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Democrats target Republican ties to Koch brothers

Koch Brothers

Senate Democratic Campaign Arm to Go After Paul Ryan’s ‘Koch Budget’

Alex Seitz-Wald<p>April 1, 2014, 7:50 a.m.<p>Doub­ling down on their strategy of at­tack­ing the Koch broth­ers, Demo­crats are launch­ing a new cam­paign …

Dems target House GOP Senate hopefuls after Ryan vote

Six House Republicans who are running for Senate this year in competitive states voted for the House GOP's 2015 budget -- and Democrats wasted no …


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Harry Reid: GOP Budget A Blueprint For 'Koch-Topia'

Sahil Kapur<p>Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) was on message Tuesday, melding his relentless attacks on the billionaire Koch brothers with a …

Democrats back rhetoric with cash in fight against Koch brothers

Thirty million dollars from Koch brothers-backed groups later, Democrats are putting their money where their mouth is.<p>Their efforts to fight back …

Freedom Partners ad accuses Rep. Bruce Braley of giving 'special favors' to insurers by voting for Obamacare

A new ad by Freedom Partners -- a group that has served as a hub for funding by billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch -- recently began …

Dem Campaigns Adopt 'Addicted to Koch' Attack Line

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee liked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's recent quip that Republican Senate candidates are "addicted to Koch" so much they're launching a campaign around it, starting in Alaska.<p>Reid, of course, was referring to billionaire brothers David and Charles …

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Koch Brothers

The Ryan Budget Is The Blueprint For a Koch-Topia


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If Mexico doesn’t pay, who will?

Liberals’ favorite villain: Why Democrats really love to hate the Koch brothers

The key to the Democrats' strategy: Koch financial and political interests have unpopular ramifications everywhere<p>A couple of weeks ago, Democrats all of a sudden and in unison began setting up the billionaire Koch brothers as their ideological foils, without offering up much in the way of an …

Reid To Donors: Koch Brothers Could End The Democratic Majority

Sahil Kapur<p>Senate Democratic leaders really want to run against the Koch brothers in the 2014 mid-term elections.<p>A recent fundraising letter penned …

Koch Brothers

Begich targets Kochs in TV ad

Updated 03/10/2014 11:41 AM EDT<p>Alaska Sen. Mark Begich will release his first television ad Monday, an attack on the conservative Koch brothers’ group Americans for Prosperity for the ads it’s been running against Begich this year.<p>“First it was a D.C. actress pretending to be an Alaskan,” says a …

Koch Industries

"Into The Ground"

Hagan slams the Koch brothers

Vulnerable Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan shrugged off the massive amounts of money being spent in her race by a group backed by the Koch brothers, saying her state’s residents will stop them from trying to “buy” her seat in the Senate.<p>“The people in North Carolina are not going to let the billionaire …

Koch Brothers


Koch Brothers Ad Attacking Mary Landrieu Uses Paid Actors

<b>A new political attack ad from the Koch brothers-funded group Americans for Prosperity calls on Louisianans to tell Sen. Mary Landrieu that Obamacare</b> …