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Angular 1 and Angular 2 integration: the path to seamless upgrade

Originally posted on the Angular blog.

Posted by, Misko Hevery, Software Engineer, Angular

Have an existing Angular 1 application and are wondering …

Dependency Injection

Hack | A typeface designed for source code

Hack has deep roots in the libre, open source typeface community and includes the contributions of the Bitstream Vera & DejaVu projects.

The face has …


Accessing The View-Model Inside The Link Function When Using Controller-As In AngularJS

Ben Nadel demonstrates how to access the "view model" inside the directive link function when you are using the "controller as" syntax in …


AngularJS: Index and Supercharge Your SEO

AngularJS is a good framework for building websites and apps because it makes them much faster and richer for users.

But there’s one problem every …


How To Animate Your Ionic App With Animate.css And ngAnimate

ngAnimate is already included in the Ionic bundle, so we don't need to install anything for it.

ngRepeat is one of the directives that is supported by …


Making Angular.js Real

UPDATE 1: We released an official Angular.js library since that blog post. You can read more about it in this announcement.

UPDATE 2: This tutorial is …

Host and Visibility in Angular 2's Dependency Injection

Aug 20, 2015 - Updated: Aug 20, 2015 - 11 minute read

In our article on Dependency Injection in Angular 2 we explored what dependency injection …

Dependency Injection

Virtualized spreadsheet component in Angular 2.0

Virtualization is great when dealing with large data sets since you don't have to allocate DOM elements to represent the entire data set. Instead a …

Creating Container Components, Part 3: Angular 2 Component Directives

Table of Contents

Want help from a top AngularJS developer? Kara Erickson is available for live AngularJS pair programming on AirPair. >> Video chat …



Angular service & directive for (Offline storage, improved.)

This angularJS module is a rewrite of …


Tips & Tricks for debugging unfamiliar AngularJS code

You've been given an Angular code base. How do you figure out where everything is? Where scope variables are coming from? What controller does …


The AngularJS Custom Directives Video Training Course Has Been Released!

I’m excited to announce that my new AngularJS Custom Directives video training course has been released on! If you’ve been wanting to dive …


ngAnimate 2.0

ngAnimate in Angular 2.0 Basic Idea of ngAnimate The ngAnimate module makes CSS, JS and Timeline-based …


ngVisualizeAudio.jS Copyright (c) 2015 Gaurav Behere Licensed as MIT

Angular directive to play and visualize audio

Based on HTML5's Audio APIs and …


Comprehensive guide to Unit Testing in AngularJS

Unit testing

Unit testing is an art, but the mastery of this art relies more on writing testable code than being a master at writing tests. Angular …

Customer Service

Build a Realtime Event Bus with Firebase and Angular

Why an Event Bus?

“We think Firebase is just what we need to get rid of this crazy long polling stuff we are doing but what about HIPAA compliance?” …


The AngularJS JumpStart Video Training Course Has Been Released!

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve released a new course titled AngularJS JumpStart on (videos, slides, and source code are all …


Exploring Angular 1.3: Binding to Directive Controllers

Jan 2, 2015 - 10 minute read

In version 1.2, Angular introduced a new controllerAs syntax that made scoping clearer and controllers smarter. In fact, …


Angular 2 Template Syntax Demystified - Part 1

Aug 11, 2015 - 14 minute read

I think we’ve been all through this. We see Angular 2 template code the very first time and all of a sudden we have …


Writing AngularJS directives as TypeScript classes


Learn How to Write Angular 2 Style Unit Tests with Angular 1.X Code

The development of Angular 2 is on its way with much talk, hype, and fanfare. Surprisingly, there is not much being said about unit testing. As a …


Angular promises – then vs success

One of the major advantages of promises is the ability to flatten and chain potentially complex sequences of ajax calls. Not only does this help us …


Employee Scheduling UI

Note: This project is under development.

An UI component for Employee Scheduling application. My talk from AngulaJS meetup in Dublin on "How to start


RumcaJS Polyphonic Angular Synthesizer


Coll, Pub & Sub* with Angular Meteor

*Collections, Publications and Subscriptions

In an earlier post I looked at Angular-Meteor and how it complement with Angular on one side, and Meteor …


Speeding up AngularJS apps with simple optimizations | JavaScript

AngularJS is a huge framework with that already has many performance enhancements built in, but they can’t solve all our problems. No matter how fast …


Angular Performance: ng-show vs ng-if - The Code Dump

You’ve probably come across ng-if and ng-show and wondered why they both exist and what’s the difference between them. After all they usually have …

A look at AngularJS Material Design with Google Polymer in mind


The project’s goal is to provide a reference implementation of Material Design based on AngularJS.

AngularJS Logo

Ionic framework Logo

Besides …


Using ECMAScript 6 (ES6) with AngularJS 1.x

This tutorial leads through an example on how to build and use AngularJS 1 with the new JavaScript standard ECMAScript 6 (short ES6). It does neither …