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Entity Framework 7 Goes Cross Platform with Nate McMaster

In this short video Nate shows us how to use Entity Framework 7 in a cross platform way (on a mac in this case). One of the guiding principles (as …


Using VSO to deploy MiniBlog from GitHub to Azure - Thiago Almeida

Deploying MiniBlog from GitHub to an Azure Web App automatically using Visual Studio Online Build

Most articles online cover how to deploy modern …

Continuous Integration

Learn shortcuts and commands

Build Muscle Memory

Become a shortcut ninja through interactive learning and repetition. With thousands of commands at your fingertips and interactive …

C# 6.0: An Introduction

Welcome to this series of articles in which we'll examine the details of the new features in C# 6.0. You are currently reading part 1 of


Package Installer

Makes it easier, faster and more convenient than ever to install Bower, npm and JSPM packages to any project
Created by:
Mads Kristensen

Microsoft Visual Studio

Containers: Docker, Windows and Trends

You can’t have a discussion on cloud computing lately without talking about containers. Organizations across all business segments, from banks and …

Windows Server

Introducing the Technical Preview of Docker Engine for Windows Server 2016

written by Arnaud Porterie, Docker Senior Engineering Manager It’s here… Never been more stoked before then when I started the docker daemon on …

Microsoft Windows


Polly is a .NET 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 / PCL (Profile 259) library that allows developers to express transient exception handling policies such as Retry, …

.Net Framework

A Complete Guide to the MVC 6 Tag Helpers

Tag Helpers are a new feature in MVC that you can use for generating HTML. The syntax looks like HTML (elements and attributes) but is processed by …


Unit testing with DNX (ASP.NET 5) projects

One common question that I get is “How do I unit test my ASP.NET 5 (DNX) projects?” The biggest reason for the question is because we don’t have a …


Upgrading ASP.NET 5 beta-5 to beta-6

Here are some of the changes we had to make while upgrading our solution from beta-5 to beta-6. Most breaking changes were from Entity Framework and …


Modular WEB admin using ASP.NET MVC and AngularJS

Introduction to open source platform for building web SPA applications using ASP.NET MVC and AngularJS


VS 2015. Setting right target framework for ASP.NET 5 web project

I've created new ASP.NET 5 MVC project in Visual Studio 2015. On project creation wizard I've chosen to show the templates for .NET framework 4.6 and …

Visual Studio 2015 and Gulp

I’ve been fiddling around lately with Gulp and Bower. 2 tools that go hand in hand to make compelling web applications and… also integrate nicely in …

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2015 RTM: What’s New in the IDE

Visual Studio 2015 was released yesterday. Throughout the prereleases, you've seen some major announcements, from the new VS 2015 product lineup …

Microsoft Visual Studio

Roadmap · aspnet/Home Wiki

ASP.NET 5 Schedule and Roadmap

Below is the schedule and roadmap for ASP.NET 5. Please note that these dates and feature plans are all subject to …


ASP.NET 5 Web Application Template Suggestions

I’ve been working a lot with ASP.NET 5 and Visual Studio 2015, creating many new projects for samples for blog articles and content on the official …


Software developer who's passionate about writing code and learning new technologies. Currently concentrated on Node.js and JavaScript. …


Resolve your DbContext as an interface using the ASP.NET 5 dependency injection framework

When developing ASP.NET applications, I prefer to have my database context implement an interface and then inject the interface, as this allows me to …

Dependency Injection


A lightweight ASP.Net 5 library for runtime CSS and JavaScript file management, minification, combination & compression.


Currently supporting


How to install ASP.Net 5 on Ubuntu Linux

One of the primary goals of the ASP.Net 5 (codenamed vNext) project is cross platform development, and it’s become easier than ever to develop …


ASP.NET MVC 6 formatters - XML and browser requests

A while ago I wrote a post about formatters in MVC 6.

Since then, there have been some changes regarding XML handling and an interesting feature that …



ASP.NET 5 Documentation — ASP.NET 0.0.1 documentation

ASP.NET 5 Documentation¶


This documentation is a work in progress. Topics marked with a 🔧 are placeholders that have not been written yet. You …


ASP.NET 5 – Razor Tag Helpers

ASP.NET 5 introduces many new features for MVC developers. Razor Tag Helpers are a new way to cleanly incorporate dynamic rendering into the


Docker for .NET Developers

23 minutes, 0 seconds

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In this video, you'll get a quick overview of Docker and why it's beneficial. We'll also delve into some of …

What's Fixie and Why Should C# Programmers Care?

It's what unit testing should be. Here's how to use it to test your apps.

Fixie is a relative newcomer to the .NET testing framework space. Just as …


Step by Step implementing Onion architecture in ASP.NET MVC Application

Source Code on the GitHubLearn Creating N-Tier Applications in C#, Part 1 by Steve Smith here – I learnt lot from this course hence sharing
Recently I …


Sessions in ASP.NET 5

ASP.NET 5 is being designed so that your application is only dependent on features that it actually needs. This is achieved in large part by creating …