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9 books the CEO of a $700 million company recommends everyone read

He's also in high demand to deliver a presentation all over Silicon Valley — not on growing a business or the future of investing, but on basic personal finance.<p>As part of that presentation, he recommends nine books for people to get better educated about their money:


The House That Calculus Built

The Integral House, a millionaire mathematician’s 18,000 square foot love letter to calculus, is a modern design masterpiece.<p>Calculus made James Stewart a millionaire. Starting in the late 1970s, when the Canadian-born mathematician published his first calculus textbook, Stewart wrote over 30 …



Here's why there's a weird plastic ball in a can of Guinness

That little gadget is called a "widget," and you should be thankful for it. It's making your beer taste like it was just poured fresh from the tap.<p>A widget is a hollow, spherical piece of plastic with a tiny hole in it — it looks like a little ping pong ball.<p>During the canning process, brewers add …


Samsung’s Latest TV Is Also An Unexpected Design Masterpiece

Designed by Studio Bourollec, the Serif is perfect for design nerds and small apartment dwellers.<p>Televisions were once built more like furniture than anything else, expected to fit into a home’s decor for decades. But in more recent times, the attention has shifted to the more gadgety aspects of a …

Emerging Technology



2015-08-19在巨人公司2015员工大会上,已经“隐退”的史玉柱现身并发表演讲。史玉柱称巨人网络的战略就是两个字,精品。他认为研发人员是公司最核心的人,相当于部队里真正打仗的人。同时,他借用了马云内部讲话来强调在公司只有三个可以谈战略:我、刘伟、纪学锋,其他人别谈战略。 史玉柱认为权利、责任、 …

Hey there, Hot Lips

I usually fall hook line and sinker for well designed/packaged stuff. Which is why i’m throwing money at the screen right now, but I can’t seem to …

Logitech Rebrands To “Logi” To Sound More Like “Siri”

Like Federal Express and Apple Computer, Logitech has shortened its brand for mainstream appeal–and the spoken UI of the future.<p>Logitech, the company most of us still know for selling that very nice computer mouse we bought around the first time we dialed in to AOL, is about to drop the “tech.” As …


China’s stock collapse still has a ways to go

The Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.3% on July 7, days after the Chinese government vowed to prop the benchmark index up. It has a lot farther to fall, says Victor Shih, professor at University of California, San Diego.<p>“[E]ven with a government rescue, it could be quite some time before the backlog …

Stock Markets

Elegant design solutions to save your food from languishing in the fridge

As life-changing as the invention of the refrigerator was, the hulking and ubiquitous appliance is a major energy consumer (pdf). It’s also a place where food can easily be forgotten—and as anyone who has found lettuce moldering at the bottom of the crisper knows, ultimately wasted.<p>The designers …


Why Samsung Design Stinks

Blame Steve Jobs Syndrome.<p>Kevin Lee calls it “Steve Jobs Syndrome.” As the former head of product strategy and user experience design at Samsung Design America, Lee watched as the $100 billion Korean tech giant wrote check after check to countless Western design firms to develop future products for …

Silicon Valley

Former Google+ designer: “What the f**k is it for, anyway?”

“Google+ has lost its way,” declares former UX designer in a blog post on Medium.<p>Former Google+ UX designer (and hashtag inventor) Chris Messina has declared Google’s social network a bust in a scathing post on <i>Medium</i>.<p>“What’s going on with Google+? Where is it headed? What the fuck is it for, …


The Billionaire Founder Of LinkedIn Explains How To Run A Great Startup

He's the founder of Linkedin, the largest professional social network worth around $28 billion, and a partner at the VC firm Greylock Partners.<p>He was also one of the early employees of PayPal, where he served as executive VP, and the co-founder of Socialnet.com, one of the first social network …

Silicon Valley

Little’s Law Is Big For Startups

<b>Editor’s note:</b> <i>Matt Oguz is managing director of Palo Alto Venture Science.</i><p>Traffic, traction, growth. We all know that these terms are prerequisites to success. As we launch our startups we hope for initial customer acceptance, which would lead to traffic, traction and growth (TTG). In some cases, …

The man who taught Warren Buffett how to manage a company

Disciples of the investing firm Berkshire Hathaway and its legendary leader, Warren Buffett, know that his mentors in investing were Benjamin Graham and Charlie Munger. But when Lawrence Cunningham, author of the recently-published <i>Berkshire Beyond Buffett</i>, asked the Berkshire CEO who should write …


Chipotle reckons 120 burritos per hour is still way too slow

Despite a successful quarter that handily beat analyst expectations, Chipotle is not satisfied. In recent earnings calls, the US fast-food chain’s co-CEO, Montgomery Moran, has provided consistent updates on one of the company’s core obsessions—serving as many people as possible during its peak …

Fast Food

国产化妆品难敌洋货 电商不疼政策不爱 - 化妆品 - 亿邦动力网

PingWest品玩, 有品好玩的科技,一切与你有关。


Dyson Builds Its First Robot. Surprise! It’s A Vacuum.

After 16 years of robotics research, Dyson unveils the 360 Eye. What took so long?<p>Depending on the camera angle, Dyson’s latest offering is either a mean looking robo-tank or an adorable little trash can. This is the 360 Eye, the first product borne from 16 years of Dyson’s robotics research.<p>Or …


Inside Hermès: Luxury's Secret Empire

Axel Dumas, sixth-generation scion of the Hermès luxury goods dynasty and since February its CEO, has a secret. Sitting in his tenth-floor office with a glittering view of Montmartre, for an appointment that’s taken weeks of negotiations, Dumas is four days away from replacing Christophe Lemaire, …


PayPal联合创始人Peter Thiel的极端焦点哲学

How Harley-Davidson Mastered Product Positioning | Inc.com

To be able to tell the world about your new product, you first need to be able to talk about it internally.<p>This is what it means to position your product. To find a great example of strong product positioning, take a look at Harley-Davidson. This is the company's internal positioning statement:<p>The …

Product Management

哈佛商业评论:物联网如何改变商业模式 | 互联网的那点事

物联网的推广对商业模式创新意义巨大,它不仅仅是指完善公众熟知的框架及简化原有的商业模式。为了从新的、基于云计算的新机遇中获得竞争优势,当今的企业需要从根本上反思他们传统的价值创造与价值获取的方式。<p>价值创造是任何商业模式的核心要素,它包括了为增加公司产品、服务的价值和提升客户购买意愿而采取的行动。在传 …

那些牛逼的文案标题是怎样炼成的? | 互联网的那点事

无论是哪一种形式的广告,读者的第一印象──也就是他们看到的第一个影像、读到的第一句话,或听到的第一个声音,可能就是决定这则广告成功或失败的关键。<p>假如第一印象是无趣或跟自己没有相关性,那么,这则广告就不可能吸引销售对象;但如果这则广告提供了新信息或有用的信息,或承诺看完这则广告会带来好处,那么这份第一 …