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Low Health Bills Slow Economy

Teasing out the link between moderation in health spending and subpar economic growth is a daunting but important task that could have a big and unpredictable impact on the American economy in the years and decades ahead.

On the one hand, the growth in health spending, which has been gobbling up a …


The Quasar Main Sequence - Sky & Telescope

A new diagram suggests two physical properties — how efficiently the black hole feeds and the system's orientation — lie behind quasars' …

Bracing for New Challenges in Year 2 of Health Care Law

The first year of enrollment under the federal health care law was marred by the troubled start of, rampant confusion among consumers and a steep learning curve for insurers and government officials alike.

But insurance executives and managers of the online marketplaces are already …

Distant Black Hole’s Spin Clocked - Sky & Telescope

A new measurement could be the farthest back in time astronomers have ever reached when measuring a black hole’s spin.

The quasar Q2237+0305 is split …


Medicare to Start Paying Doctors Who Coordinate Needs of Chronically Ill Patients

WASHINGTON — In a policy change, the Obama administration is planning to pay doctors to coordinate the care of Medicare beneficiaries, amid growing evidence that patients with chronic illnesses suffer from disjointed, fragmented care.

Although doctors have often performed such work between office …

Astronomers Happen Upon The Most Distant Lensing Galaxy Ever Discovered

Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have spotted an elliptical galaxy 9.6-billion light years from Earth that is so colossal, its gravity …


Busy Doctors, Wasteful Spending

OF all the ways to limit health care costs, perhaps none is as popular as cutting payments to doctors. In recent years payment cuts have resulted in a sharp downturn in revenue for many hospitals and private practices. What this has meant for most physicians is that in order to maintain their …

Great Discoveries Channel: Sci, Space, Tech

October 29, 2015

"There are still naysayers out there regarding Voyager 1 crossing through the heliopause--the edge of the heliosphere," says …

In 2012, the Earth Dodged a Solar Bullet

In July 2012 the Earth dodged a bullet. Or more accurately, the bullet was misaimed. But had it hit, we’d have been in big trouble.

Phil Plait writes

Coronal Mass Ejection

Fermi Finds 'Transformer' Pulsar

For the first time, scientists have watched a pulsar transition from a low-energy system to a high one.

The Black Hole That Birthed the Big Bang

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In his Allegory of the Cave, the …


Milky Way is about half as massive as Andromeda galaxy, say astronomers

An image of the Andromeda galaxy, Messier 31. Image credit: Adam Evans

Our Milky Way galaxy is less massive than astronomers previously thought, …

Andromeda Galaxy

Collider Reveals First Glimpse of Higgs Boson at Work

An extremely rare collision of massive subatomic particles could reveal the nuts and bolts of how the subatomic particles called Higgs bosons impart mass to other particles.

The Higgs boson particle, which was detected for the first time in 2012, is essentially tossed around like a ball between two …

Lawmakers Reach Deal on a Fix for V.A.’s Health Care System

House and Senate negotiators reached agreement during the weekend on a legislative package intended to stabilize the Department of Veterans Affairs’ sprawling and embattled health care system, according to people briefed on the deal.

The leaders in the negotiations — Senator Bernard Sanders, a …

The 5 Massive New Telescopes That Will Change Astronomy Forever

Why Do Other Rich Nations Spend So Much Less on Healthcare?

The U.S. delivers roughly three times as many mammograms, two-and-a-half times as many MRI scans, and a third more C-sections per capita than the average OECD country.

Despite the news last week that America's healthcare spending will not be rising at the sky-high rate that was once predicted, the …

Health Care

Busy Doctors, Wasteful Spending

OF all the ways to limit health care costs, perhaps none is as popular as cutting payments to doctors. In recent years payment cuts have resulted in a sharp downturn in revenue for many hospitals and private practices. What this has meant for most physicians is that in order to maintain their …

More Eyes on the Skies

The future, it is often said, belongs to those who plan for it. And astronomers have been busy working the proverbial smoke-filled rooms (or whatever passes for them today) where the destiny of big science is often shaped and crisscrossing one another in airports on fund-raising trips. Now they are …


What If Healthcare Spending Doesn't Destroy America?

The politics of health and the psychology of planning for the future

One of my favorite lessons from Daniel Gilbert, the Harvard psychologist, is that the future is rarely as hellish or as heavenly as we imagine it to be. It's not an argument for ignoring future realities—savings are still crucial, …

Health Care

The Global Slowdown in Medical Costs

We tend to think of health care as a local good. Most people use the doctor or hospital in their neighborhood. China does not export medical care. Health and life spans differ from country to country, even county to county.

But when it comes to health care spending, the picture is starting to look …

Stalking the Shadow Universe

For centuries people have found meaning — or thought they did — in what they could see in the sky, the shapes of the constellations echoing old myths, the sudden feathery intrusion of comets, the regular dances of the planets, the chains of galaxies, spanning unfathomable distances of time and …


Artificial spacetime experiment could show tantalizing effects of gravitational waves

The censors, name callers and twaddlers must be censored systematically

this time I suggested an IP ban, and I hope the site complies
this is ONE TIME …

Scientist find that 80 percent of all light in the Universe is missing

A New View of Europa – Phenomena: No Place Like Home

Europa is like a spherical ice cube that has partially melted. In fact, if you shook this small moon of Jupiter, you might hear a sloshing sound.

That’s because a deep, global ocean lies beneath the moon’s frozen, criss-crossed crust – an ocean that might be as much as 100 kilometers deep. In fact, …

Cool Stuff

What is the shape of the universe?

From World Science U, Science Unplugged provides hundreds of short video answers to a wide range of questions from "What is a Higgs Particle?" to …


Astronomers find supermassive black hole blasting molecular gas at 600,000 miles per hour from a galaxy

New research has solved a long-standing mystery surrounding the evolution of galaxies that deepens our understanding of the future of the Milky …


Health law covers at least 8 million

President Obama's healthcare law has reduced the number of uninsured adults by 8 million to 11 million in its first year, according to three new studies, and the vast majority report satisfaction with their new health plans.

The studies — done separately by the Commonwealth Fund, the Urban Institute …


Physicists defend Big Bang wave announcement

Cosmic swirls that were hailed earlier this year as evidence for primordial gravitational waves – ripples in spacetime dating back to the early …

How the faintest galaxies illuminated the early universe

Astronomers investigating behavior of the universe shortly after the Big Bang have made a surprising discovery: The smallest galaxies determine the …


Scientists create 3D model of massive star eruption

Astronomers have developed a 3D model of the Homunculus Nebula, a giant cloud of gas and dust ejected by the binary system Eta Carinae during its 19th century outburst

An international team of astronomers has developed a 3D model of a giant cloud ejected by the massive binary system Eta Carinae …