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The Secret to Creating Friendships That Last

In a world bloated with quick fixes, instant gratification and social media profiles, it can be hard to know how to build—and keep—lasting …

Positive Thinking

5 simple ways to get mentally strong

New Year's resolutions aren't particularly effective—in fact, most people give them up by mid-January. The reason resolutions fail is because people set big goals to change their lives without working on the mental strength they'll need to succeed.<p>So this year, as the resolution you set on December …


Where We Go Wrong With New Year’s Resolutions

Whether or not you make resolutions this time of year, you can probably see the appeal. Dreaming of dropping one jean size, or picking up a guitar or …


When Is it OK to End a Friendship?

<i>Howdy!</i> <i>As a Christian, when is it appropriate to end a friendship? Aren’t we supposed to hang in there with people and love them like Christ loves us,</i> …

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Gmail's Priority Inbox and this search trick will fix your email headache

There's no shortage of ways to manage your email, but if you use Gmail, here's a one-two punch that'll quickly clean up your inbox.<p>The crux of our …


This is how to recover from tragedy: 4 secrets from research

I’d love to start with witty jokes, but we’re talking tragedy here, so brace yourself. This story isn’t comforting.<p>On May 1st, 2015, while …


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5 Natural Reasons Why Life Is Hard

Source: Warren Goldswain/Shutterstock<p>Life is hard. You already knew that, I'm guessing. But life is not impossible. And life is wonderful—ultimately. …


How Perfectionism Can Kill Your Goals

Why do 92 percent of all New Year’s resolutions fail?<p>Why do we start and stop diets? Why do we half write books that we never publish? Why do we …

Love Stories

15 Common Toxic Thoughts That Can Seriously Affect Your Mental Health

You know that internal dialogue that's constantly chattering away in your head? That's what's known as "self-talk," and it can be positive or …


Dealing With Toxic People You Can’t Just Cut Out Forever

To be honest, coping with toxic people has never been my specialty. I have dealt with enough toxicity in my life to know when it’s best to cut ties. …


Being a perfectionist isn’t always a bad thing — as long as you show 3 behaviors

Remember when you learned that there are healthy types of fat, that napping makes you more productive, and that there are safe types of sun exposure? The new research on perfectionism is like that.<p>Increasingly, studies in the field of positive psychology are emphasizing a new, beneficial brand of …


Reasons to go to therapy — even if you're not depressed

It can help you learn to love yourself.<p>Your relationship with yourself is most important.FX Networks<p>Therapy promotes tools that can improve your relationship with yourself and your brain, something that everyone can benefit from.<p>"Therapy can help you fall madly in love with yourself, and in turn …

Mental Health

Things Men Should Stop Doing To Find True Happiness (As Told By A Psychological Performance Coach)

There are a lot of ideas, theories and suggestions for how to be happy — hell, we've even given you the <b>price people would pay</b> for it! Still, …

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portrait on road

Science Proves the Value of Emotional Honesty

Shares 266<p>In April 2015 there was an article published in the American Pain Society <i>Journal of Pain</i> titled: “On the Importance of Being Vocal: Saying …

7 Apps That Will Help Boost Your Mental Health

<i>This story was originally published on Collective Hub</i><p>In the fast-paced 24/7 world we live in, it can be tricky to find even five minutes to take a …

Anxiety Is Hungry, Hungry Hippos

A psychotherapist shares 4 ways you can channel your anxiety into something positive

Everyone faces anxiety from time to time. We feel nervous when we're going to approach someone with an important question, or feel butterflies when we're about to give a presentation.<p>The sweaty palms and rapid heartbeat you experience are normally thought of as hindrances to your performance, but …


If It Doesn't Suck, It's Not Worth Doing

According to psychological research, the anticipation of an event is almost always more emotionally powerful than the event itself.<p>According to psychological research, the anticipation of an event is almost always more emotionally powerful than the event itself.<p>The dread of asking your boss for a …

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James Comey

5 small things to do every morning for a mindful day

Do you feel as if you walk around life on autopilot, going through the motions but never really seeing, hearing, embracing, enjoying or experiencing life? Do you ever truly hear what others are saying to you, or are you busy multitasking and carrying out your own conversations in your mind while …

How Anxiety Really Feels, Summed Up In One Powerful Photo

So true.<p>Sometimes a picture is all it takes to convey what words can’t.<p>That’s evident in 29-year-old artist Anya Anti’s creative photo, which is a powerful take on how an anxiety disorder physically feels in her body.<p>Anti, who has experienced anxiety and depression herself, decided to portray the …

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15 Myths and Facts About Suicide and Depression

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