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34 Behind The Scenes Photos That Will Change The Way You Look At Classic Movies

No going back.<p>All pictures via Movies In The Making.

Photos: The Rise of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam and More

23<p>Seattle, 1983.<p>Next Slide<p>Trending<p>Ranked on a scale from 1 to 10, the trending score reflects the number of users reading a story in real time.<p>What …

Smashing Pumpkins

Rock on the Simpsons

This cover appeared on the November 28, 2002 issue of <i>Rolling Stone</i> and is based on the album cover for Nirvana's <i>Nevermind</i>.

The Simpsons

100 Best Debut Albums of All Time

4th and Broadway/Island 1987<p>Laid-back and diamond-sharp, Rakim was the finest rapper of the Eighties, and this album is a big reason why. <i>Paid in Full</i> …

Rap & Hip-Hop

100 Greatest Guitarists

We assembled a panel of top guitarists and other experts to rank their favorites and explain what separates the legends from everyone else. Featuring …


These Ads Perfectly Illustrate The Complexities Of Depression

Samaritans of Singapore created this series of print ads that use hidden messages to show the difficulties of living with depression.

The 40 Greatest Stoner Albums

In celebration of <i>Rolling Stone</i>'s pot-centric new issue, we present this fully-baked list of the 40 best stoner albums ever. Our picks range from …


13 Utterly Disappointing Facts About Books



10 Reasons Michelle Chamuel Is The Most Adorkable Singer Ever

The Voice finalist has been called "medicine for the world". She is dropping it low for all the nerds out there.

Snowden’s Chinese Fans

While the U.S. government readies its response to Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor hiding in Hong Kong with U.S. intelligence documents, he is embarking on his own diplomacy. Snowden is greeting his new hosts, appealing to Hong Kong to treat him fairly, and offering a …

12 Scientific Ways Reading Can Actually Improve Your Life

It prevents Alzheimer's! Also, it makes you sexier.

8 Celebrities Who Got It Right About Gay Marriage

Nail-on-head quotes about marriage equality.

24 Unexpectedly Awesome Lego Creations

Not every LEGO creation needs to follow the manual. Sometimes not doing things by the book can lead to some pretty incredible builds.

Iron Man

Here's An Excellent Presentation About The Rise Of Mobile And The Massive Implications

It's on the rise of mobile and what it means for the industry.<p>It's full of great charts like the one on the right about Microsoft. We first spotted it on Slideshare. We asked Evans if we could republish it, and he said yes.<p>Anyway … dig in!

Why Chinese college graduates aren’t getting jobs

The term “hardest job-hunting season in history” has become a buzzword in China recently. According to China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security,6.99 million students will be graduating institutions of higher education this year, a record high since the establishment of the People’s …

The K-Pop Plastic Surgery Obsession

Inspired by pop stars and encouraged by culture that equates success with physical beauty, the "self-racism subtext" of buying an ideal Korean face<p>When 17-year-old Hailey Kim looks in the mirror, she doesn't see a pretty person. Her face is too round, she thinks; her lips too thin, her nose not …

14 Exasperating Parts Of The Job Interview

By some miracle of the universe, you finally got a job interview!!! ZOMG. Now comes the hard part.

27 Slightly Annoying Things About Being A Girl

I'm not saying other people don't have it worse, I'm just saying being a girl is kind of a hassle.

The 17 Creepiest Cats You Meet On OkCupid

I mean, one of these guys could be your cat-mate.<p>Inspired by this beautiful tumblr post.

The Breeders: LSXX Album Review

Before they could legally drink, the Deal twins, armed with one guitar and two mics, were fixtures in the scuzziest bars of Dayton, Ohio, where legend has it their salty-sweet harmonies could make even the motorcycle dudes cry. The year was 1978, maybe 79. Like the bikers, Kim and Kelley listened …

June 2013

June 2013

65 Books You Need To Read In Your 20s

The books that will move you, inspire you, make you cry, make you think, make you laugh. Even if you read them in high school or college, you'll have a different perspective on them now that you're Out In The World. (Trust me.)<p><i>With extra-special thanks for their suggestions to the BuzzFeed</i> …

The Evolution of the Web, in a Blink

The Web browser you’re probably using to read this article is a small marvel of engineering. It can be broken down into many discrete parts—a URL bar, a set of bookmarks, perhaps a built-in video player. But the most important component is hidden: the “rendering engine” is the specific part of the …

The Paradox of the Proof

On August 31, 2012, Japanese mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki posted four papers on the Internet.The titles were inscrutable. The volume was …


Mathemusician Vi Hart Explains Space-Time with a Music Box and a Möbius Strip

If mathemusician Vi Hart — who for the past three years has been bringing whimsy to math with her mind-bending, playful, and illuminating stop-motion musical doodles — isn’t already your hero, she should be, and likely will be. (Cue in the GRAMMYs newly announced search for great music teachers.) …

Half Japanese: ½ Gentlemen / Not Beasts Album Review

“You can learn the names of notes and how to make chords that other people use, but that’s pretty limiting,” wrote David Fair in his mini-manifesto <i>How to Play Guitar.</i> “If you ignore the chords your options are infinite and you can master guitar playing in one day.” Listen to <i>½ Gentlemen / Not …