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Relationships among Symptom Management Burden, Coping Responses, and Caregiver Psychological Distress at End of Life | Journal of Palliative Medicine

<b>Background:</b> Family caregivers (FCGs) face numerous stressors and are at heightened risk of psychological distress. While theoretical explanations …


Timely Reporting of Palliative Care Needs Leads to More Appropriate End-of-Life Care in NSCLC

Researchers accessed the French National Hospital registry and obtained the records of 64,950 patients who died of metastatic NSCLC between 2010 and …


Hospice use among Medicare decedents has steadily increased over time

KFF analysis of a 5% sample of Medicare claims from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Chronic Conditions Data Warehouse, 2000-2016


Beyond the person in the bed

There is one distinction that makes hospice different from other areas of medicine. That distinction is the Medicare requirement stating that …


Medical Mystery: Something Happened to U.S. Health Spending After 1980

The United States devotes a lot more of its economic resources to health care than any other nation, and yet its health care outcomes aren’t better for it.<p>That hasn’t always been the case. America was in the realm of other countries in per-capita health spending through about 1980. Then it diverged.<p>…

Health Care

Better Integration of Medicaid and Federal Grant Funding Would Improve Outcomes for People with Substance Use Disorders

Rising opioid-related death rates — more than 42,000 people died in 2016 due to opioid misuse, up from 8,400 in 2000 — underscore the need to …

Health Care

Motherless, but Growing Toward the Light

Here is some gardening advice from my mother-in-law: Plant daffodils in September, tulips in October. Put jade in direct sunlight and let it get thirsty before you water it; Jade likes hardship.<p>Marriage connects two families, each with their own language, customs and way of chopping onions. Uniting …


Ten Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation

Posters are a key component of communicating your science and an important element in a successful scientific career. Posters, while delivering the …

Graphic Design

Big changes are coming for kids in foster care. 'You don't get your first year back.'

Becky Mullins' heart broke two decades ago when the 2- and 3-year-old sisters for whom she cared as a foster mother were ordered back to their …


City upbringing, without pets, boosts vulnerability to mental illness: 'Hygiene hypothesis' likely applies to psychiatric disorders too

'Hygiene hypothesis' likely applies to psychiatric disorders too<p>Children raised in a rural environment, surrounded by animals and bacteria-laden …


Your Students Learn by Doing, Not by Listening

Yet another example of why we should all be lecturing less and using active-learning strategies more in the college classroom.

College & University

RFA-AG-19-003: Small Research Grant Program for the Next Generation of Researchers in Basic Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and Alzheimers Disease Related Dementias (ADRD) Research (R03 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Use the NIH ASSIST system to prepare, submit and track your application online.<p>Use an institutional system-to-system (S2S) solution to prepare and …

Clinical Trials

The Most Inclusive U.S. Cities, Mapped

A new report finds where post-1980 economic growth has been accompanied by inclusion of low-income residents and communities of color.<p>Heads up, cities: Economic growth does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with economic and racial inclusion.<p>That’s the finding of a new, in-depth analysis by the Urban …

New Jersey

The $3-Million Research Breakdown

How a star psychiatrist at the University of Illinois at Chicago violated protocols and put children at risk.

University of Illinois

5 Secrets To Finding The Perfect Mentor

Let’s be real. Navigating your career is challenging. There are so many moving parts and sometimes, you just need someone to show you the way. I certainly did not know how to create a resume, prepare for job interviews, optimize my LinkedIn profile and grow my network until I went to career …


Always Wait for and Trust the Question

Guest Post by Aileen Gibb, Conversationalist, Master Masteries Coach (IAC), TEDx Speaker, AuthorI’ve had many powerful question moments in my two …


ONLINE CHARTS | create and design your own charts and diagrams online

Chart Tool<p>Charts are a great tool for communicating information visually. On you can design and share your own charts online and …

Data Visualization

NVivo 10 for Mac Help

Using NVivo for qualitative research<p>This topic discusses the process of qualitative research and describes different approaches you can take using …

Free online word cloud generator and tag cloud creator

×<p>Free online Wordcloud generator<p> is a free online word cloud generator and tag cloud creator. works on your PC, Tablet …


Research Guides: A Social Work Research Guide: Posters

Culture and heritage of Europe. For public domain, use the phrase "public domain" (with the quote marks) in your search and make sure that the image …


OBSSR e-Source – Software and Qualitative Analysis – 1. Learning Objectives

• Understand the main stages or steps in the analysis of qualitative data<br>• Understand the key principals for establishing rigor in qualitative …

Want to Improve Your Communication Skills? Stop Saying These 25 Words.

Stop saying these words in the office. You'll improve your communication skills and your coworkers will thank you.<p>9 min read<p>For thousands of years, our most powerful tools to change the world and our surroundings have been our words. That’s still true today.<p>From the lines you hear on TV, the …

Communication Skills

How These 4 Different Personality Types Find Motivation

People fall into one of four distinct tendencies: obliger, questioner, rebel, and upholder. Each impacts how you become motivated to accomplish things.<p>If you’ve ever wondered why some people get more things done, it may not have anything to do with their supply of willpower. They’re probably …

Ten Simple Rules for Writing a Literature Review

<b>Citation:</b> Pautasso M (2013) Ten Simple Rules for Writing a Literature Review. PLoS Comput Biol 9(7): e1003149. …

Why America’s Black Mothers and Babies Are in a Life-or-Death Crisis

<b>W</b>hen Simone Landrum felt tired and both nauseated and ravenous at the same time in the spring of 2016, she recognized the signs of pregnancy. Her beloved grandmother died earlier that year, and Landrum felt a sense of divine order when her doctor confirmed on Muma’s birthday that she was carrying a …


We Reversed Our Declining English Enrollments. Here’s How.

Humanities courses have plenty to offer every student: We simply need to get our best faculty members on the job.


Infographic: Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know About Immigrants

This infographic from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine presents ten statistics to counter common misconceptions about …

Public Servants Are Losing Their Foothold in the Middle Class

OKLAHOMA CITY — The anxiety and seething anger that followed the disappearance of middle-income jobs in factory towns has helped reshape the American political map and topple longstanding policies on tariffs and immigration.<p>But globalization and automation aren’t the only forces responsible for the …

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