Small Spaces

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5 Tiny Homes on Wheels

Small and cozy, these gorgeously furnished mobile homes will convince you to downsize and hit the road in minutes.<p>Take a closer look at some of your not so typical trailer homes that we absolutely LOVE.

Small, Green, and Mighty: Hurricane-Proof Prefab

When it comes to building sustainably, it requires more than slapping a solar array on a house. Cubicco—a Dutch prefab company that opened an office and a manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida, in August 2013—takes a holistic approach to responsible residential architecture. "We ought to …



The project, from its initial discourse, forced the project stakeholders to reframe sustainability beyond LEED standards to encompass the ecological context of the island: its unique energy needs, its rain forest climate, the riparian flood plain, harsh weather conditions and local materials that …


This Cedar-Wrapped Cabin Mimics its Natural Surroundings With Ease

The architectural photography team behind doublespace photography sent us this shot they took of a custom cabin in Ottawa, Ontario. Designed by Christopher Simmonds Architect, Val des Monts is a family cottage that cantilevers over a lake in Gatineau Hills. Consisting mainly of untreated eastern …


Former Auto Body Shop Transformed Into Zen Bathhouse

Designed and built from the ground up by husband and wife duo Sunny Simmons and Caroline Smith, Onsen gives nod to international bathhouse culture while also adding their own unique, community spin.<p><i>Written by Nanette Wong; Photos by Raquel Venancio Marins</i><p>After purchasing the space, the couple lived …


First-Class Cabins

Salt Spring Island Cabin<p>Cabins are an integral part of Canadian culture. Spending summers on a dock or in the woods is a rite of passage for our neighbors to the north, who even mark the return of warmer weather with an unofficial but widely celebrated weekend holiday (May Two-Four) to kick off …


Storage Savvy Renovation in Emeryville

Persistence paid off for this California couple who worked overtime for two years to tackle their all-in-one loft renovation.

Space-Saving Wood-Paneled Apartment in Manhattan

Faced with the challenge of a diminutive New York apartment in desperate need of a refresh, architect Tim Seggerman went straight to his toolbox to craft a Nakashima-inspired interior.


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Dwell - We Love This Adorable Writer's Studio Camouflaged as a Coach House

Faux timber doors, painted black, along with a brick facade help the dwelling blend with its surroundings: the…<p>The home's rear is thoroughly modern. Blue bricks, salvaged from the preexisting building, are now the pavers in the…<p>"The natural wax finish oak timber floor boards," write the architects, …


Dwell - This Luminous Australian Renovation Packs a Lot Into a 23-Foot-Wide Lot

Looking at the traditional Victorian facade of Kylie Brammy and George Kyprianou’s home, you would never imagine it hid such a voluptuous and modern derrière. Physiotherapist Brammy and entrepreneur Kyprianou bought the North Adelaide house in 1999 because they loved its charm and location on the …


Dwell - How One Family of Three Does It All in 675 Square Feet

Finding an almost affordable apartment in New York can be harder than uncovering the proverbial needle in a haystack. While the hunt has never been easy, the past few years have been almost impossible, with sky-high prices, pent-up demand, and a scarcity of available inventory. That was the market …


Dwell - One Home, Three Bathrooms, Each with an Awesome Way to Use Tile

Though architect Clinton Cuddington was expectedly meticulous when designing a home for his family of four in Vancouver, British Columbia, he was careful to leave select interior elements open for collaboration. "My approach was to create a test-bed for explorations based in local craft," he says. …


Dwell - A Coiled Staircase Breathes Light into a 15-Foot-Wide Manhattan Town House

The Piranesian view upwards through the central stair to the top floor skylight.<p>The kitchen has views to the historic main entrance and features lacquered cabinets and an integrated wooden niche…<p>The primary living space is on the second floor, where side shelves in rift-cut white oak match the …


Dwell - Most Popular Homes of 2015: Small Spaces

The silo was transported to Phoenix in a pickup truck. Grain silos have an oculus at the top that allows air to move…<p>Australian firm Clare Cousins Architects proves urban living and functional family homes are not mutually exclusive.…<p>When the Ferguson Sauder family—parents Meg, a school counselor, …


Dwell - A Dilapidated Garage Transformed Into a Small Modern Cottage

Set on the far end of the original home’s backyard, the new cottage’s exterior is made of SIPs, or structurally…<p>“The garage was in bad shape and in the sunniest part of the yard,” Haesloop said. “That gave us the idea to build a…<p>“We were looking to get a much larger sense of space by keeping the …


