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iPad Pro review: Why the best iPad yet won't work for everyone

Well, I tried. I tried the whole “use the iPad Pro instead of my computer for a week” thing and barely lasted a day. It doesn’t fit my workflow like my MacBook Air does, so I stopped trying to force it—and that’s OK. Apple’s newest largest tablet doesn’t need to be a laptop replacement to be good, …


Don't Buy Your Rich Friends A Tablet For Christmas

We'll tell you why.

Tablets like the iPad and Amazon Fire might seem like the perfect holiday gifts, but think twice: New research suggests your friends have one already, especially if they're wealthy.

The Pew Research Center on Wednesday released an analysis revealing that 60 percent of Americans …


Windows tablets slated to catch up with iPads within five years

Windows tablets are finally coming good in 2015, whereas Apple’s new iPad Pro isn’t having the impact the company hoped for – and this could lead to …


Why Tech Needs to Move Away From Its Upgrade Culture

Take a look at this television and this typewriter, both from the 1950s. Notice how they don’t look much different from televisions and typewriters from the 1970s? Twenty years later, the keys and knobs are essentially in the same place, the devices appear to be about the same size, and each one …


Apple iPad Pro review: Beautiful, big and AMAZINGLY quick. It wants to replace your laptop

Apple iPad Pro review: Performance and battery life

Apple has included its most powerful processor to date in the iPad Pro. The A9 chip found in the …


A single quarter of iPad Pro sales will exceed the total of all Microsoft Surface tablets ever sold – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home

“A week after KGI forecast that Apple would sell around 2.5M iPad Pros this quarter (down from far bigger numbers before launch),” Ben Lovejoy …


Bezos tweets! Twitter feud with Warren Buffett next?

New York (CNN) — Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos joined Twitter in July 2008.

But he waited more than seven years to finally write his first tweet.

On Tuesday morning, Bezos tweeted about the successful landing of a rocket from his space company Blue Origin.

He embedded a video of the launch in the tweet.

It's a …

Warren Buffett

Jeff Bezos says The Washington Post’s goal is to become the “new paper of record”

Jeff Bezos did something with a rocket Tuesday morning, tweeted for the first time ever, and, more importantly for our purposes, spoke briefly on CBS This Morning about his vision for The Washington Post, which he bought in 2013.

The Washington Post part starts at around 4:30, but here’s a …

Jeff Bezos

Top Siri Tips: 21 Amazing Things You Didn't Know Siri Can Do

It's amazing what Siri can do! Here are 21 Siri tips to make sure you're getting the most out of this wonderfully helpful assistant. Click on the each title to read the full tip.

1. Use Siri As a Calculator

No need to tap in numbers into a calculator app. Just say "85 plus 25.5 plus 941.12 plus 6 …

Apple News

The iPad Pro is a great tablet, but you probably don't need to buy it

I've tried to use it as a computer. I've tried to use it as a sketchpad. I've tried to use it as a gaming machine and a screen just for streaming Netflix.

But after more than a week with the iPad Pro, I've learned that it's pretty simple. It's just a big iPad.

That probably sounds like a silly, …


Upthere is a new cloud storage service that wants to make file syncing a thing of the past

A defining technology of our age is the sync. Keeping your files synchronized between devices, whether by Dropbox or Google Drive or iCloud, is the starting point for so much of our work. Syncing is also a chore: it can create multiple copies of files, which must then be reconciled. It can fail to …

Cloud Computing

An Inside Look At Upthere, The Company Aiming To Be Your Personal Cloud

The year is 2015 and yet the promise of the “personal cloud” has failed me. There are tons of drag and drop and syncing “backup services” but nowhere that’s my slice of the puffy white stuff. Enter the 80 employees and impressive pedigree of Palo Alto based Upthere.

Google Drive, Dropbox, Apple’s …

Cloud Computing

Smartphones will continue to be the media story next year → García Media

It's no surprise: the majority of us is getting information from smartphones. If you live in Singapore, it is 91% of you, with Spain and Ireland …

Hong Kong

Here’s how the Guardian Mobile Innovation Lab wants to experiment with news on phones

Back in June, The Guardian’s U.S. operation announced the creation of the Guardian Mobile Innovation Lab. Funded by a $2.6 million grant from the Knight Foundation, the Lab is developing and creating new approaches to delivering news and information using mobile technology. That’ll be done in a …


Es rudo es equivocarse en un mundo de redes,una pena el editorialista, peor lo q viene para los q iban a defender :) https://t.co/8rO9Uszlfl

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review: Configured like a ‘real’ computer, this isn’t your old wimpy tablet

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 4 tablets are really full-fledged Windows PCs in tablet clothing. They run Windows 10, and are configured like “real” …


Online Lender Upstart Taps Uber Marketing Executive Mike Osborn for CMO Job

Uber’s growth marketing chief Mike Osborn is the new CMO of Upstart, the consumer lending startup founded and led by ex-Google enterprise chief Dave Girouard. Osborn confirmed the news in a phone interview with Re/code.

While at Uber, Osborn oversaw all the paid digital and offline marketing for the …


Cat Memes Flood Twitter In Wake Of Brussels' Terror Lockdown

This weekend the city of Brussels was on lockdown following a terror threat and citizens were instructed to not share the location of police on …


Bélgica pide silencio en Twitter y la gente responde con gatos

Seguramente sabrás que la tensión en Bélgica continúa y las operaciones policiales se han intensificado. Se busca sin descanso a cualquier sospechoso que pueda estar relacionado con el atentado de París, guarde armas o planee un ataque inminente en suelo belga. ¿Por qué te contamos esto si no somos …

Flipboard SEO: 5 consejos para aumentar tus seguidores

Todo el mundo quiere más seguidores. Una pregunta frecuente que nos hacen es: “¿Cómo puedo hacer que más gente vea mis revistas de Flipboard?” En realidad, no hay una sola respuesta a esa pregunta sino varias y una de ellas tiene que ver con asegurarte de que la gente pueda encontrar tus revistas …

iPad Pro: Apple's tablet is a big fat enterprise failure

No executive is going to lug around this morbidly obese tablet in place of a smaller iPad or a real laptop.


Say goodbye to the screen

As computing power and Internet connectivity become embedded in more objects, the way we interact with devices will change dramatically

Dramatic changes are ahead in how we receive information at work

Say goodbye to the screen.

For decades, screens have been the center of our information world—first …

Internet of Things

Miguel Nicolás marca el ritmo en Casa Radical #Elecciones2015