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AngularJS Event Calendar/Scheduler

Day/week AngularJS event calendar/scheduler with drag and drop support. PHP and ASP.NET MVC backends.


An Introduction to the Futuristic New Router in AngularJS

AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript MV* frameworks and is widely used to build single-page applications (SPA). One of the challenging …




Angular directive which allows to declare sortable tables and to add pagination with very little effort.

Available via bower: bower install …


Medium style editor for AngularJs


Header1-6/Bold/Itatic/underline/(un)order list/hr/justfy.

Code input supported. Just input ``` at line start, or format it.

Tab key …

A better way to $scope, angular.extend, no more “vm = this”

The evolution of Angular Controllers has changed over the last year. As of now, most of us are working with the most recent addition to "Controller" …


AngularJS 1.4 Completely Refactors Animation System

The AngularJS 1.4 release candidate has been announced, bringing a complete refactor of the internal animation code system.

With the 1.4 release, …

Unit Testing in AngularJS: Services, Controllers & Providers

AngularJS is designed with testability in mind. Dependency injection is one of the prominent features of the framework that makes unit testing …


What every Angular project likely needs – and a Gulp build to provide it

Starting an AngularJs project also means choosing a whole toolchain that goes along with Angular. In this blog post we will propose a set of tools …


The AngularJS Custom Directives Video Training Course Has Been Released!

I’m excited to announce that my new AngularJS Custom Directives video training course has been released on! If you’ve been wanting to dive …


Netflix JavaScript Talks - Falcor

Fireside Chats about Angular 2


Everything in this talk is based on alpha developer previews. Things might change in the future.

(Do not try this in production!)

Angular 2 …

Advanced Micro Devices

Killing it with Angular Directives; Structure and MVVM

In this post I'm going to outline my approach on writing Directives for Angular 1.x releases. There's a lot of confusion around how and why and where …


Your First Angular Project in Visual Studio

Today is the day. You have been hearing about Angular for a long time now. You have listened to the podcasts, you’ve watched the videos, and you have …

Microsoft Visual Studio

Angular and React Teams Collaborate

The teams behind JavaScript frameworks Angular and React got together to talk about how they can work together, though an eventual merging of the …


Angular 2 Forms

Angular 2 Forms

Full-time Firebase. Part-time Angular.


Angular 2 is a work in progress.

Things are always changing.


Angular 2 Crash …


Deploy Your Apps Anywhere!

Your app is not limited to a single platform with Bridge.NET.
Compile your C# code into native JavaScript and deploy on …

Open Source

AngularJS 1.4 with ES6 classes and new router

• npm install -g jspm http-server
• jspm install
• http-server

Bundle project

Run jspm bundle-sfx --minify app/app then switch the DEV and PROD scripts in …


Including EcmaScript 6 code in Angular 1.x

There are many choices when it comes to transpiling code down to ES5 JavaScript, but in this article I will be using Babel in combination with Grunt …



Angular Directive for the famous JS Tree library.


The ngJsTree depends on the following libraries:

• JsTree


You can install the …


A curated list of helpful material to get started with education on Angular 2

Current Angular 2 version:


Intro to Angular 2 (David East)
• Official Angular 2 Design Docs (Google)
• Official Angular 2 - 5 min …


Extending Classes and Interfaces using TypeScript

In a previous post I discussed the fundamentals of the TypeScript language and how it can be used to build JavaScript applications. TypeScript is all …


Angular2 - First Impressions

On 18th of September 2014 was pushed the initial commit of version 2.0 of the AngularJS framework. A few weeks ago the core team at Google, published …

An Angular2 Timezone Picker - Part 1: Becoming a Kartograph-er - The Blog of Tyler Russell


We design an SVG map to serve as the basis of our Angular2 timezone picker.

Using Kartograph, we generate a viable map candidate using shape file …


Getting Started with Angular 2.0

Recently Angularjs team has launched a 5 mins quick start tutorial on getting started with Angular 2.0. I have taken the same tutorial (with minor …


Unit Testing bindToController and ControllerAs

The code listing below shows a simple greeting controller that produces a greeting based on two isolate scope properties set via the markup

Controller …

generator-moda (modular angular)

A truly modular yeoman generator for AngularJS all device apps.

This generator originated in the pure hate towards repetition and because all the ones …


Angular plus React equals Speed revisited


Recently I was lucky to attend ng-conf 2015 where I watched an interesting presentation by Dave Smith @djsmith42 "Angular + React = Speed". …

Dave Smith

Announcing TypeScript 1.5 Alpha

Today we’re announcing TypeScript 1.5 Alpha, the first preview of the TypeScript 1.5 release. This release shows off many of the features that will …