez hay más empresas que están apostando por mejorar la experiencia de lectura de noticias en dispositivos …

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs Apple iPad Pro: Battle of 2-in-1 Devices

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Apple iPad Pro are now being pitted against each other in the war of hybrid tablets, and consumers are now struggling …


Surface Pro 4 Vs. iPad Pro: High-End Hybrid Showdown

07:06 AM

Apple and Microsoft are targeting the enterprise with high-end hybrid devices. We compare the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 specs and …

Apple News

Rupert Murdoch Twitter Is the Best Twitter

Of the many things I’m thankful for this week, Rupert Murdoch on Twitter ranks high.

Just hours ago, the octogenarian media mogul popped off on what looks like a deal in the making. His tweet suggested the Tribune newspaper group is about to be sold and the crown jewel, the Los Angeles Times, will …

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch Says Tribune Publishing, LA Times About to be Sold

Is Murdoch spilling secrets, or just trying to stir up the media industry?

One of the best things about having billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch on Twitter is you never know what he is going to say, and in some cases it’s very interesting. We got another example of that Friday, when the News …

Rupert Murdoch