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Food & Drink | Braised Lamb Shanks

Melina Hammer is back today with a recipe that’s perfect for winter evenings full of family and friends. If you’re looking for a straightforward but


Wire Your Arduino Sensors to the Cloud with Temboo Streaming

Our friends at Temboo just introduced a new way to log data from an Arduino Yún to the cloud. Called Streaming, it lets you visually select the …


Drop a beat with this ATmega328 based drum box

As his a fall semester final project, Maker Ole-Birger Neergård has created an ATmega328 powered DIY drum machine — aptly dubbed 7-BIT BEAT BOXXX —

Installing RetroPie/EmulationStation onto Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+ (Playstation 1 Emulator Included!)

GoalInstalling RetroPie through Raspberry Pi's OS (Raspbian) and also enabling Playstation 1 Emulator in RetroPie. I'll also teach you how to write …


6 Awesome Free eBooks on Arduino

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6 Awesome Free eBooks on Arduino

This interesting collection of Arduino ebooks with help everyone from newbies to pros. These free


Complete DIY Raspberry Pi Weather Station with Software

Back in late February I saw this post on the Raspberry Pi site. http://www.raspberrypi.org/school-weather-station-...They had created Raspberry Pi …


Motion Detection Alarm System

A basic USB camera can be used to detect motion in a room. In the following steps we will show you how you can use Reactive Blocks to program a ready …


This Emulator Turns an Arduino Uno into an Apple II

The Apple II holds a special place, not just as a piece of computing history, but also in the hearts of lots of the people that used it back in the day. Alongside machines like the TRS-80 and, at least over here in Britain, the BBC Model B — which was one of the inspirations behind the Raspberry Pi …

Apple II

Arduino-Controlled Coffee Oven Wins GE Hackathon

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a home appliance hackathon at GE’s FirstBuild facility in Louisville, Kentucky. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering how anyone really could go about “hacking” an appliance. I was pleasantly surprised, and I think you will be …


Erbbie - Desktop Smart Garden

Erbbie, pronounced Kirby with an "H", is a DIY desktop smart garden designed to give everyone a green thumb. Made from an up-cycled mason jar, …


Arduino Clocks

Arduino based clocks for project inspiration. null null Lite Brite LED clock Pong Clock Binary metric clock; easy Arduino project. Solar-Oriented, …


baked ham with pineapple glaze

This is my mom's recipe for a baked ham. It's one of my favorite things to eat during the holidays, and now that I have the recipe, it might be …


How to use graphical programming software to program Arduino and robots?

Hi everyone, last time I saw a funny robot to teach kids robotics(you can get more information on their Kickstarter page). But I am more interested …


Little trick for desoldering through hole components

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to desolder a component from a board, wishing you had one more hand?This trick can help you with some of the …


Raspberry Pi Solar Weather Station

Spurred on by the completion of my two previous projects, the Compact Camera and Portable Games Console, I wanted to find a new challenge. The …

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Portable Games Console

Building this Portable Games Console is possibly the most fun I've had using a Raspberry Pi. And it's not just the build that's fun; I've now got a …


Mini Arduino CNC

This instructable shows you how to build a cheap and easy, but very small CNC using Arduino UNO. You can use it to mill thin wood, different foams or …

Computer Hardware

How to make a cheap Attiny Arduino Board

Well most of time i get troubled when i need Arduino in some projects where i need few I/O pinsWell thanks to Arduino-Tiny platform Arduino program …



In this instructable you will learn how to connect your Raspberry Pi to a Bluetooth OBD-II adapter and display realtime engine data to your cars …


Intro to Stepper Motors

If you've ever had the pleasure of dismantling an older printer to salvage electronic parts (I highly recommend this weekend activity if you haven't …


Raspberry Pi AirPlay Tube Radio

Vintage tube radios are nostalgic. The crackle of the game on the after dark high powered AM station from 500 miles away. The smell of the tubes and …


Globe of persistence of vision

Hello everyone,This tutorial shows you how to build your own globe of persistence of vision.First, what is a globe of persistence of vision? The idea …


Build a Simple, Five Part Portable Raspberry Pi

We’ve seen some cool portable Raspberry Pi projects, but they’re all pretty complex. Instructables user PiJuice takes a much simpler approach, using …

Raspberry Pi

Illumaphone: Light-based Musical Instrument with Arduino

Ever wanted to build your own electronic musical instrument? In this Instructable, I walk through the build process for my Illumaphone, a …


Arduino Guitar Pedal - Open Hardware.

pedalSHIELD is an Open-Hardware / Open-Source Arduino guitar pedal shield. It is designed as a platform to learn about digital signal processing, …

Computer Hardware

Make A Simple Bipedal Humanoid Robot

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Bipeds are really cool because they are by far the most recognisable kind of robot. Companies have spent decades and millions to make …


Update 5: Sweet! · ARDHAT: Raspberry Pi gets Real.

Here's a great excuse to consume a whole barrel of Italian Amaretti Virginia.

Ardhat lets you drive long strings of Smart LEDS directly from a …

Piccolino: Arduino Compatible + WIFI + OLED + SRAM + SD CARD

How it all begun

Hi, my name is Alex Sardo. I am the founder of World Class Technologies an innovative Software and Hardware design company which …

This Arduino-based robot responds to simple voice commands

After being disappointed with a robotic arm he received for the holidays, one Maker decided to build his own bot instead.With Maker Faire season in …


How to Set Up and Use Apple's New Photos App in OS X Yosemite

Last week, Apple released an update to Yosemite that includes a new Photos app. This app is a working replacement for iPhoto, and does much better …