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Infographic: Tips for creating dazzling marketing videos

In a content landscape teeming with visuals, how do you get yours to stand out?<p>Simply shooting and posting a video to one of your platforms isn’t …


Asteroid Mining (Phase 1) to Begin in 2020, Says This Space Pioneer

Planetary Resources plans to begin dispatching spaceships in just two years.<p>Some 16,000 near-Earth asteroids orbit the Sun, containing an estimated 2 …

Space Exploration

Readiness for Future of Production Report 2018 - Reports - World Economic Forum

Context<p>The Fourth Industrial Revolution1 and emerging technologies—such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics and additive …


A Classical Math Problem Gets Pulled Into Self-Driving Cars

Long before robots could run or cars could drive themselves, mathematicians contemplated a simple mathematical question. They figured it out, then …


How to Promote Your Content Fast (And For Nearly Free)

It can be hard to get people to share your content, and it’s getting harder all the time.<p>A new study found that the average number of social media shares a piece of content gets has dropped by 50% in the last few years.<p>Back in 2015, the median piece of content got eight social shares. In late 2017, …


#43 - 5 Años de Economía Colaborativa - En.Digital Podcast

00:30<p>Bienvenida y presentación del episodio 43 por parte de José Carlos Cortizo<p>02:30<p>Presentación de Pako Rodríguez (Startups Colaborativas, OuiShare …

Developing a procedural dialogue system for Tech Support: Error Unknown - by Kevin Giguere

Tech Support uses procedurally generated conversations to make dialogue flow naturally between the 200+ customers a player encounters over the course …

Game Development

A lawyer's guide to practical IP law for indies

The ins and outs of the world's legal systems are so complex that there's a whole profession dedicated to understanding them, and most people in that …

Game Design

Caffeine rolls out stream monetization program, complete with payouts for devs

The social streaming platform Caffeine has launched a pre-release version of a monetization program that will ultimately funnel cash to both live …

Game Development

Unreal game engine's modular sound features explained: video

Unreal Engine may be built for games, but under the hood, it’s got a powerful audio, music, and modular synthesis engine. Its lead audio programmer …

Game Development

A practical guide to porting your indie game to consoles

So you've shipped (or are planning to ship) your indie game on PC. The next question is: do you bring it to consoles? How?<p>PlayEveryWare's Thomas …

Game Development

YoYo Games opens publishing division to elevate GameMaker Studio 2 projects

GameMaker Studio 2 creator YoYo Games has opened up a new publishing branch completely devoted to supporting indie games created using its …

Game Development

39 Machine Learning Resources that will help you in every essential step

For almost all machine learning projects, the main steps of the ideal solution remain same. Briefly, we all go over the steps below each and every …

Machine Learning

How to Use Basic Google Search String Modifiers

Google Search

Creating a Modern OCR Pipeline Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning

In this post we will take you behind the scenes on how we built a state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) pipeline for our mobile …

Deep Learning

MariFlow - Self-Driving Mario Kart w/Recurrent Neural Network

The art of failing: a brief intro to marketing side of things.

We exist on extremly competetive market and even though we do all we can to succeed, the truth is most of the games that appear on the market fail or do ‘so-so’. This deck touches few things that can potentially increase one’s chances of survival. Marketing & business-wise.


Otis College of Art and Design

2018 Otis Report on the Creative Economy<p>Los Angeles Region and the State of California<p>Key Findings for California<p>Industry Snapshots<p>A Look at Los …

Creative Industries

Pixelblog - 5 - Back to Basics

Game Design Process: Designing Your Video Game

Game Design

[SIGGRAPH 2018] Mode-Adaptive Neural Networks for Quadruped Motion Control

Neural Networks

The Virtually Embodied Rhetoric of Some Free-To-Play Video Games

I’ve written before on the creative choices that games provide for their players. Whether it’s building your own aesthetically pleasing farm in …

Dark Souls

Dark Alley Marketing: An indie game developer's roadmap to the dark side of marketing

In plain language, Steven Long lays out the steps independent game developers must use to get their games noticed. His bare-bones approach to …

The Easiest Way to Market Your Indie Game – A Tale of Devs and Dogs

Don’t get me wrong, marketing is hard work. And the harder you work at it, the more successful you will be. But if you pace yourself and start early, …

The Post

Blog: Game design beyond screens and joysticks - Part 1

Tatiana Vilela dos Santos is an indie designer and digital artist making games with special interfaces, and she wants to talk about game design …

Game Development

What's a hero without a villain? How to add one to your Python game

In the previous articles in this series (see part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4), you learned how to use Pygame and Python to spawn a playable …

Game Development

Blog: Three books all producers should read

You can't learn production from a book, but I do believe you can take inspiration and ideas from these three. I would recommend them to all …

Game Development

The Esoteric Design of Fighting Games - by Maurice Edwards

The average traditional 2D fighting game has usability problems most modern games try to avoid. To help newcomers learn the genre, fighting game …

Game Development

What makes a great idle animation? Devs share their favorites

From Rocket Knight Adventures to Ristar to Shantae, devs celebrate their favorite idle animations in games -- and how those little glimpses of …

Game Design

From Steam to Switch: A Journey of an Indie Game - by Eray Uygun

Is Nintendo Switch a salvation or a trap for indies? Let's have a closer look.

Game Development