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Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner Promised a Criminal Justice Revolution. He’s Exceeding Expectations.

I’ve never seen anything like this document. It’s a dream come true for those of us who’ve been fighting our hearts out for justice reform for years. …

Criminal Sentencing

Stephen Hawking submitted a final scientific paper 2 weeks before he died — and it could lead to the discovery of a parallel universe

Stephen Hawking submitted his final scientific paper just two weeks before he died, and it lays the theoretical groundwork for discovering a parallel universe.<p>Hawking, who passed away on Wednesday aged 76, was co-author to a mathematical paper which seeks proof of the "multiverse" theory, which …


When the Irish Weren’t White

“[T]hey steal, they are cruel and bloody, full of revenge, and delighting in deadly execution, licentious, swearers and blasphemers, common ravishers …

New York City

Gunpowder Moon is a chillingly realistic book about the fight to control the Solar System

We can leave Earth, but its borders will follow us<p>On September 12th, 1962, President John F. Kennedy spoke at Rice University in Houston, Texas, about the need for America to land on the Moon “before the decade is out.” The space race was never primarily about exploration or science, but rather …

Space Exploration

4 Reasons a Daily Walking Habit Is Worth It

We're bombarded by fitness messaging that tells us that to be healthy, we must go to extremes ("no pain, no gain). But really, it doesn't have to be …

Cognitive Impairment

Scientists discover 'the Holy Grail of dinosaurs' in Africa

Mansourasaurus shahinae was part of a group of long-necked plant-eaters that include “some of the largest animals known to science.”


'Black Panther' Set to Tie 'Avatar' Record This Weekend

<i>Black Panther</i> is continuing its box office reign. The Marvel blockbuster is set to maintain it’s number one spot over Alicia Vikander’s <i>Tomb Raider</i>, …

Film Industry

Octopus And Squid Evolution Is Officially Weirder Than We Could Have Ever Imagined

They edit their own genes!<p>Just when we thought octopuses couldn't be any weirder, it turns out that they and their cephalopod brethren evolve …


The entire #SolarSystem is inhabited. Billions of people are living right above your heads. Every planet, moon and comet with rocky ground has people and structures on them. They keep you distracted by telling you that they found a super earth 20 light years away, when there are people right next door. Every planet and moon listed in this diagram above has life on its surface and underground. People always ask me..."WHY would they lie?" They lie because #LIGHT is your inheritance and it's impossible to control an #ENLIGHTENED being. As #FredrickDouglas would say "Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave." #4biddenknowledge

Butler provides his explanation for Super Bowl benching

Malcolm Butler joined the Tennessee Titans on a five-year, $61-million contract this week, officially putting an end to his tenure with the New …


The Warriors' true weakness has finally revealed itself

If you’re a progressive thinker, the only thing that can save the Pacific 12 Conference from the grossest form of humiliation is for one of the six …

College Sports

Billionaire signs up to be killed, have brain digitally preserved

A Silicon Valley billionaire is paying the ultimate price for immortality: death.<p>Well, that, and a spare 10 grand.<p>Entrepreneur Sam Altman is one of …

Silicon Valley

If You Want to Slim Your Waist, These Are the 13 Best Side Plank Variations

You can skip the crunches because plank is one of the most effective core-carving poses. But don't forget to spend a little time on your obliques by adding these side plank variations to your strength-training routine.<p>Begin by lying on your side. Bring your right elbow directly under your right …


Astronaut's gene expression no longer same as his identical twin, NASA finds

<b>(CNN) —</b> Spending a year in space not only changes your outlook, it transforms your gene expression.<p>Preliminary results from NASA's Twins Study reveal that 7% of astronaut Scott Kelly's genetic expression -- how his genes function within cells -- did not return to baseline after his return to Earth …

Space Science

All Galaxies Take a Billion Years to Rotate. Which Is Really Cool, and Totally Weird.

Big or small, dense or empty, it's one thing they all share.<p>Galaxies come in all shapes and size, and NASA's best estimates indicate there are more than 200 billion of them in the observable universe. According to the latest findings from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research …


Professor Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76. 🙏🏼 📸 Santi Visalli/Getty Images

Almost all sea turtles born in Florida are female, and this researcher thinks she knows why

Donna Bickert, of north Dallas, took this video of sea turtle hatchlings leaving their nest July 28, while on vacation at Disney's Vero Beach Resort. CONTRIBUTED VIDEO BY DONNA BICKERT


The Man from Earth

For the 1983 collection of Gordon R. Dickson stories, see The Man from Earth (short story collection).<p><i>The Man from Earth</i> is a 2007 American drama …

This Is How Stressed Elon Musk Is About Artificial Intelligence

He's majorly concerned.<p>Elon Musk, the tech billionaire who wants to colonize Mars, is seriously worried about advances in artificial …

Artificial Intelligence

People Are Suing Equifax in Small Claims Court and It's Totally Brilliant. Here's Why

Just imagine $5,500 times 143 million, and you'll see why this could be big trouble.<p>Last September, Christian Haigh learned he was one of the 143 million people in the U.S. whose information was hacked in the Equifax breach.<p>As you might recall, Equifax issued an apology that was almost laughable. …

Winston Churchill

US House Republicans find 'no evidence' of Trump-Russia collusion

US House Intelligence Committee Republicans say the panel has finished investigating Russian interference in the 2016 US election. The Trump …

Donald Trump

How connectivity is driving the future of commerce

Imagine this scenario: In the San Francisco Bay area one weekday morning in the near future, a long-haul trucker wakes up and gets ready for the day’s shift. She’s made incredible time recently, covering two to three times the distance she used to be able to cover in the same time span. As she …

Internet of Things

ICE spokesman quit over descriptions of 800 people evading arrest: report

The San Francisco spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement has reportedly resigned because of what he viewed as false statements from the …


NASA’s Hubble finds 'red and dead’ relic galaxy near Milky Way

Using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have unearthed a “relic galaxy” in the Milky Way’s backyard.<p>The galaxy NGC 1277, lies near the …


Venus tops Serena in straight sets at Indian Wells

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. — Venus Williams defeated younger sister Serena 6-3, 6-4 in the third round of the BNP Paribas Open on Monday night, her first …


Satellite observations show sea levels rising, and climate change is accelerating it

<b>(CNN) —</b> Sea level rise is happening now, and the rate at which it is rising is increasing every year, according to a study released Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.<p>Researchers, led by University of Colorado-Boulder professor of aerospace engineering sciences Steve …

Global Warming

Scott Quigg and boxing's growing problem of failing to make the weight

Bury featherweight has switched trainers and that could be the main reason for last weekend’s fiasco against Óscar Valdez<p>Scott Quigg might one day be a world featherweight champion although, whatever he weighs, he would struggle to beat Óscar Valdez, who got the better of him in Los Angeles on …


Maxine Waters’ New Nickname For Trump Gives Him A Stinging Taste Of His Own Medicine

On Monday night, U.S. Representative Maxine Waters revealed her new nickname for Donald Trump — "Don the Con Man." The Congresswoman shared her …

Donald Trump

Bay Area’s housing crisis is forcing tenants out of the cities

In Germany, when you hear someone talking about the Bay Area, the first things that pop into your mind are the well-known city of San Francisco, the …


Tom Brady takes Stephen Colbert to task in 'Late Show' beer chug

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was a guest on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Monday night, and the show …