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Minimally invasive surgery training center

Located within the compounds of Strasbourg’s University Hospital, the IRCAD minimally invasive surgery training center has acquired an international …

The Hidden Biology of Unlikely Animals

I have a new piece in the New Yorker’s Elements blog about our tendency to underestimate animals that are very different from us, such as sponges and ctenophores. Check it out.<p>Last month, in the journal Trends in Ecology & Evolution, a group of scientists published a tub-thumping defense of sponges …


A Glimpse at Flipboard for Apple Watch

Everyone’s been talking about the Apple Watch. What a beautiful piece of technology! Flipboard for Apple Watch is ready and will be available when the wearable device starts to ship tomorrow. Here’s a peek of what we have in store:<p>On the Apple Watch, Flipboard will show you your top 10 stories …

Apple Watch

Sky Dance

Wadi Zin - Negev Desert - Israel - Explored 25/04/15

Polyommatus coridon


Artist Maude White Creates Intricate Scenes by Snipping Away at Paper

Maude White snips away tiny bits of paper to reveal incredibly intricate scenes. The artist, based in Buffalo, New York, brings imaginative animals and fanciful panoramas to life with her lacy, hand-cut designs. She calls her technique “paper carving.” Most of her creations are cut from plain white …


Water Dance.



Horseshoe Bend

AMIS Общая артропластика тазобедренного сустава

Дайте старикам шанс! Печать E-mail<br>ImageПри обсуждении демографической проблемы в Украине дискуссии ведутся в основном вокруг того, как повысить …

This Credit Card Startup Has A Way To Thwart Target-Style Hacking

Look into the future a moment and imagine Christmas shopping 2014. Target offers a great deal on a perfect gift. At the register, you recall that someone stole 40 million credit card numbers from the retailer in late 2013. Then, you as flick your fingerprint across the front of the biometric reader …

Here's What It Looks Like When You Send A GoPro Camera To The Stratosphere

Earlier this month, Maxime Dehaye launched a weather balloon into the sky from France. It reached an altitude of just under 15 miles and hit temperatures as low as -25° F.<p>In addition to a number of sensors to take atmospheric readings, the balloon was also towing a GoPro camera. Here's a look at …


There Is A Giant Wind Farm Hiding Inside This Supertall Skyscraper

The 99-story Pertamina Energy Tower in Jakarta plans to generate all its own energy from wind, solar, and geothermal energy.<p>When Indonesian energy company Pertamina decided to build a new headquarters, it went big: Not only is the design 99 stories high, but it will be the first supertall tower in …

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Bluebell Cathedral

Range Rover Sport vs Spitfire | Car vs Plane at Goodwood

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