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Sarah McLachlan: “If women ruled the world, it would be a better place”

Sarah McLachlan

Handling Images From Sources Who Aren’t Journalists

Some call it “user-generated content.” The authors of a new study prefer the term “eyewitness media.”

But whatever the name, the photos and videos captured on the phones and cameras of nonjournalists are becoming a bigger part of mainstream news sites, including The Times. The most recent example, …


Lo que hay que leer

Mi revista de #Flipboard Lo que hay que leer http://flip.it/NyLw0 en modo cursos y seminarios en torno a las redes

El proyecto de Internet "gratuito" de Facebook seduce a América Latina

Mark Zuckerberg sonríe. Su incursión en la Cumbre de las Américas ha sido un éxito. No sólo ha anunciado que Panamá se convierte en el tercer país en …

Here's why Facebook's Internet.org is crumbling in India

A group of Internet companies have withdrawn support from Internet.org, the buzzy Facebook-backed service that aims to bring people in developing countries online, following a backlash in India over net neutrality.

Businesses such as travel website Cleartrip, news channel New Delhi Television …


Fronteras de la Comunicación: Las app recomendadas para lectura y escritura

17 Ideas for Starting a Conversation on Twitter

Why and how do you start a conversation on this social network? What kind of message to post? Starting a conversation on Twitter is interesting, and …


Sour Apple: Los Angeles Schools Want Refund For Failed iPad Program

The Los Angeles Unified School District wants Apple to refund millions of dollars spent on an iPad-curriculum project that has been plagued with major problems from the start.

The district's Board of Education is "explor[ing] possible litigation against Apple and Pearson, the company that developed …

Los Angeles

LA school district, shocked that iPad program didn't magically fix everything, demands money back

The plan to outfit every student in the Los Angeles Unified school district with an iPad has come screeching to a halt — and the schools want their …

School Districts

NYT Digital Leader ‘Optimistic’ About Role in Social-Media World

When New York Times Co. hired Kinsey Wilson in November to lead the newsroom’s digital strategy, it looked for someone to work with him on the …

Social Media

Algunas ideas sobre el uso de Whatsapp para coberturas informativas

Posiblemente lo verías anunciado, quizá te suscribirías y te llegaron los mensajes por Whatsapp que desde la redacción de eldiario.es mandamos el día …

New York Times quiere atraer lectores con aplicación gratuita

El próximo mes, New York Times dejará de cobrar por su aplicación para móviles NYT Now, un reconocimiento de que su estrategia para atraer más lectores …

Embed Flipboard Magazines On Your Website or Blog

MagMaker / April 10, 2015

Sharing magazines to your social networks is a great exercise in promotion, but if you want an attention-grabbing visual—a preview that pops—embed your magazine on your Website.

The easiest way to get started is to visit your magazine on the Web.

Hover you mouse over “Share” …

Personalized News

Any.do 3.0 released with feature enhancements to get stuff done faster

Any.do is a great task management app that helps you to stay on track with lists and reminders. Today, April 16, the company announced a major update …


Google Docs is now better than ever on iOS and Android

Google announced on Thursday that the Google Docs app on iOS and the Docs, Sheets and Slides apps on Android had received updates to give users more …


Netflix Doesn’t Want to Kill HBO. It Wants to Kill TV.

We’ve heard a lot about the battle between HBO and Netflix in recent months, prompted by HBO’s move to offer its own Netflix-like Web service.

But Netflix’s boffo Q1 earnings yesterday gave CEO Reed Hastings a good chance to remind people what he’s really gunning for: It’s not HBO, it’s TV.

Hastings …


La influencia de las redes sociales en la pauta noticiosa

Meet The 21st-Century Political Alchemist Who’s Been Data-Mining for Hillary for the Past Two Years

When Mitch Stewart first became a field organizer, in 2002, it looked like the most anachronistic job a young man could seek out in a 21st-century …


The Boston Marathon and Reddit: When the Internet’s deluded amateur-hour detectives ran amok

A new film "The Thread" explores Reddit's bungling "investigation" during the hunt for the Boston Marathon bombers

A scene in the new documentary “The Thread” shows Kevin Cheetham, who was a gawky college freshman when he witnessed the Boston Marathon bombing two years ago, driving through suburban …


Tren Digital

La Reforma según los Directores

Cyberloafing en Chile: Cómo las TICs afectan la productividad laboral

Navidad Social: Nuevas tendencias en Social …

RT @andresazocar: WhatsApp y Twitter, las RS preferidas para uso profesional en periodistas chilenos. Facebook 4to. http://t.co/iW7RJyhk2M”

04-15 | 11 : Top Secret

Infórmate sin límites.

No dejes de conocer las noticias de mañana hoy.

Desde el lugar que quieras, desde cualquier dispositivo y todo sin restricciones.

Changes Coming to The Times’s Mobile Portfolio | The New York Times Company

The Times is carrying out an ambitious plan to transform into a nimble, mobile-focused organization that can respond with greater speed, agility and …

New York Times Company

Se cumplen dos años del atentado de Boston. Originó una de las grandes portadas de lo que llevamos de siglo: http://t.co/vqZoiEazsd

Sangucherías imperdibles en Santiago de Chile

Nueve locales donde disfrutar de los tradicionales bocadillos en la capital chilena

Consulta la Guía 'El Viajero' de Santiago de Chile

Base de la …

Para mis alumnos de periodismo UC este sábado nos juntamos a hablar de redes sociales http://t.co/FxM7ejFfBL

Papa Francisco: ecología, humildad y revolución

Publicado en: El Telégrafo (Ecuador) (12.04.2015)

Durante todo el mes de marzo, el Papa Francisco redujo sus compromisos y audiencias públicas al …