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The AngularJs Promise Anti-Pattern That Makes Me Cry - The Blog of Tyler Russell


Try to wrap any promise work in services. Rarely should controllers do anything but consume promises.
• Expose promises as return values of service …


Angular and benefits of ControllerAs syntax

In my opinion the ControllerAs syntax is a big win over the original $scope based controller definition. In some ways I would almost argue that …



sample todo app with ng2 built 3/25 with current ng2 quickstart

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Mar 25, 2015


Developing a zippy component in Angular 2

Mar 27, 2015 - 14 minute read

Even if Angular 2 is still in early development, we can already start playing with the code since it’s up on GitHub and …


Using Angular’s new improved Browserify support

Run Angular 2 app with jspm

npm install -g jspm live-server

Clone and build Angular 2 -> result is in dist folder.

Create project folder. Run jspm init for initial …

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Creating Container Components, Part 2: Angular 1.3 Directives

Table of Contents

Want help from a top angularjs developer? Kara Erickson is available for live angularjs pair programming on AirPair. >> Video chat …


Creating Container Components, Part 3: Angular 2 Component Directives

Table of Contents

Want help from a top AngularJS developer? Kara Erickson is available for live AngularJS pair programming on AirPair. >> Video chat …



The goal of this repo is to prepare a minimal ("walking skeleton") project build with Angular2.0 and ES6


Clone this repo and execute in your …


The AngularJS Custom Directives Video Training Course Has Been Released!

I’m excited to announce that my new AngularJS Custom Directives video training course has been released on! If you’ve been wanting to dive …


Speed up your angular app and get rid of sasqwatches

Table of Contents

Want help from a top angularjs developer? Scott Moss is available for live angularjs pair programming on AirPair. >> Video chat with …

Pair Programming

Generate Fake Data for Your JavaScript Applications Using Faker

IntroductionWhen building out applications, we will often need data to show off how it works. It won’t be much of an application if all our tables …


Creating a TypeScript Workflow with Gulp

TypeScript provides a lot of great functionality that lets you leverage many of the features available in ES6 today but how do you get started using …


Uri Goldshtein: Angular + Meteor -- Devshop SF Feb 2015

Forms in Angular 2

Two Phases of Angular 2 Applications

Angular 2 separates updating the application model and reflecting the state of the model in the view into two distinct phases. The developer is …

Build a Real-time SignalR Dashboard with AngularJS

Let’s build a real-time service dashboard! Our service dashboard will show us real data in real time. It will show us what’s happening on our server …


Angular and i18n - The new world

Mar 21, 2015 - 16 minute read

We all know that internationalization is important when it comes to bigger apps, or just the ones that are simply used …


The AngularJS JumpStart Video Training Course Has Been Released!

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve released a new course titled AngularJS JumpStart on (videos, slides, and source code are all …


Using Web Workers with AngularJS

Inspired by Gleb Bahmutov’s article ‘Run Angular Digest Cycle in Web Worker’, I experimented to see if I, too, could use Web Workers with …


Angular Interface

A library of directive widgets/providers for creating an intuitive ui experience for users based on Bootstrap.


The Ai library contains the …


AngularJS Book

The first edition of Angular Basics, covering Angular 1.3.x, is available now online completely free.

As the author, I'm absolutely overjoyed about …


Office 365 Developer Podcast: Episode 037 on ng-conf and Angular with Office 365 development

In this episode Jeremy Thake talks to Dan Wahlin and Andrew Connell about ng-conf last week and our news on our Office 365 APIs supporting …


How we messed up our Angular App | Mohammad Umairs Pages

Back in July of 2013, we were entrusted by a big company to write them an Angular app. Working on Angular JS for the first time, we made some choices …


Change Detection Reinvented Victor Savkin


Chilled Buttons for AngularJS

There are cool loading buttons out there for angular. Only thing which annoys me, is that you have to manually trigger …

A Preview of Angular 2 and TypeScript in Visual Studio

Last week, at ng-conf, the Angular team at Google provided the web developer world with an update on the state of Angular 2. They were joined on …

Visual Studio

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