#Oracle DW-Big Data Monthly Roundup

By Keith Laker | Welcome to my monthly magazine that aims to collect all the latest news stories on data warehousing, SQL analytics, big data and related technologies from the various Oracle Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, YouTube videos and our blogs. The magazine is published at the end of each month.

SQL for Data Warehousing and Analytics: Welcome

Welcome<p>#Oracle DW-Big Data Monthly Roundup<br>Welcome to the new Oracle Data Warehousing, SQL Analytics and Big Data blog. Here I will try to cover …

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Oracle Hybrid Cloud

Oracle hybrid cloud models provide customers with automated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), supporting customers in migrating their …

Hybrid Clouds

Securing the Oracle Public Clouds

Oracle CTO and Executive Chairman of the Board, Larry Ellison, summarizes hybrid cloud security using encryption, key management, and auditing in the …


Cloud Security Rules of Thumb

Oracle CTO and Executive Chairman of the Board, Larry Ellison, discusses two key “rules of thumb” for effective cloud security: pushing security down …


In-Memory Parallel Query

In an earlier post we looked at how you can see if a query uses Oracle Database In-Memory (DBIM) or In-Memory Parallel Query (IMPQ). In this post …


KISS series on Analytics: 23 Converting rows into string lists

Is an approximate answer just plain wrong?

We are starting to see a significant change in the way we analyze data as a result of the growth of interest in big data and the newer concept of …


Oracle’s Software in Silicon Technology: Data Analytics Accelerators (DAX)

Common Distribution Methods in Parallel Execution

Parallel execution uses the producer/consumer model when executing a SQL statement. The execution plan is divided up into DFOs, each DFO is executed …


Group-by and Aggregation Elimination

I get a fair number of questions on query transformations, and it’s especially true at the moment because we’re in the middle of the Oracle Database …


How to Use SQL Plan Management

IntroductionIn December I posted an entry on the subject of SQL plan management (SPM). It was inspired by questions raised at Oracle Open World 2015 …


SQL Pattern Matching Deep Dive - Part 3, greedy vs. reluctant quantifiers

<i>Picture courtesy of Pixabay</i>Welcome to the third post in this deep-dive series on SQL pattern matching using the <b>MATCH_RECOGNIZE</b> feature that is part …


Learn Predictive Analytics in 2 Days - New Oracle University Course!

<b>What you will learn:</b> This <b>Predictive Analytics using Oracle Data Mining Ed 1</b> training will review the basic concepts of data mining. Expert Oracle …

Computer Science

My Favoriate Oracle Data Miner Demo Workflows - Part 1 in a Series: CUST_INSUR_LTV

<b>Part 1</b> (of a planned series of blog posts)<b>:</b> Here are a few of my favorite Oracle Data Miner demo workflows. They all are simple, easy to create …


From Relational Table(s) to Property Graph (Adding Location and Graph Analysis to Big Data)

Lately, I have got quite a few questions on how to convert a relational data source (tables or views) to a property graph. It is actually …

Big Data

Oracle Big Data Integration

Oracle Data Integration Solutions provide a comprehensive suite of technologies to convert big data into tangible decisions.

Chalk Talk

Unlock the potential of your data with a non-technical, web-based tool that minimizes data preparation time for your big data projects. Oracle Big …

Big Data

Chalk Talk: How to Raise Trust and Transparency in Big Data

Crucial big data projects fail due to lack of trust in data. Data is not transparent and governing it becomes a costly overhead. Oracle Metadata …


Big Data SQL Quick Start. Security - Part4.

Big Data SQL is the way to acsess data that stored in HDFS through Oracle RDBMS, using Oracle external table mechanism. In context of security …

Big Data

Big Data SQL Quick Start. Joins. Bloom Filter and other features - Part5.

Big Data SQL has perfect wonderful heritage from the Oracle RDBMS. One of those representative is Bloom Filter. This feature was available in Oracle …


Unlock the value in your big data reservoir using oracle big data discovery and rittman mead

Presentation from March 22nd 2016 on Big Data Reservoirs, Oracle Big Data Discovery and Oracle Big Data Graph and Spatial

Big Data