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4 Productivity Books That Can Help You Get More Done

From proper procrastination to better distractions, these books will teach you how to be more efficient.

If you’ve ever felt like, despite your best efforts, you can’t seem to get to the bottom of that daily to-do list—join the club.

But just because being a productivity ninja seems like a farfetched …


5 Tips to Help You Stay Productive at Work

This is part of the Increased Productivity series where experts in productivity, brain training, and business success share the techniques and tools they couldn't live without.

Almost every individual who works for a living has experienced, or has been experiencing, productivity issues in the …

Job Satisfaction

10 Habits You Should Abandon Now to Improve Productivity

Not all tasks are equally important

They say that you have the same number of hours in the day as Beyonce — so why does it feel like you’re never able to get caught up on your business to-do list?

Apart from not having your own team of personal assistants, stylists and other hangers-on, it could be …


How To Kickstart Your Productivity This Weekend

Could you use your weekend to be more productive, not by cramming it full of work, but in other ways?

Time away from the office is an important aspect of productivity. For a start, that’s when we get to choose for ourselves how we spend our time.

Often, however, when it gets to Monday morning we …


Why Saying This Four-Letter Word Can Transform Your Productivity

A neurochemical shift happens in your brain when you say "done" at the end of even the smallest tasks.

Perfectionists are often reminded that "done is better than perfect." But it turns out there’s another reason we should all try to create more "done" moments in our workdays.

Saying the word done …


Productivity guru David Allen shares his 3 best tricks for saving time

We're always looking for a new morning routine, the ideal office environment, or the latest time-saving trick to maximize our daily productivity.

With the flurry of resources and information out there, it can be difficult to know where to start and what will actually work.

We decided to ask David …

Beware These 6 Productivity Killers

You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce. Or Elon Musk. Or President Obama. The number is the same, daunting figure no matter who you are: 24 hours. So, what’s the difference between those at the top of their fields and those lost in the shuffle? The answer is simple: how productive …

3 Psychological Strategies to Increased Productivity

If you’ve ever lost an afternoon to a great conversation or become so involved in a work project that all else was forgotten, then you’ve definitely tasted the experience of flow. In flow, we are so focused on the task at hand that everything else falls away. Action and awareness merge. Time flies. …


Boost Productivity by Optimizing Your Work Environment

For many entrepreneurs, profitability is directly correlated with their productivity. Yet from time to time, even the most disciplined entrepreneur might not be able to focus on work.

Even though you're constantly busy, you might feel like you can't accomplish anything.

The solution is to make better …


4 Common Productivity Tips That Are Actually the Worst

You’ve heard the same “tried and true” advice from productivity experts for years. And I’ll admit it—I’ve given and taken this advice myself.

But the truth is: A lot of it is a lie. Most of the “best” productivity advice doesn’t work. Here’s why—and what to do instead.

1. “Don’t Check Email First

To Increase Productivity: Work Less, Get Happy

Managers are perpetually searching for new and better ways to increase productivity and engagement of employees. While conventional reward systems for hard work and achievements show appreciation for those who are adding value to your team, these programs may not be enough to inspire people to …

Job Satisfaction

The Simple Trick To Productivity? Do One Thing At Once

Here’s a work scenario most of us are familiar with …

You’ve just settled down to the task you’re doing, when someone interrupts you and asks you to do something else instead.

So, you switch tasks and put aside whatever it was you were doing.

But how much has switching your attention in this way just …

10 Simple Productivity Tips for Organizing Your Work Life

Productivity is all about efficiency -- doing more, faster and with less. And with increasing demands from today’s anytime, anywhere workplace, it is has never been more important. To get the most ou of your day, you need to focus on these three segments of your life:


Humans are notoriously poor …

Human Resources

Increase Your Productivity By Eliminating DAWAL

We’re all affected by one of those “slow work days” once in a while. We spend all day being active, yet at the end of the day, none of our tasks are complete. What happened? And what if—heaven forbid—you are doing this to yourself? Earlier this week I discussed this topic with marketing strategist …

3 Ways to Become Super Productive


Do you feel like there are never enough hours in the day? Read this to make the most of your time.

