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The Best HomeKit Products We’d Buy with HomePod (Updated)

The HomePod is available now and it’s better time than ever for Apple users to turn their home into a smart home, or at least start moving in that …

Home Automation

The OXYGEN Bomb: Place This Wherever You Want To CLEAR Toxins And Negative Energy From The Air In Your Home

Do you often suffer from headaches, dizziness, or get colds every once in a while even though you take good care of yourself? If the answer is yes, …

Trailing Plants Are the Big Garden Trend You’ll See in 2018


房屋面积:100㎡<p>房屋结构:两室两厅<p>费用:8万元半包<p><i>(户型图)</i><p><b>『 玄 关 』</b><p>▲<p>进门鞋柜麻质的收纳盒、闹钟、烛台<p>让空间氛围更休闲<p><b>『 客 厅 』</b><p>▲<p>客厅家具以混搭的元素来整体搭配<p>单独配的新中式鼓瓷凳<p>用白色呈现,可以恰到好处融合<p>▲<p>一整面直线型蓝色墙面造型<p>为整个空间点缀色<p>简单干净利索,跟餐厅呼应<p>▲<p>黑色皮质沙发和布艺沙发材质对比<p>让简单空间呈现不同材质层次<p>丰富空间<p><b>『 厨 房 』</b><p>▲<p>厨房用原木色门板搭配白色台面深浅搭配<p><b>『 餐 厅 』</b><p>▲<p>转角的卡座可以容纳多人<p>兼顾美观和实用<p>▲<p>这样可以清楚看到顶面和挂画、卡座软包<p>颜色都是呼应<p>有梦境般的感觉<p>▲<p>配了两把蓝色椅子跟空间整体呼应<p>画面左手边清晰可以看到<p>一块单独黑板漆让孩子有自己 …

Top 12 Succulents for Home Gardens

Echeveria<p>The crown jewels of the rosette-forming succulents, easy-care <i>Echeveria</i> come in a rainbow of colors and can be easily found at nurseries. …


有人说,最理想的生活是:<p>在大城市奋斗,在小城市生活。<p><b>- 庭院 生活</b><b>-</b><p>走过红尘岁月,<p>看尽人世繁华,<p>回归平淡人生。<p>人世间太拥挤,<p>只求老去之时,<p>能有自己的一方小天地。<p>让奔波不安的灵魂,<p>得到诗意的栖居。<p>春夏秋冬,画画读书喝茶,<p>只闻花香,不谈喜悲。<p>若能偶尔约上两三好友,<p>更是妙不可言。<p>人生短暂,<p>把握当下的每一秒。<p>去追寻自己内心的快乐,<p>不枉人间走一遭。<p>你认为值得的,就去守候;<p>你认为幸福的,就去珍惜。<p>花花世界,人世喧嚣。<p>别人的眼光,其实没那么重要。<p>用一种平和恬淡的心境,<p>一颗自由的心,<p>一份简单细致的人生态度,<p>过平静的一生。

23 Adorable DIY Ways To Show Off Your Plants

Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a tiny windowsill, these garden projects will put a ~spring~ in your step.


12 Genius Things Your Kitchen Sink Needs Right Now

You're going to love your clutter-free countertops.<p>Limited on cooking space? No problem. All of these genius products are designed to serve multiple purposes, save countertop space or just make your kitchen more streamlined and efficient in general.

10 Genius Amazon Products Your Shower Needs Right Now

Trust us, suction cups are your friends.<p>For many of us, the time we spend shampooing our hair is the most relaxing part of the day. Nothing ruins that zen experience faster than a grimy shower. These products are designed to keep your tub cleaner for longer — or further enhance that relaxing …

This Is the Reason Your Succulents Are Dying (Overwatering Isn't the Problem)

Buy a succulent, they said. They're impossible to kill, they said. If you're having trouble keeping this popular living décor item alive in your …

The monstera is the very best houseplant

It can survive your neglect and laziness!<p>Houseplants are hard. A few years ago, I carried a trendy fiddle-leaf fig tree 15 blocks from a nursery to my apartment. It was dead within three weeks.<p>Turns out, the fiddle-leaf fig tree is incredibly finicky, and keeping it alive requires an alchemical …

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue: Modern Style for a Retro Houseplant

Sansevieria trifasciata, snake plant, mother-in-law’s tongue, sword of Saint George. No matter what you call this houseplant, the West African native …


17 Charts For People Who Love Plants But Can't Keep Anything Alive

You'll be a pro in no time.


Everyone on Pinterest Is Obsessed With Indoor Vines

They instantly give your home a touch of enchantment.<p>Houseplants have the ability to help you relax, concentrate and destress after a long day — and that's just reserved for small varieties that sit in a pot on your table. Imagine how mood-altering adding a bunch of vine plants all over your house …

12 of the Best Plants for Kids' Bedrooms

None of these quirky beauties need a lot of care or attention.<p>Houseplants shouldn't just be limited to the living room. When it comes to children's bedrooms, choose plants that "have something quirky about them, even verging on the macabre," Ian Drummond and Kara O'Reilly suggest in their new book,</i> …

Here’s the Latest Low-Maintenance Plant Trend Taking Over Pinterest

<i>Gardening season has officially begun, and we are all about that jungalow life. Whether you’re looking to up your indoor plant game or are down to get your hands dirty with your first veggie garden, we’re here to help you take your #plantlady status to the next level. Happy digging, all!</i><p>Some of the …

18 Strange, But Also Beautiful, Houseplants You Never Knew Existed

We want one of each, please.<p>You can probably recognize a cactus without a second glance. Even snake plants are becoming more and more common. But what about donkey tails? Or trachyandra (say that five times fast). If you already have a home filled with plant babies that all look the same, you might …