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Visual Studio 2015 RTM: What’s New in the IDE

Visual Studio 2015 was released yesterday. Throughout the prereleases, you've seen some major announcements, from the new VS 2015 product lineup …

Microsoft Visual Studio

Roadmap · aspnet/Home Wiki

ASP.NET 5 Schedule and Roadmap

Below is the schedule and roadmap for ASP.NET 5. Please note that these dates and feature plans are all subject to …


ASP.NET 5 Web Application Template Suggestions

I’ve been working a lot with ASP.NET 5 and Visual Studio 2015, creating many new projects for samples for blog articles and content on the official …



Software developer who's passionate about writing code and learning new technologies. Currently concentrated on Node.js and JavaScript. …


Resolve your DbContext as an interface using the ASP.NET 5 dependency injection framework

When developing ASP.NET applications, I prefer to have my database context implement an interface and then inject the interface, as this allows me to …

Dependency Injection


A lightweight ASP.Net 5 library for runtime CSS and JavaScript file management, minification, combination & compression.


Currently supporting

How to install ASP.Net 5 on Ubuntu Linux

One of the primary goals of the ASP.Net 5 (codenamed vNext) project is cross platform development, and it’s become easier than ever to develop …


ASP.NET MVC 6 formatters - XML and browser requests

A while ago I wrote a post about formatters in MVC 6.

Since then, there have been some changes regarding XML handling and an interesting feature that …



ASP.NET 5 Documentation — aspnet 0.0.1 documentation

Getting Started

Installing ASP.NET 5 On Windows
• Installing ASP.NET 5 On Mac OS X
• Installing ASP.NET 5 On Linux
• Choosing the Right .NET For You on the …



Docker for .NET Developers

23 minutes, 0 seconds

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In this video, you'll get a quick overview of Docker and why it's beneficial. We'll also delve into some of the …

What's Fixie and Why Should C# Programmers Care?

It's what unit testing should be. Here's how to use it to test your apps.

Fixie is a relative newcomer to the .NET testing framework space. Just as …


Step by Step implementing Onion architecture in ASP.NET MVC Application

Learn Creating N-Tier Applications in C#, Part 1 by Steve Smith here – I learnt lot from this course hence sharing
Recently I gave a talk on Onion …


ASP.NET 5 Documentation — ASP.NET 0.0.1 documentation

Sessions in ASP.NET 5

ASP.NET 5 is being designed so that your application is only dependent on features that it actually needs. This is achieved in large part by creating …



Prettifying a JSON String in .NET

Here’s a quick and dirty tip if you’re dealing with JSON strings that you at times need to display for debugging or simply seeing a quick view of …



A set of add ons and extensions for ASP.NET Web API.





ThreadCultureMessageHandler - ensures culture is set …

CacheAdapter 4.0 released with Redis support.

My 'Glav.CacheAdapter' package has recently had a major release and is now at version 4.0. If you are not familiar with what this package does, you …


ASP.NET MVC, Localization and Westwind.Globalization for Db Resources

I’ve been hard at work with version 2.0 of the Westwind.Globalization library, which is a major update from version 1.x in terms of database support …


ASP.NET Identity 2.1 Roles Based Authorization with ASP.NET Web API – Part 4

This is the forth part of Building Simple Membership system using ASP.NET Identity 2.1, ASP.NET Web API 2.2 and AngularJS. The topics we’ll cover …

Support for ASP.NET 5

I'm happy to announce the release of ReactJS.NET 1.4! This release adds support for the beta version of ASP.NET 5, better handling of server-side …


A Deep Dive into the ASP.NET 5 Runtime

Last November Microsoft announced ASP.NET 5 as a new open source and cross-platform framework for building …

Understanding .NET 2015

Last year after BUILD I posted Exciting Times for .NET and since then I have had the pleasure of working much closer with the .NET team, which …


Top 10 Changes in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6

Update on April, 30 2015

When I wrote this blog post, I wrote that Microsoft was not planning to support VB.NET in ASP.NET 5/MVC 6. That was true when …


Introducing ASP.NET 5

The first preview release of ASP.NET 1.0 came out almost 15 years ago. Since then millions of developers have used it to build and run great web …


You've Got Documents! A MongoDB Jump Start

You've Got Documents! A MongoDB Jump Start

Bundling and Minifying an AngularJS Application with ASP.NET MVC

Bundling and minifying a website's scripts and stylesheets reduces page load time and asset size. Here's my project setup for bundling and minifying …