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Flutter Release Preview 2


Flutter Release Preview 2: Pixel-Perfect on iOS

article<p>Flutter is Google's new mobile app toolkit for crafting beautiful native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Today, during the …


Todo in Flutter

Today we’re going to create a Todo application using Flutter. Flutter is a cross platform framework created by Google that uses the Dart language to …

Software Engineering

Executing Dart in the Background with Flutter Plugins and Geofencing

Whether handling push notifications, location updates, or sensor events, many useful features require that an application has the ability to handle …

Garage Door

Alibaba used Flutter to build 50+ million user Xianyu app (Flutter Developer Story)

Alibaba Group

FlutFire<p>A Flutter project with implementation of all firebase libraries for Android and iOS both.<p>Show some❤️and star the repo to support the …

Video Tutorials

Flutter: MLKit Tutorial For Firebase | Machine Learning | Android & iOS

Machine Learning

mlkit | Flutter Package<p><p>Example<p>Installing<p>Versions<p>85<p>A Flutter plugin to use the Firebase ML Kit.<p>⭐<i>Only your star motivate me!</i>⭐<p>this is <i>not official</i> …


flutter_programs (More on<p>YouTube Channel :<p>Samples for flutter programs<p>Snackbar.dart -> this creates a snackbar whenever we …

Machine Learning

Asset 1

ML Kit and Image Labeling in Flutter

<i>Keeping creativity alive…</i><p>Website :<p>ML (Machine Learning) Kit was one of the key …

Machine Learning

Give your Futures a future with FutureBuilder! Use it to build widgets based on the status of a Future and it will automatically rebuild when that Future completes. Click for more #WidgetoftheWeek tips ↓

Let me help you to understand and choose a state management solution for your app

State management in Flutter is a hot topic. The options available are numerous, and while that might be awesome, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, …


My Flutter Path (003): Navigator

Coming from Android we had the Activities, so how we navigate to a new Screen in Flutter? using the Navigator!<p>From Android we have the famous</b> …

A simple Login page in Flutter 🗝 🦋

I recently wrote an article that you can read here in which I walked the reader through implementing a search bar in their mobile applications …


Flutter Movie App<p>This app is created for the Hands on meetup. Contains the Basic example of how to call api in the Flutter, how to parse json response and …


Architect your Flutter project using BLOC pattern (Part 2)

Hi Folks! This article is a continuation of my previous article <b>“Architect your Flutter project”</b> <b>.</b> As promisedin my previous article I will be …

Software Engineering

Dart: What are mixins?

It’s a kind of magic ✨<p>When I started to learn Dart, the concept of mixins was new for me.<br>I come from the C# world, where it does not exist (at least …

Stack Overflow

Pubspec Assist

Microsoft Visual Studio

flutter_linkify | Flutter Package<p><p>Example<p>Installing<p>Versions<p>new--<p>Allow inline links in text for Flutter.<p>Install<p>Install by adding this package to your …


Flutter Apps | It's All Widgets!


url_launcher | Flutter Package<p><p>Example<p>Installing<p>Versions<p>50<p>A Flutter plugin for launching a URL in the mobile platform. Supports iOS and Android.<p>Usage<p>To use …


StateGraph Architecture - Transitions

<b>Experimental:</b> Further advancing StateGraph Architecture, this delves into state transitions. Please read the first post, if you haven’t already, …


Awesome Flutter Snippets

Extension for Visual Studio Code - Awesome Flutter Snippets is a collection snippets and shortcuts for commonly used Flutter functions and classes

Flutter: BottomAppBar Navigation with FAB

Today we’ll see how to add a FloatingActionButton (FAB) with options to a BottomAppBarin Flutter. And we'll build this UI:<p>Our specific goal here is …

Video Tutorials

How to make text as big as the width allows in flutter

I have a Container where I need to show a barcode (it's a app for virtual fidelity cards) and I'd love to have the barcode to be as wide as possible …


The #HumpDayQandA archive is here!

Beginning September 19th #HumpDayQandA will start keeping a summary of things we talk about in each week’s session. Sometimes we work with specific …

Flutter InAppBrowser Plugin<p>A Flutter plugin that allows you to open an in-app browser window. This plugin is a porting of the popular cordova-plugin-inappbrowser!<p>The …


The Gorgeous Login