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Animated Objects set, includes Animated Sword, Animated Armor, and Rug of Smothering

Animated Objects set, includes Animated Sword, Animated Armor, and Rug of Smothering. Printable minis file can be downloaded here:<p>If you liked these minis and would like to support me creating more (and get access to cool bonus stuff) you can do so here at my PrintableHeroes Patreon page.<p>Cheers!

The Great Temple of the Great Fane of Lolth.  (Jeff Dee, AD&D module D3: Vault of the Drow by Gary Gygax, TSR, 1980 and later printings.)

The Great Temple of the Great Fane of Lolth. (Jeff Dee, AD&D module <i>D3: Vault of the Drow</i> by Gary Gygax, TSR, 1980 and later printings.)

[Tuesday Map] Hejmarko – Jando’s Arch

The settlement known as Jando’s Arch (Hejmarko in the local tongue, a contraction of “Home on the Arch”) presents one of the more memorable vistas of …

Optimised D&D 5e Index goes open source on GitHub

Have you struggled with the Dungeons & Dragons 5 Index? It’s easy to do as there’s simply so many different ways you might want to interrogate the …

Dungeons and Dragons

Adventures & Shopping — mecha-nations: A map I made for a Microlite...

Ideas for a Post Apocalyptic Campaign in a Fantasy Setting

Dark Sun<p>This brutal and oppressive D&D setting finds players on a dying planet called Athas, where arcane magic is drawn from nature, psionic power …

Board Games

Mythic Russia

There are tons and tons of great mythic stories in the world. One of the ones I have always found to be interesting, though I know very little about …

Fairy Tales

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS-Inspired Monster Alphabet

Highlighting Featured Buildings - Shape, Detail and Contrast

Cities and buildings come up a lot in questions. I’ll put together a software specific tutorial on buildings, but today I’m just going to go through …

Wrought Iron HoundFrom Monster Pamphlet #5 - Patreon Supported - Print

<b>Wrought Iron Hound</b>

More City Design Tips

I was asked the following question over on the Paizo boards:<p>Can I ask a question about city design?<p>I see advice I’ve seen elsewhere — start with the …

Alternate Classic Hex Map Icons - Inkwell Ideas | Hex/Dun/Cityographer Map Icon Packs

Whether you want to use these icons with Hexographer or a general image editor (such as GIMP or Photoshop) or another RPG-related mapping product, …

Pits and Chains one-page Dungeon

Pits and Chains one-page Dungeon<p>It's time for an adventure. Pits and Chains is a short dungeon crawl in an accursed ruin with a sad tale behind it. I …

Worked on this Drow Sorcerer fighting a Beholder today. This is a WIP with a few more D&D elements in the scene. #dungeonsanddragons #elf #drow #magic #beholder

My new character sheet for D&D!! I just laminated it to avoid anymore pizza "ACCIDENTS" @er_bear7801 and now it is game ready!! A huge shout out to @jillianofmidgard who inspired this by making the original custom character sheets, go check her out!! #dnd #character #charactersheet #gaming #tabletop #tabletopgaming #minotaur #barbarian #dungeonsanddragons #art #sketch #draw #sculpt #color #mixedmedia #soonandsoforth

Why You Should Use Vignettes in D&D

For several years now, I’ve prefaced almost all of my RPG sessions with a vignette scene. I’ve become a huge proponent of them because when used …

Why Dungeons & Dragons players stopped exploring megadungeons

In my last post I wrote about how <i>Dungeons & Dragons</i> creators <b>Dave Arneson</b> and <b>Gary Gygax</b> built their campaigns around huge dungeons that grew and …

Every Printable Hero created thus far (I think?).Full resolution available here:PrintableHeroes_Poster_01.jpg

Every Printable Hero created thus far (I think?).<p>Full resolution available here:

Random Wilderness.pdf

D&D Monster A-Z (Inktober 2015)

by innerabove<p> EDIT: I'm collecting these into a …

You stand in a dank cavern. It smells of disemboweled kobold, likely due to the amount of kobold entrails littering the room. A heavy iron door is set in the North wall. Another room opens up to the East. A light flickers over your surroundings from a SCONCE near the Eastern exit. The SCRAPPY KOBOLD in your grasp is solidly unconscious and breathing raggedly. Suggested commands: Walk, Look, Think, Investigate, Open. >> #rollinkunz #DoodleDungeon #drawings #sketch #inktober #inktober2015 #sharpie #chooseyourownadventure #dnd #pathfinder #dungeonsanddragons #art #dungeon

4 Coast Styles for Maps

<b>4 Coast Styles for Maps</b><p>There are lots of ways to indicate water on a map with lines - and many more with tone or colour. Here are four I regularly use.<p><b>1. Broken Waves</b><p>After you have your coastline, use short, gently curving lines along the shore. The lines should follow the shapes of the coast, but smooth out the kinks. Close to the shore the lines should be closely packed, and should follow the details of the coast closely. As you move further from the coast the lines should come further apart, …

Skeleton. A revenant or something for inktober. #inktober #drawlloween #ink #inkdrawing #sketch #sketchbook #skeleton #skull #revenant #dungeonsanddragons #fantasy

DCC RPG Magic Ring Die Drop Table

(NOTE: I updated the PDF to correct a saving throw error. Please re-download it to replace the incorrect version.)<p>By special request of +Roy Snyder</b> …

The Exquisite Corpse Dungeon 2

The Exquisite Corpse Dungeon is a tricky project, because so much of it takes place behind the scenes. Even the contributors don’t get to see the …

Board Games

#Inktober Day 24: Eye of the Beholder! #inktober #inktober2go #inktober2015 #ink #sketchbook #sketch #illustration #copic #micron #pentel #brush #art #beholder #eyeofthebeholder #black #dungeonsanddragons #evil #dark #eye #eyes #teeth #draw #drawing