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By Keith Laker | Welcome to my monthly magazine that aims to collect all the latest news stories on data warehousing, SQL analytics, big data and related technologies from the various Oracle Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, YouTube videos and our blogs. The magazine is published at the end of each month.

Data Warehousing and Big Data from an Oracle Perspective: Welcome


#Oracle DW-Big Data Monthly Roundup
Welcome to the new Oracle Data Warehousing, SQL Analytics and Big Data blog. Here I will try to cover …

Larry Ellison Demonstrates Cloud Migration

Watch Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman and CTO of Oracle, move a database and a Java application from an on-premise deployment to the Oracle Cloud.


Are you leveraging Oracle's database innovations for Cloud and Big data?

If you are interested in big data, Hadoop, SQL and data warehousing then mark your calendars because on March 18th at 10:00AM PST/1:00PM EST, you will …


Memory Demo

Maria Colgan gives an Oracle Database In-Memory Demo during the Database General Session at OpenWorld 2014.


Business Intelligence in the Cloud: Do More with Less

This webcast explores how Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service is the most comprehensive, secure cloud in the market that allows one to …


Oracle Engineered Systems Customer Showcase

Andrew Buss
Consulting Manager Europe, Data Center Infrastructure and Client Devices - IDC

Andrew Buss is a consulting manager in IDC's Western …


New Way to Enable Parallel DML

This post was triggered by Jonathan Lewis' tweet here.
The conventional way of enabling parallel DML is to enable it with an ALTER SESSION command as …


Oracle - Virtual Technology Summit

Available On-Demand

The Oracle Technology Network (OTN) is excited to invite you to the next Virtual Technology Summit. Learn first hand from Oracle …


Data Warehousing and Big Data from an Oracle Perspective: Why SQL is the natural language for data analysis

Why SQL is the natural language for data analysis

Analytics is a must-have component of every corporate data warehousing and big data project. It is …

Data Warehousing and Big Data from an Oracle Perspective: Part 2 - Why SQL is the natural language for data analysis

Part 2 - Why SQL is the natural language for data analysis

In the first part (Why SQL is the natural language for data analysis)of this series of blog …

Data Warehousing and Big Data from an Oracle Perspective: Why SQL Part 3 - Simple optimization makes life simpler

Why SQL Part 3 - Simple optimization makes life simpler

In the second part of this series of posts (Why SQL Part 2 - It has a powerful framework) I …

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality

Do you know what's in your data? Oracle Enterprise Data Quality is an end-to-end enterprise data quality solution spanning both customer and product …


Unlock the hidden value of enterprise data with HERE Maps and Oracle Business Analytics

Every enterprise wants to create a competitive advantage by gaining a deeper understanding of their key performance metrics.

Thanks to Business …

Pain Point #6: “We need to build 10s of thousands of models fast to meet business objectives”

The last pain point in this series on Addressing Analytic Pain Points, involves one aspect of what I call massive predictive modeling. Increasingly, …


PulteGroup Ensures Core Business Objectives with Oracle

Big Data Architecture

Big data is not just another silo, and you shouldn’t build a big data architecture that way. See how to build a big data architecture that will help …

Big Data

Enterprise Big Data Predictions for 2015

Large companies realize that the big data bell tolls for them, not just for startups. 2015 will be a big year for big data in the enterprise. Here …


One Fast Query On All Your Data

Oracle Big Data SQL enables a single query using Oracle SQL to access data in Oracle Database, Hadoop, and many other sources. So people and …


Unified Query: SQL for All Seasons

In a recent interview, the topic of "a SQL for All Seasons" came up. Initially, the phrasing made me think we were going to about a database that …


De Persgroep Uses Oracle Big Data Appliance

Internet of Things Transforms Passenger Experience at Cotral

To maintain its leadership in public transportation, Cotral deployed an Internet of Things architecture with geospatial, mobility, and analytics. …


Neustar Drives Cloud

Learn how Neustar uses Oracle Database 12c security, scalability, HA, and spatial and graph features for their cloud-based marketing analytics …


Introducing Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data!

Big data systems and big data analytics solutions are becoming critical components of modern information management architectures. Organizations …

Big Data

How to Future Proof Your Big Data Investments - An Oracle webcast with Cloudera

Cutting through the Big Data Clutter
The Big Data world is changing rapidly, giving raise to new standards, languages and architectures. Customers are …


Hive, Pig, Spark - Choose your Big Data Language with Oracle Data Integrator

The strength of Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) has always been the separation of logical design and physical implementation. Users can define a logical …


Seven Potential Potholes To Avoid On The Way To Big Data Success

In principle, big data makes big promises to business. On a practical level, though, big data projects can be ornery and expensive, which will come as a surprise to almost no one.

Peter Heller, Oracle’s senior director for marketing who works with many of Oracle’s customers on their big data …

Big Data

What you need to know about Big Data, by Oracle's Babar Jan-Haleem