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Marie-Hélène Richard - Magnetic table, 2015. 25th International Biennial Miniartextil, Como Italy

Artist : Axel Cassel .

A Black Man Hangs a White Supremacist: Tyler Shields’s Charged Photography

In Tyler Shields’ photographs the traditional victim of violent race-related injustice turns aggressor. For Shields, it’s a powerful and symbolic role reversal.

There he hangs, just feet above the water.

The white, hooded figure whose body is limp and lifeless resembles a uniformed member of the Klu …


Artist : Mary O'malley. Porcelain Tea Pot.

Alejandro Durán . Washed Up: Transforming a Trashed Landscape.

Linda Gordon . "Celebrating Green Spaces"

Artist : Nathalia Garcia .

Artist : NeSpoon .

Artist : Juan Muñoz .

Artist : Nathalia Garcia .

Ben Butler - Scholars' Rock-pine and cedar, 2014

Alana Tracey - Warped Geometry, Crop Net, String, Bark/Branches collected on site, Loco Festival Hunter Valley NSW, 2013

Artist : Beth Cavener Stichter.

Artist : Beth Cavener Stichter.

Artist : Michael Beitz .

Futuristic Art Pavilions. PAVILION 1 A Reflection of Progress: The LOOK pavilion is comprised of numerous mirrors inlaid with LEDs and is a tribute to Saint-Gobain's tradition of glassmaking. By day, its exterior reflects the dynamic world around it; by night, it becomes a perpetually shifting cube of light.

Plastic Tree C. "international art fair Art Dubai "2015.

Artist : Ellen Jewett.

London’s new horse statue is a skeletal, riderless horse by Hans Haacke

You’ll see plenty of war horse statues when you visit London, but one might shadow them all – Hans Haacke’s skeletal gift horse, standing tall in …


Portuguese Street Artist Decorates Electrical Box with Ornate Tile Patterns

By adding decorative tile designs to this electrical box, Portuguese artist Diogo Machado helps passersby look beyond urban infrastructure to appreciate the culture that underlies industrial drudgery. The artist, who also uses the pseudonym Add Fuel, used symmetrical stencils inspired by azulejos — …

Artist : Rabarama (Paola Epifani) . Hope.2013 - Bronze . 20 x 40 x 23

Gavin Worth "Morning Pose" - Steel wire and maple, 22"x19"x5.5"

Nikolay Polissky - Likhoborskie Gate.Moscow, 2005. Size: height 12m, base 10x10m. In the autumn of 2005 a strange-looking object made from intertwined branches appeared in Moscow. The structure was as high as a three-storey house and looked like an enormous, roughly hewn rectangular arch. A geometrical construction consisting of four rectangles joined at the top, this unusual arch symbolized the fact that travellers were entering Moscow’s North-Eastern Administrative District. According to Polissky, the arch could have come into being as the creation of an intelligent raven who, returning to the city after taking a course in construction techniques, decided to build himself this strange and fashionable nest.

Michel Marie Bougard: Ô, Horizons, Sacy

Artist : Eva Jospin - Forests Crafted Out of Cardboard