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The One Question I Ask To Stop Negative Thoughts From Ruining My Day

No meditation needed.<p><i>This piece originally appeared on Shine, a free daily text service, and is reprinted with permission.</i><p>I like to think I’m an unofficial expert on negative thinking. It’s not unusual for me to start and finish the day ruminating on something that <i>could</i> go wrong–but most likely …

Inspiring America: Meet the Man Behind Sweet Heat Jam

Born with Down Syndrome, Nolan Stilwell runs the successful Sweet Heat Jam brand and his team is made of four employees and interns — all young adults with disabilities.

Delaying the Grade: How to Get Students to Read Feedback

<b>I have a confession to make: I am terrible at handing back papers.</b> That sounds silly, right? I mean, you literally just hand the paper to the kid …

Here’s How To Find A Minute Of Mindfulness Anywhere

You can practice this super-simple meditation throughout the day.<p>Everyone’s mind wanders.<p>Mindfulness is paying attention to what’s happening in the present moment. So if you’re aware that your mind is wandering, you’re halfway to a successful mindfulness practice.<p>The other half of mindfulness is …

The Assault on Colleges — and the American Dream

The country’s most powerful engine of upward mobility is under assault.<p>Public colleges have an unmatched record of lofting their students into the middle class and beyond. For decades, they have enrolled teenagers and adults from modest backgrounds, people who are often the first member of their …

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Why Believing in Your Students Matters

Similar Articles Added Earlier<p>The biggest and most complex challenge facing educators today is students not paying attention or participating in …

The Management Secret That Makes SNL’s Chaotic Writers Room Succeed

Lorne Michaels shares how he’s harnessed his team’s “collective intelligence” for over 40 years.<p>You’ve been invited to join one of two teams of comedy writers working on a TV show.<p>The first group, Team A, is composed of exceptionally smart comedians. They’re polite and courteous to each other, and …

Be kind to people! We never know what load they are carrying!

10 Strategies to Improve Instructional Leadership

I still vividly remember my early years as an assistant principal and principal. Instructional leadership was a routine part of the job along with …


Where Sixth-Graders Run Their Own City

The idea is to improve kids’ economic knowledge—and it appears to be working.<p>It’s 9:45 a.m., and the “game” officially begins in one hour. Dozens of Finnish sixth-graders are standing nervously in cubicles in a 6,000 square-foot space resembling a miniature city, equipped with its own city hall, …


How A Good Teacher Becomes Great


5 ways to gauge student engagement: #edchat

Student engagement... a topic that is commonplace in schools and school districts around the world. The goal being that we want to have highly …


“Threshold Model of Collective Behaviour”

As a basketball fan, I was fascinated listening to this podcast by Malcolm Gladwell (you can read the whole transcript here as well), discussing Wilt …

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5 Characteristics of a School Leader

There are a lot of characteristics that are important that define a good administrator. I am going to list 5 that I think are key to being a …


Stop telling kids you’re bad at math. You are spreading math anxiety ‘like a virus.’

When I read the following post, I was chagrined to see myself in it. Are you? Here’s why you need to change your tune. This was written by Petra Bonfert-Taylor, a professor of engineering at Dartmouth College and a 2016 Public Voices Fellow of the OpEd Project, a non-profit working to increase the …


Laugh, Cry, and Think.

In what is probably my favourite speech of all time, these words from Jim Valvano as he was fighting his battle with cancer, resonate with me …


Gold Standard PBL: Student Voice & Choice | Blog | Project Based Learning

March 28, 2016<br>Gold Standard PBL: Student Voice & Choice<p>Like a lot of things about PBL, student voice and choice sounds simple on the surface but has …


3 critical communication mistakes great leaders don't make

Even though communication is often referred to as "soft skills" a more appropriate term is critical skills.<p>If you look at any workplace issue, at the root you see a communication problem, which affects workplace relationships.<p>Leaders rely on critical communication skills to resolve conflict, …


Why do you teach? sketchnote via @sylviaduckworth #edchat #education #parenting #teaching

How the Power of Interest Drives Learning

In recent years researchers have begun to build a science of interest, investigating what interest is, how interest develops, what makes things …


Connected students voice opinions because the believe their voices matter @sylviaduckworth @JCasaTodd #edchat

The biggest indictment of our schools is not their failure to raise test scores

The latest results are available from the annual Gallup poll of middle and high school students. Over 920,000 students participated last fall. Here …


The Skills and Dispositions of Accomplished Administrators

In schools today the pace of change and shifting sands are quick. Skilled administrators need to wear many hats and be strategic yet operational at …

Keeping Up, NOT Catching Up

When I first started teaching, no matter how well I planned, there were always some students who did not do well on the summative assessment. Other …


What Character Strengths Should Educators Focus On and How?

Educators of all ages, from kindergarten through college, are quickly realizing that academic skills aren’t enough to ensure student success. …


101 Ways For Teachers To Be More Creative


Designing Curriculum That Teachers Will Actually Use

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