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By Jim Carey | A Celebration of Life

Tokyo Road

1 Million People Follow This Photographer On Instagram, And After Seeing His Pics It’s No Wonder Why

They say practice makes perfect, so photographer Jason M. Peterson should be pretty close to excellence by now. During the last 25 years, Peterson …


Brilliant Photos of Campsites Under the Stars

Let this gallery of stunning nighttime shots inspire your outdoor-sleeping adventures.<p>There's nothing quite like sleeping under the stars. Whether you've set up your tent in the middle of the desert, next to a glistening lake, or atop a snowy mountain, the night sky provides the perfect canvas for …


Kyoto Reflection

15 beautiful photographs that will convince you to rewrite your bucket list

I Gave My 3-Year-Old Daughter a DSLR, and Here’s What Happened

My 3-year-old daughter is at that phase in which she wants to do everything that daddy does. Apparently photography is not immune to this phase and …


Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2017

These images have been selected for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. They show in a very strong way insolite animals behaviors. The …


Shortlist for Royal Photographic Society's weather contest

The UK's Royal Meteorological Society and The Royal Photographic Society have announced the shortlist for the 2017 contest, with submissions from …

A Sunset in Okinawa

Bridges Of Prague

Photographic treasures from India

To mark the 70th anniversary of Indian independence, an exhibition of photographs examines some of the earliest documentation of the country.


10+ Of The Most Epic Long Exposure Shots Ever

Usually, we are viewing photos that capture a short moment in time, but these pictures are completely different. The intent of long exposure …


These unbelievable space images of Earth at night are a bunch of beautiful fakes

Nothing makes me feel more connected to the rest of the human race than seeing images of Earth from space, especially those taken at night.<p>National borders vanish, and rivers of light unite our towns and cities into a single glowing tapestry. It makes the planet resemble a giant, glowing, …


Dunedin colors

Mike Dempsey and the Difficulties of Gravity

Mike Dempsey’s photographs show a hilarious take on the small inconveniences associated with gravity.Based in Los Angeles, California, Mike Dempsey …


Photos of Pet Brothers from Other Mothers

If you’re a fan of cute animal photos, look no further than the Pet Brothers from Other Mothers collection by the UK-based photo library Warren …


The Coolest Photography Links Of The Week

There has certainly been a lot of excitement in the field of photography this week with many great photographers and writers sharing content online …


The Bookstore Incident Continues | Mutual Manifesting

May 30, 2016 – So after we had a snack in Starbucks at Chapters, Jim and I looked at raw vegan books and cookbooks, with Jim commenting on how happy …

My Hawaii on Flipboard

By Jim Carey | A Maui point of view<p>Jim Carey is creating Health and Fitness News and Views.<p>Become a patron of Jim Carey today: Read 29 posts by Jim …

There's Something Unsettling About These Eerily Empty Photographs

You won't believe how he does it.<p>Along shaded boardwalks and beneath the foggy shine of streetlights, a photographer encapsulates the chill of night in a series of strikingly cinematic images. In his series, <i>Night Gardens</i>, Belgian photographer Jan Pypers creates intensely moody and ethereal scenes …

26 Sizzling Photos to Get Your Summer Started

Things are starting to heat up as the 2017 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest comes to a fiery finish.<p>Most of us crave heat–whether it's in the form of food, weather, or energy. It can rejuvenate our minds or charge our bodies to take action. We travel to hot climates for …

Travel Photography

Martin Gonzalez's Hypnotic Black and White Seascapes

<i>All images by Martin Gonzalez. Used with permission.</i><p>Photographer Martin Gonzalez describes himself as a “regular dude with a camera.” He works during …


Our 10 Favorite Reader Photos from the "Travel & Landscape Photography" Assignment

What makes a great travel or landscape photo? Many things, of course, but we’ve found that the best images always tell some sort of story.<p>For this …


The Best of the Photography World This Past Week

The world of photography is an exciting place right now with artists and writers from all genres creating terrific content. In this weeks post we …


Kirkjufell Islande

Bohey Dulang: A panorama of East Borneo Sabah Islands - (Explored)

Photographer of the Month: Thomas Heaton

I’m really excited to share this month’s inspirational photographer: Thomas Heaton. Many of you might already know of him through his engaging …

Grand Canyon

<b><br>Welcome to awesome Photos of the Grand Canyon. There is a Grand Canyon of Yellowstone which is nice, but no comparison to the beauty and<br>Grandeur of</b> …