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Ambilight TV

I have been always amazed by Philips Ambilight TV. Unfortunately they were pretty expensive, and this is why I have looked for an easy cheap solution …


Cake de Sophie : jambon et olives

Voici une recette inratable : un cake de Sophie Dudemaine

Ingrédients :

3 œufs, 150gr de farine, 1 sachet de levure, 10cl d’huile de tournesol, 12,5cl …

Le Cake Flammekueche du livre « Les Cakes de Sophie

La première fois que j’ai goûté ce cake, c’était justement lors d’un pique-nique…Et dès que j’ai croisé sa recette, je n’ai plus cessé de le faire ! …

Sign Up To Send Your Name To Mars With NASA

Want your name on a microchip bound for the Red Planet? It’s totally free, you’ll earn NASA “frequent flyer miles,” and your name will be on Mars. …

Mars Mission

BYJ48 Stepper Motor

Stepper Motor is a motor controlled by a series of electromagnetic coils. The center shaft has a series of magnets mounted on it, and the coils …


Humans (TV Series 2015– )


Learn How to Smoke Meats on a Gas or Charcoal Grill with This Infographic

We’ve talked about the best cooking times and temperatureswhen you’re using an electrical smoker, but what if you don’t have one of those? This …

Cool Stuff

Build Your Own Motion Control, Time-Lapse Photography Rig

Timelapse photography is great, and it’s certainly something we’ve seen DIY solutions for before. Over on Make, they show off another way to do it, …

Time-lapse Photography

Irrighino is a fully-customizable, Arduino-based watering system

Irrigation + Arduino = Irrighino!

As the Internet of Things continues to blossom, there will surely be more and more ways for you to water your lawn …


Man uses Arduino set to bring the wild to his pet's feeding routine

Tired of feeding his cat in the usual way, Ben Millam created a primal, yet techie alternative for his cat, Monkey. Millam said the project started …


28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor with ULN2003 driver and Arduino Uno

First, lets see the little steppers in action! Our main character, StepperBot, is “instructed” to move in a square path on my coffee table, making 90 …


Mycroft: An Open Source Artificial Intelligence For Everyone

Artificial Intelligence is here. Self driving cars, natural language processing and a new Jeopardy champion - all brought to you by the miracles of …

Arduino light-controlled theremin plays with light

Think “theramin” and what comes to mind? The Doctor Who music? Or the original Star Trek theme? Or perhaps even Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys? …


Raspberry Pi alternatives: 9 single-board computers for geeks

Raspberry Pi

A Bluetooth Arduino for the mobile age: LightBlue Bean+

The LightBlue Bean+ is an Arduino-compatible board that you program wirelessly using Bluetooth Low Energy.

The Bean+ is the latest addition to the …

A giant crane lifting a huge crane lifting a big crane lifting a crane

This is my favorite thing. A few years ago Liebherr showed off the power and strength of its giant mobile cranes by lifting each other. That is the …

Cool Stuff

This video of a Soyuz flight to the ISS is simply outstanding

This is so cool. Stitched together from both old and new clips of Soyuz launch footage over the years, this video shows what a Soyuz flight from …

Cool Stuff

$40 Antenna Analyzer with Arduino and AD9850

If you are a hacker, you might consider ham radio operators as innovative. Most people, however, just see them as cheap. So it is no surprise that …


Taking Basic Electronics to the Internet (IoT)

After experimenting and having fun with IoT using a Spark Core, I realized I could add a series of tutorials up on Instructables. So this …


How to Make Custom Shields for Your Microcontroller Board

Step #1: Select a set of header pins

All shields are going to use a set of header pins to connect to the microcontroller. The two most common types of header pins used on shields are male break away header pins and stacking header pins.
• The stacking header pins are female header pins that have extra …


Tour This Gorgeous Hubble Photo of the Sombrero Galaxy

The Sombrero Galaxy is 50 million light years away, but it looks much closer in this detailed image from the Hubble Space Telescope.Read more...


Lifehacker Pack for Mac: Our List of the Essential Mac Apps

There’s no shortage of useful, interesting apps for the Mac, but some of them you just can’t live without. In this year’s annual Lifehacker Pack for …

Mac Software

Automatic Fish Food Feeder using Arduino Uno

In this Instructables I'm going to show you how to build an Automatic Fish Food Feeder. So you don't have to remember to feed your fish daily because …


A Practical Introduction to IoT using Arduino, Node.js and Plotly // Adil Moujahid // Data Analytics and more

Internet of Things (IoT) has been a hot buzzword for the last few years. Simply put, IoT is the concept of connecting objects to a network in order …


Raspberry Pi Airplay Speaker

Make an Apple Watch Door Unlocker

Step #1: Build the circuit

In Steps 1 through 6 you'll build the door electronics module and install the software onto the RFduino.
• The door strike requires 12 volts while the RFduino only requires 3.3 volts. To keep things simple, we use one 12V power supply, and use a voltage regulator to step down …


An Illustrated Introduction to the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi was originally designed to be a tool for hands-on learning about how computers work. It is also a tool that can be used to make all …

Raspberry Pi

Make a High-Altitude Balloon Tracker (Arduino)

One of the coolest projects I have done so-far with my kids is a "near-space" balloon. That's not quite into space itself (100Km+) but so high that …


Arduino Stepper Motors

When we need precision and repeatability, a stepper motor is always the solution. With the way it is designed, a stepper can only move from one step …


How and Why to Add a Real Time Clock to Arduino

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Keeping time on Arduino projects isn’t as easy as you might think: once the computer connection isn’t there, your unpowered Arduino …