You may feel like there's never enough time in the day. Jumping from task to task, you work from dawn to dusk only to be disappointed by your progress. When you try to relax, you're …


Assessment: What’s Your Personal Productivity Style?

Carson Tate is an expert on workplace productivity and the author of WORK SIMPLY: Embracing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style (Penguin, 2014).

Five Productivity Lies We Tell Ourselves

No, you don't actually work better under pressure. This and more myths we tell ourselves about how we work best.

We all want to work smarter—that’s why productivity is such a hot topic—but are we getting ahead or just spinning our wheels? Tracey Foulkes, CEO of Get Organised South Africa, says too …


How Music Affects Your Productivity

Music has a way of expressing that which cannot be put into words.

It is for this reason (and many more) that music is regarded as one of the triumphs of human creativity-but does music itself help one to create?

This is an important question to examine, because music has increasingly become apart of …


11 Awesome Productivity Tips That Will Radically Improve Your Life


With the abundance of demands on our time today, it's easy to feel like we're losing control. Even if we've decided what really is important, we still require a few sensible suggestions to assist us in organizing our time more effectively.

With the abundance of demands on our time today, it's …


What's Keeping You Out Of The Productivity Zone? These Two Things

Here’s a question for entrepreneurs: When was the last time you were really in “the zone?” Of course we’ve all been there. It’s one of those days where you accomplish more by lunchtime than you typically get done in an entire day. What if you were able to capture that essence and put it to work …

5 Daily Habits That Will Increase Your Productivity Levels

“How can I become more productive?” is a question that will continue to always come up.

Everyone wants to get more done and feel a sense of accomplishment as each day comes to an end. There are a million different productivity tips out there, but here a five ways to increase your productivity levels …


5 Simple Tactics to Keep You Organized and on Task Every Day

Ever get to 3 p.m. only to realize that you haven’t crossed off a single thing on your to-do list? Welcome to the life of a small business owner.

It's common to feel like you're playing defense. How can you switch things around to play offense? Try these five simple but effective ways to manage your …


11 Fantastic Productivity Tricks You Can Use Today


Achieve the most important goals in your business and in your life faster and better than ever.

We all have important things to get done at work, but far too often, at the end of the day we realize that we haven't accomplished what we set out to do. The problem is that for all sorts of …


Rituals for a more productive year

Tony Schwartz, The Energy Project's CEO, shares tips on how to keep up with a more productive life in 2015


10 Surefire Ways To Boost Your Productivity In 2015

The start of any year brings with it a desire to improve on the past — to go further, to do better, to do more.

So, you’re probably reflecting on your career and looking at the year ahead and making plans for getting to the next level. (Here’s 10 tips for achieving your financial goals this …

14 Tips To Make 2015 Your Most Productive Year Yet

We talk to the most productive people all year, here are their best productivity tips for 2015.

In case you haven't noticed, we're a little obsessed with productivity.

To make your quest for a more productive self this year something you can really work towards, we asked some of the most productive …


Be busy, not dizzy: Top 10 tips for a productive 2015

ALAMYSupercharge your productivity with these 10 simple tips

1 Ask yourself three questions every day

If you get bogged down in trivial jobs and never …


10 Things Exceptionally Productive Entrepreneurs Do Every Day

Inception is one of my all-time favorite movies. In it, characters find themselves in dream worlds without knowing where they are or how they got there.

That’s how I used to feel throughout the day… every day.

One minute I was focused on the most important thing on my to do list; the next I was on a …

14 Productivity Hacks to Improve Work Happiness

This article, written by Catherine New, originally appeared on Betterment.

Automation and efficiency: We take these things seriously at Betterment, not only as core product and investing values, but also as a way to get our work done during the day and live happier lives.

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