Dusty Wagon

20 Flips | 1 Magazine | 1 Like | 2 Following | 1 Follower | @duswag | Dusty Wagon is the alias used for all artistic output created by London born musician Nick Young. Once singer and co writer for the Rock band ICINI, Nick mainly works alone writing and performing all aspects of his art. “Rather than being pigeon holed into one type of genre or output, I never say never to any style of music. I’m not looking for fame or fortune, just an outlet for my creativity. If other people enjoy my output then that’s even better….. I hope you enjoy my music, mumblings and attempts to create no matter what channel! Nick Young aka Nick Young

My signed copy of #Nocturnes by #Littleboots great album!

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Artist Statement<p>I mainly focus on photographing forgotten and derelict locations showing the viewers a dystopian world. Dystopia: An imagined place …

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