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By Paul D. Miller | Notes from the Edge of Digital Culture

76 women voyage to the edge of the world to fight gender inequality

<b>(CNN) —</b> There's a running joke that one has to sport a beard to conduct scientific research in Antarctica.<p>Except it isn't really a joke, because until the mid-20th century women were widely discouraged from exploring the continent, and the United States didn't allow American women to work in the …

Climate Change
President Trump

5 Intriguing Ethereum ERC20 Blockchain Projects

<b>Blockchain-based crypto-tokens can be issued on the Ethereum. There are different token types that may be deployed on Ethereum. One such, the ERC20</b> …


Science Funding Report

The Slants on the Power of Repurposing a Slur

My first real lesson on the power of language was at the age of 11.<p>On the basketball courts at school in San Diego, I was tormented by other students. They’d throw balls, punches, rocks and insults, while yelling “gook” and “Jap.” One day, I had enough. I threw back, “I’m a chink, get it …


China Shatters "Spooky Action at a Distance" Record, Preps for Quantum Internet

Results from the Micius satellite test quantum entanglement, pointing the way toward hack-proof global communications—and a new space race

Quantum Mechanics

Why Airlines Want to Make You Suffer | The New Yorker

This fall, JetBlue airline finally threw in the towel. For years, the company was among the last holdouts in the face of an industry trend toward smaller seats, higher fees, and other forms of unpleasantness. JetBlue distinguished itself by providing decent, fee-free service for everyone, an …


Newly Discovered Very Illegal Thing Will Finally Bring Down Trump (Or Be Another Cute Tile in the Mosaic of Democracy’s Demise, I Guess)

MAR-A-LAGO BATHROOM, Fla.—According to current and former and probably also future U.S. officials, President Trump is guilty of yet another Very Illegal Thing. It is similar to all the previous Very Illegal Things, but somehow Even Worse. No former President has committed anything like this, let …

Donald Trump

Top 10 RESOURCES You Had No Idea We’re RUNNING OUT Of

Sorry, haters, but studies prove diverse films outearn lily-white ones

What's Hollywood's excuse now?<p>As the American population continues to change and diversify, Hollywood seems, perhaps by comparison, to become more and more white. Movie executives attribute this to their belief that diverse films don’t make enough money. However, studies prove audience members want …

Liberal POV

A Cyberattack ‘the World Isn’t Ready For’

NEWARK — There have been times over the last two months when Golan Ben-Oni has felt like a voice in the wilderness.<p>On April 29, someone hit his employer, IDT Corporation, with two cyberweapons that had been stolen from the National Security Agency. Mr. Ben-Oni, the global chief information officer …


How Tinder Could Take Back the White House

By now, you may have heard that young voters were critical in the election in the United Kingdom earlier this month, helping deliver embarrassing losses to the Conservative Party. As politically active progressives in our 20s, we were eager to help mobilize the youth vote before the election. But …

Conservative Party

How Cooking Allowed Us to Develop Nearly Double the Neurons of the Next Smartest Primate

Why are we the smartest of all the animals? A new study led by a noted neuroscientist has the answer - it’s not just the size of our brains but the</b> …

The Brain

Ai Weiwei and Herzog & de Meuron's New Collaboration Is Breathtaking

The dream team's latest installation in New York transports visitors into a vast, darkened surveillance state<p>Big Brother is watching at the Park Avenue Armory, where architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron have collaborated with artist Ai Weiwei on a new site-specific installation. Titled …

Herzog & de Meuron

Here's Einstein's Advice to His Son on How to Accelerate Learning

The genius offered simple, enjoyable advice to his young son on how to learn more quickly.<p>Geniuses might be distinguished by their ability to grasp incredible complexity, but that doesn't mean if you somehow managed to corner one the greatest minds in history for a chat you'd be perplexed by what …



The Beatles

DJ Spooky: Multimedia Mixes to Save the Planet

Paul D. Miller synthesizes art, music, and data to spotlight environmental issues.<p><i>Editor's note: Paul D. Miller is one of National Geographic's 2014 Emerging Explorers, which honors tomorrow's visionaries—those making discoveries, making a difference, and inspiring people to care about the</b> …


The end of the Oil Age

Ways to break the tyranny of oil are coming into view. Governments need to promote them<p>“THE Stone Age did not end for lack of stone, and the Oil Age …


World Ocean Festival



<b>New Series Exploring the Evolution of Sci-Fi Coming to AMC in 2018</b><p>PASEDENA, CA January 14, 2017 – AMC announced today from the Television Critics …

Science Fiction


Scientists and Activists Look Beyond the March for Science

Scientists and science advocates are expected to fill the streets of more than 500 cities across the world on Saturday in support of scientific research, which they feel has increasingly come under attack, especially during the Trump administration.<p>Since its inception in late January, the March for …

March for Science

Pictures From the March for Science

Thousands of scientists and their supporters gathered on Saturday to participate in the March for Science in Washington and in hundreds of other cities. These are visual highlights from the gatherings around the world.<p><b>Washington</b><p><b>New York</b><p><b>Chicago</b><p><b>Oklahoma</b> …

March for Science

The 4 Types of Innovation and the Problems They Solve

One of the best innovation stories I’ve ever heard came to me from a senior executive at a leading tech firm. Apparently, his company had won a million-dollar contract to design a sensor that could detect pollutants at very small concentrations underwater. It was an unusually complex problem, so …


Everything Trump has said about who tried to hack the US election

<b>Washington (CNN) —</b> President Donald Trump is known for his blunt talk -- on everything ranging from trade to immigration and the fight against ISIS. But throughout the 2016 campaign, and now in the White House, there's one topic that he's been less forthcoming about -- Russia's role interfering in …

Donald Trump

40 countries are making polluters pay for carbon pollution. Guess who's not.

This map shows the steady, inexorable spread of carbon pricing.<p>Most people who have given climate change policy any thoughtagree that it is important to put a price on greenhouse gas emissions. They are a form of harmful waste; those producing the waste should pay for the harms. (There’s plenty of …


An Artist for the Instagram Age

Is Yayoi Kusama’s new participatory-art exhibit about seeking profound experiences—or posting selfies?<p>Well before the Yayoi Kusama show opened in Washington, D.C., I heard from total strangers that I would not be able to get in. I heard about the lines, the waits, the tickets that would be released …

Land Art