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Scrap Metal Mercedes 300 SLR Replicas by Giants of Steel Armin Ciesielski, Peter Brakel and Walter Willer working at German company Giganten aus Stahl (Giants of Steel) recreate this full-scale replica of Mercedes-Benz 300SL "Gullwing" out of 10,000 scrap metal pieces, and can’t be driven.

Shorepound Lost and Found

Mark Cunningham and Jonathan Steinberg turn lost-at-sea objects into art

Bodysurfer and veteran North Shore lifeguard Mark Cunningham and Santa Cruz mat-riding legend Jonathan Steinberg have recently teamed up with the Great Highway Gallery in San Francisco to create an exhibition aptly named …

Water Sports

Cybèle Young Toronto based artist Cybèle Young created miniature paper sculptures that depict everyday objects and metamorphosing into unusual organic lifeforms, crafted from Japanese papers.

Artist : Joshua Abarbanel . Wood Sculpture.

Artist : Marek Zyga .

Artist : Alberto Bustos - Ceramic.

Artist : Anish Kapoor . Descension, 2015, Castle of Versailles

Iron Wire Sculptures by : Mattia Trotta.

Cut Book Bell Jar Sculptures by :Georgia Russell.

Paper Dresses by : Matthew Brodie. March 2011 Madame Magazine.

Artist : Lee Borthwick .

Artist : Yasuyuki Katayama

The 10 Korean Contemporary Artists You Should Know

Xooang Choi

Born in Seoul, Xooang Choi is a sculptor of surreal and breath-taking hyper-realistic works. His early oeuvre consists of miniature …

7 Artists Who Paint with Everything (Except Paint)

One of Vincent Castiglia's blood paintings, via

This article originally appeared on The Creators Project Netherlands.

In 2015, having sick painterly skills may not be enough to get yourself noticed. These artists distinguish themselves not least by what they paint, but with the materials they use. …

Hungarian artist "Fulop Gabor " creates this Lady Bug sculpture, a woman figure covered with 20,000 hand painted ladybugs.


Paintbrush Sculpture By : Rebecca Szeto.

Miguel Ausili - Desert garden - Marble, slate, iron

Marie-Hélène Richard - Magnetic table, 2015. 25th International Biennial Miniartextil, Como Italy

Artist : Axel Cassel .

A Black Man Hangs a White Supremacist: Tyler Shields’s Charged Photography

In Tyler Shields’ photographs the traditional victim of violent race-related injustice turns aggressor. For Shields, it’s a powerful and symbolic role reversal.

There he hangs, just feet above the water.

The white, hooded figure whose body is limp and lifeless resembles a uniformed member of the Klu …

Artist : Mary O'malley. Porcelain Tea Pot.

Alejandro Durán . Washed Up: Transforming a Trashed Landscape.

Linda Gordon . "Celebrating Green Spaces"

Artist : Nathalia Garcia .

Artist : NeSpoon .

Artist : Juan Muñoz .

Artist : Nathalia Garcia .

Ben Butler - Scholars' Rock-pine and cedar, 2014