Dwell - A Modern Mobile Home Dropped in Place by Crane

The silver birch trees of England’s New Forest National Park were a key inspiration in the design of what is effectively a genre-defining mobile home.<p>The project’s owners, Mel Matthews and her husband, Roy, had lived on five acres of this preternaturally lovely Hampshire woodland setting for 24 …


Dwell - Tour a Bright, Remodeled Barcelona Apartment

nookarchitects transformed one story of a 1890 building in Barcelona into a temporary living space for a client who…<p>The current open-plan living area will be transformed into two bedrooms. The update was intended to be bright, airy,…<p>A blue-tiled backsplash helps set the visual theme of the future …


Dwell - Minimalist Built-Ins Are the Secret Behind This Tiny Montreal Apartment

A floor-to-ceiling wall unit accommodates a fridge, stove, oven, and convertible custom cabinetry. The pendant light is…<p>The entire flat features in-floor heating underneath pre-oiled engineered oak planks manufactured locally by Bois…<p>It was crucial to the homeowners that everything be tastefully …


Dwell - A Tiny Brooklyn Studio Apartment Organized by a Smart Storage Wall

The slatted wood wall runs the entire length of the 450-square-foot studio, beginning in the entryway, where it…<p>At the opposite end of the studio, Framework Architecture created a partially enclosed sleeping nook that is spacious…<p>Conceived as an extension of the wall, the bedroom juxtaposes the …


Dwell - This Luxurious Apartment in Greenwich Village Is Only 520 Square Feet

When you walk into the studio apartment of architectural designer Greg Dufner you’re greeted by an unusual feature: a foyer. An entryway like this might seem like a waste of precious inches when working with just 520 square feet, but as Dufner’s apartment proves, a small space doesn’t have to mean …


Dwell - This Tiny Warsaw Studio Instantly Changes from Office to Playroom

On a warm evening in downtown Warsaw, Bogusz Parzyszek, who’s just pulled down the Murphy bed from a flat panel in the wall of his small studio, jumps up on the mattress. "You’ve reminded me," he says.<p>He reaches above the recess of the bed, opening a cabinet door, previously flush with the wall. …


Dwell - A Home's High Ceilings Are Responsible for Some Impressive Views

For Andrew Simpson, the so-called New Zealand Dream—a classic colonial villa on a tidy suburban quarter-acre lot—never held much appeal.<p>When he was a student and a habitué of Wellington’s nightlife scene, Simpson lived in a variety of eccentric spaces, including an active warehouse in which he …


Dwell - This Tiny New England Cottage Is a No-Frills Weekend Hideaway

The rural landscape of Foster, Rhode Island, a town 30 minutes west of Providence by car, is farmland reclaimed by trees. After the area was clear-cut and mainly used for agriculture a century ago, nature has slowly regenerated a sylvan blanket over its gently rolling hills. It’s there that artist …


Dwell - Movable Walls Instantly Transform a Small Vacation Home from a Two-Bedroom to a Studio

Viewed from the entryway, the living room is the main gathering space of the home. Dated parquet floors were replaced…<p>A movable partition wall divides the bedroom and living room. Rotating walls are guided on metallic tracks and…<p>One movable wall shifts into place to transform the entry into the …


Dwell - An Architect Builds His Own Backyard Oasis From Salvaged Materials

Just a few blocks from the swooping Barclays Center arena in downtown Brooklyn sits an unexpectedly quiet haven, a petite 1,300-square-foot patch of green punctuated by a small outbuilding. This modest structure, a single room with just enough space for an army cot or chair, was designed and built …


Dwell - Each Day at This Floating Home Begins With a Swim, Just Two Feet From Bed

Bobbing amid midcentury houses on stilts, in a secluded part of Copenhagen Harbour, Lisbeth Juul and Laust Nørgaard’s compact floating home cuts a dramatically modern profile. The 860-square-foot home, which the residents designed and built themselves, is the culmination of 25 joy-filled years on …


Dwell - This Is How You Can Live Large in a Small Space

For 15 years, metalworker Simone ten Hompel lived uncomfortably with the shortcomings of her London flat—four poorly insulated rooms squeezed into 398 square feet. She used the cold bedroom at the back for storage and the small living room at the front for virtually everything else; a futon …


Dwell - Small Country Home with Dramatic See-Through Wall

When a client approached Slovakian architect Peter Jurkovič about building a home in semi-rural Čunovo, outside of the capital city of Bratislava, Jurkovič decided to stick with tradition. "Living small, it resonates," he says. His spin on country living kept true to centuries-old tradition while …