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25 Added | 1 Magazine | 235 Followers | @dw_oracle | KEITH LAKER - ABOUT ME I have been working with Oracle technology for over 20 years working on a wide variety of data warehouse projects both as a consultant and an onsite support engineer. I am now part of the Data Warehouse Product Management Team and I am based in the UK. A key part of my role is to work with our sales teams to brief our customers on Big Data: explaining the wide variety of opportunities that Big Data can deliver and how our product strategy can support these new and exciting opportunities. I also deliver sales training for Big Data across all our sales regions and I support the sales teams by providing competitive intelligence for all the big data vendors.

From Relational Table(s) to Property Graph

Lately, I have got quite a few questions on how to convert a<br>relational data source (tables or views) to a property graph. It<br>is actually …


Part 1 in a Series: CUST_INSUR_LTV

By: Charlie Berger | Sr. Dir. Product Management, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning<p><b>Part 1</b> (of a planned series of blog posts)<b>:</b> Here are a few …

Data Science

Group-by and Aggregation Elimination

I get a fair number of questions on query transformations, and it’s especially true at the moment because we’re in the middle of the Oracle Database …


KISS series on Analytics: 23 Converting rows into string lists


How to Use SQL Plan Management

IntroductionIn December I posted an entry on the subject of SQL plan management (SPM). It was inspired by questions raised at Oracle Open World 2015 …


In-Memory Parallel Query

In an earlier post we looked at how you can see if a query uses Oracle Database In-Memory (DBIM) or In-Memory Parallel Query (IMPQ). In this post …


Big Data SQL Quick Start. Security - Part4.

Big Data SQL is the way to acsess data that stored in HDFS through Oracle RDBMS, using Oracle external table mechanism. In context of security …


Is an approximate answer just plain wrong?

We are starting to see a significant change in the way we analyze data as a result of the growth of interest in big data and the newer concept of …


Big Data SQL Quick Start. Joins. Bloom Filter and other features - Part5.

Big Data SQL has perfect wonderful heritage from the Oracle RDBMS. One of those representative is Bloom Filter. This feature was available in Oracle …


Common Distribution Methods in Parallel Execution

Parallel execution uses the producer/consumer model when executing a SQL statement. The execution plan is divided up into DFOs, each DFO is executed …


SQL Pattern Matching Deep Dive - Part 3, greedy vs. reluctant quantifiers

<i>Picture courtesy of Pixabay</i>Welcome to the third post in this deep-dive series on SQL pattern matching using the <b>MATCH_RECOGNIZE</b> feature that is part …



Oracle’s Software in Silicon Technology: Data Analytics Accelerators (DAX)


Oracle Big Data Integration

2:20<p>Oracle Data Integration Solutions provide a comprehensive suite of technologies to convert big data into tangible decisions.

Data Management

Chalk Talk: How to Raise Trust and Transparency in Big Data

9:48<p>Crucial big data projects fail due to lack of trust in data. Data is not transparent and governing it becomes a costly overhead. Oracle Metadata …

Big Data

Chalk Talk

6:39<p>Unlock the potential of your data with a non-technical, web-based tool that minimizes data preparation time for your big data projects. Oracle …

Big Data

Cloud Security Rules of Thumb

3:52<p>Oracle CTO and Executive Chairman of the Board, Larry Ellison, discusses two key “rules of thumb” for effective cloud security: pushing security …


Securing the Oracle Public Clouds

0:34<p>Oracle CTO and Executive Chairman of the Board, Larry Ellison, summarizes hybrid cloud security using encryption, key management, and auditing in …


Oracle Hybrid Cloud

1:22<p>Oracle hybrid cloud models provide customers with automated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), supporting customers in migrating their …

Hybrid Clouds

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#Oracle DW-Big Data Monthly Roundup<br>Welcome to the new Oracle Data Warehousing, SQL Analytics and Big Data blog. Here I will try to cover anything and …