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By Eduardo Arriagada | Enlaces seleccionados por Eduardo Arriagada (@earriagada), decano de Comunicaciones UC, para entender las tendencias relevantes en la industria.

Cristina Chirivella de @unioperiodistes y @earriagada en Foro sobre ética y periodismo @uchceu @EthicsWG_IAMCR

Para ser creíble el #periodista debe desligarse de la ideología y tender a la imparcialidad @Hectogonz #IAMCR2016

La CEU-UCH acoge el encuentro internacional de expertos en Ética de la Comunicación de la International Association of Mass Communication Research (IAMCR)

<b>Cuarenta investigadores procedentes de universidades de México, Canadá, Estados Unidos, China, Singapur, Brasil, Chile, Portugal y España se reúnen</b> …

Concha Edo Bolos analiza agregadores como #Flipboard en la Pre Conferencia de Ética para la IAMCR

Ya arranca, pre conferencia de #IAMCR2016: Ethic Working Group en #Valencia

Comenzamos el día con una foto del comité académico de la Pre Conferencia frente al Palacio de Colomina #IAMCR2016

Pop-up newspapers are a thing, and this anti-Brexit paper is killing it

LONDON — In the wake of the Brexit vote and the ensuing political madness that has consumed the UK for the past month, a curious story of success has emerged in the midst of the chaos.<p><i>The New European</i>, a pro-European weekly newspaper that went from conceptualisation to the printing press in just …


Pokémon Go: The beginner's guide

If you're starting out in the colorful world of <i>Pokémon Go</i> and you're keen to catch them all/be the best like no one ever was/etc., there are a few key things you need to get to grips with first.<p>Whether you've never played Pokémon before or you have fond childhood memories that you're looking to …


Pro-European title may have four-week run extended

A weekly newspaper set up to appeal to voters who backed staying in the European Union may have its initial four-week run extended.<p>Regional publisher …

European Union

Donald Trump's Republican convention speech: our writers' verdict

Lucia Graves: After a promise to ‘present the facts plainly and honestly,’ Trump did exactly the opposite.<p>You might think that a presidential nominee’s speech should include some nod to policy and platform. But then Donald Trump isn’t a regular presidential nominee.<p>When he took the stage at the RNC …

U.S. Presidency

What journalists can learn from Pokémon Go

I’m not what you could call a video game enthusiast. I think the last game I truly mastered was Tetris, and the only hazy memories I have of the …

Augmented Reality

What looks like a silly mobile phone game is in fact a parenting holy grail: a reason to get out in the fresh air and move

If parenting is one long process of discovering that it doesn’t really happen like they say in the books, then school holidays are proof positive that Swallows and Amazons was fiction. Every July starts, at least in this house, with starry-eyed delusions about a summer spent messing about on …


Will Ted Cruz’s gamble pay off?

CLEVELAND — If Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump loses the presidential election, Sen. Ted Cruz may be remembered as the person who stood up to the combative real estate magnate and refused to bend to pressure to endorse him.<p>But if Trump wins, or even loses by a close margin, it could …

Ted Cruz

I Encuentro iberoamericano de profesores de comunicación

Tweetear<p><b>“Periodismo digital en la universidad: de la teoría a la práctica”</b><p><b>Lugar:</b> Palacio de Colomina. Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera (Valencia, …

Aires de PreConference con el profesor Núñez Ladevéze y @earriagada #periodismo @uchceu @IAMCR2016

Ya instalado en el Hotel Inglés, frente al Palacio Marqués dos Aguas, con los regalos que me tenía @gdetorres

Últimos preparativos para la Preconference @EthicsWG_IAMCR en Valencia, y después a Leicester @IAMCR2016

Ivanka Trump Steals the Show

Introducing her father on Thursday night at the Republican National Convention, Ivanka Trump proved herself her father’s most effective surrogate, all but stealing the show in a convention that until that moment was marked by low energy, marred by plagiarism and rife with division.<p>“When my father …

Ivanka Trump

Fact-checking Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the 2016 RNC

The dark portrait of America that Donald J. Trump sketched in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention is a compendium of doomsday stats that fall apart upon close scrutiny. Numbers are taken out of context, data is manipulated, and sometimes the facts are wrong.<p>When facts are …

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Promised the Truth. We Checked the Facts.

CLEVELAND — <i>Donald J. Trump’s acceptance speech here was filled with Trump-like hyperbole and the kind of vague political rhetoric that is hard to pin down.</i><p><i>But there were also facts.</i><p><i>In describing the problems that he would seek to fix from the Oval Office, Mr. Trump offered a series of grim facts</i> …

Donald Trump

The Washington Post is adapting some of its stories for Medium (but leaving the straight news behind)

Here’s a simple tip for publishers looking looking to attract readers on Medium: Start with what already works on the platform (first-person stories), and avoid what doesn’t (straight news).<p>Obvious advice, perhaps, but that idea has become core to The Washington Post’s Medium strategy over the past …


How to annotate a freshly scanned document on your iPhone?

Do you know that it’s possible to annotate scanned documents and receipts right on the iPhone or iPad? You can easily add any mark-ups, sign files …


Stanford director hails "multiple futures" of journalism

Stanford – From his office at Stanford University, where he directs the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship program, Jim Bettinger has seen the rise and fall of the profession and now views with "optimism" what he calls the "multiple futures" of journalism.<p>"There won't be just one future of …


Why Apple's New iPhone Strategy Is a Huge Risk

As the company's product sales fall, Apple bets on a new way of doing things.<p>Sales of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac are all dropping, which is having an effect on Apple's bottom line.<p>Apple needs to release new products this fall to turn things around, especially a new iPhone, given that iPhone 6S sales …

Apple News

The Washington Post unveils ‘Paloma’ newsletter delivery platform

<i>Provides journalists with greater editing, customization capabilities for Post newsletters</i> <i><br>New tool built in-house using Amazon’s SES platform</i><p>The Washington Post introduces Paloma, an email delivery system developed by Post engineers that gives the newsroom powerful tools for creating custom …

Mobile Web

Mexican journalist and Penguin sued in bid to ban sale of bombshell book

A prominent Mexican journalist and her publisher, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, are being sued in an attempt to force them to remove a bombshell political investigation from the country’s bookstores.<p>The book La Casa Blanca de Peña Nieto is based on an exposé by a team lead by journalist …


Exclusive: Why Microsoft is betting its future on AI

Satya Nadella bounded into the conference room, eager to talk about intelligence. I was at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, WA, and the company’s CEO was touting the company's progress in building more intelligent apps and services. Each morning, he told me, he puts on a HoloLens, which enables …

The Future

Study: More people access news via web browsers, but native-app users spend much more time reading

Many more people consume news via browsers than via native apps — but those who do use apps spend much more time using them each month, according to a new study out today from the University of Texas’ Engaging News Project.<p>The study analyzed comScore data (from September 2015) for 25 different news …

News Industry

'Pokemon Go' launches in Japan after a long wait for fans

The wait is over for "Pokemon Go" fans in Japan.<p>Japanese media and users on Twitter said Friday that "Pokemon Go" has been launched in the country of the character's birth. People started tweeting Friday morning about the game being available. An AP reporter was able to capture a Pokemon character …