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By Keith Laker | Welcome to my monthly magazine that aims to collect all the latest news stories on data warehousing, SQL analytics, big data and related technologies from the various Oracle Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, YouTube videos and our blogs. The magazine is published at the end of each month.

Data Warehousing and Big Data from an Oracle Perspective: Welcome


#Oracle DW-Big Data Monthly Roundup
Welcome to the new Oracle Data Warehousing, SQL Analytics and Big Data blog. Here I will try to cover …


Start Your Cloud Database Journey with Oracle

Oracle's Private Cloud Database as a Service solution transforms database agility—helping you respond rapidly to changing business conditions, cut …


Oracle Public Cloud Webinar Series

Wondering how you are going to transform you IT environment with a database cloud to maximize the benefits of the shared database infrastructure as …


Cloud computing is evolving. Are you?

• Driving speed and agility – with 40% and 64% achieving gains, respectively – by turning to the cloud• 
Collaborating with IT
to deploy and integrate …

Cloud Services

Why customers choose Oracle Cloud solutions for PaaS

On April 29th, Oracle Senior Vice President Shawn Price moderated a panel discussion where customers described their experience with Oracle Cloud …


Monitoring Parallel Execution using Real

The Real-Time SQL Monitoring feature (SQL Monitor) was introduced in 11g to make it easier to monitor the execution of long-running SQL statements. …


PX In Memory, PX In Memory IMC? (The Data Warehouse Insider)

In my previous post I talked about how to use SQL Monitor to monitor parallel statements. The part of that post which talks about In-Memory Parallel …


Five Minutes to Insight

Bryce Cracco and Bob Handlin discuss Oracle Database 12c ILM features how Oracle ZS Storage appliance works ideally as part of a tiered storage …

Oracle Database

ODI 12c - Improving Usability of KM recipes (Data Integration)

This post is all about reducing user errors and improving usability surrounding definition of Knowledge Modules and their usage. Knowledge Modules …

Information Architecture

Power of Business Analytics

Hear from Oracle APAC Program Director, Shridar Jayakumar, as he discusses the power of business analytics using Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud …

Business Analytics

Oracle Data Enrichment Cloud Service Preview


Controlling Access To The In-Memory Column Store Via Hints

It’s been almost a year since I’ve had an opportunity to write a new blog post here due to my crazy schedule now that I'm the In-Memory Maven (thanks …


Space Management and Oracle Direct Path Load

Most of you will be familiar with the concept of direct path load and how it’s an efficient way to load large volumes of data into an Oracle database …


Optimizing the PL/SQL Challenge V: The Danger of Too Many Indexes (All Things SQL)

In part four of this series, we saw how the Library page query from the PL/SQL Challenge was using a crazy execution plan. Not only did it full scan …


Oracle Data Miner 4.1, SQL Developer 4.1 Extension Now Available! (Oracle Data Mining (ODM) Blog)

To download, visit:

New Data Miner Features in SQL Developer 4.1

These new Data Miner 4.1 features are supported for database versions supported by …


Experience using ORAAH on a customer business problem: some basic issues & solutions

We illustrate in this blog a few simple, practical solutions for problems which can arise when developing ORAAH mapreduce applications for the Oracle …


Oracle Database 12c as a JSON Document Store

Today we are enabling developers to build applications in a new way against the Oracle Database: developers can build document-centric applications …


Announcing Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph (Adding Location and Graph Analysis to Big Data)

We have just shipped a new big data product. Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph offers a set of analytic services and data models that support Big …


Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph Says "Hello World!"

Oracle just shipped a very cool new product, Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph which offers 1) a scalable, distributed property graph database with …


Big Data and the Future of Privacy

What is privacy and what does it really mean for big data? Some say that privacy and big data are incompatible. Recall Mark Zuckerberg's comments in …

Big Data

to-Insight for Wargaming.net

Learn how Wargaming.net handles over 300 billion events from millions of eager gamers every day - Oracle Big Data Appliance accelerates time to …

Big Data

Big Data and the Future of Privacy

This is part 2 of a review of a paper titled Big Data and the Future of Privacy from the Washington University in St. Louis School of Law where the …


Big Data and the Future of Privacy

This is part 3 of a review of a paper titled Big Data and the Future of Privacy from the Washington University in St. Louis School of Law where the …

Big Data

Big Data = Bigger Responsibility

“Companies of all sizes and in virtually every industry are struggling to manage the exploding amounts of data,” says Neil Mendelson, vice president …

Big Data

The Internet of Things: Managing the Complexity

Diversity of Big Data Sources Creates Big Security Challenges

According to Oracle’s Neil Mendelson, many companies today make a key mistake in setting up their big data environments. “In an effort to gain …