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There's Still Spectrum

"Curves Ahead"

Broadway... {Explored}

Columbia River Driftwood


Refuge - Commended: Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2014

Columbia River Driftwood 3

Treescape in IR


Infrared | byThom

Infrared is a spectrum of light beyond that which we normally see. Despite having an IR blocking filter installed between the lens and the CCD, most …


"Put out to Pasture"


My Descent into the World of Infrared Photography: Part 1 | Jason P. Odell

It’s been a busy summer, and I haven’t posted as much here as I normally would have liked. But… I’ve been hard at work learning a new creative …

The Reader

Boshboil Arm Bridge, Bumble Hole, Nertherton

Warrens Hall Park

IR Tree

Infrared Filter Choices

Choosing a Filter

Filter Choices

We currently have 6 filters to pick from. We offer the 720nm standard infrared, 850nm deep infrared, 665nm extra color …

center park

Miss Bonita BonBon #1

Making Digital Infrared (IR) Images Look Film-like

However, compared to classic film IR

Digital sometimes can look a bit sterile

Here’s a comparison and

A technique to create the “Film Look”

Click to …



Open Arms

Tring Park IR - 2

through the Nikon F-Mount - Nikon D300IR review

Nikon D300IR review

June 3, 2012

This review is about my "new" IR-modified Nikon D300. Thus, the main issue here is the IR capability of the D300, not …